wisdom of the brick


Kendra von Roterwolkenvogel

Ahhhh, my Mom’s Christmas present arrived! A @seed-arts Wol head <3

She is Kendra, Goddess of Wisdom (cause you know, owlish features? /gets bricked) and this is not her wig. Cause I gave s.o the benefit of the doubt and now I run in circles trying to get one goddamn wig. Don’t do that people. Next time I just suck up that EMS fee myself and save me that hassle.

Anyway, doubt you will see her done soon, she has an unholy amount of parts that need to be painted (face. wings, cap, hunting horn, maybe the claws)

The ‘what is what’
Seed Dolls Wol/LUTS KDF body, Soom Dune wings, Soom Pel cap, wig from eclipse21, eyes from Taobao