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Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.
—  Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

ॐ ❂ ☼ I am Spirit in the body of Wombyn. I am STARDUST on a mission, a bright morning star of venus swimming in the Galactic Ocean of divine love & wisdom. I am Coyote Wombyn. I am Raven Wombyn. I am a shapeshifter. I am Serpentina Kundalini Rising. Holy Sex goddess for my counterpart - Divine Masculine - in the body of Man. I am Daughter of Eve. Daughter of La Luna. Daughter of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. I am daughter of Full Corn Moon, when the plums scarlet and brother Deer paw the earth. I am Sister of the Red Rose, a disciple of SHE, walking the footsteps of Mary Magdalene - Miss Wisdom keeper of Sacred knowledge. I am a Mistress of the Labyrinth, a Kali dancing, Shadow trancing, Tantric Tempest, Passion Priestess. I gather women to the circle. I sing the sacred songs. I dance my prayers, I bleed my thoughts. I walk with the God-dess, and s-he walks with me. I am Born again to be Priestess, in this life time HERE and NOW. As I re-member Her Story and Her Song, as I continue to find the Balance within, I inspire other witches to do the same. I am Here again to be a stewardess of the earth, a right hand to the God-dess. The Gaia in me, and in you.

I am a Strong Wombyn, I am a Story Wombyn, I am a Healer, my soul will never die ☼ ❂ ॐ

And so it is.

So mote it be.


African Shaman speaks on Dolphin ET Connection

Dolphins, Whales & All Creatures of this world are living intelligent souls exploring & participating in Evolutionary Processes.
May we listen to this blessed wisdom keeper Credo Mutwa speak upon the ancient african wisdom & spiritual connections that dolphins and creatures of the sea have had with this world.

This is a universe that breathes beauty, liquidity .
May we All Appreciate the Mother Of Creation & The Synchronizations of Collective Planetary Change ~

sucker’s luck

pairing: (oot) zelda/link
rating: k
summary: what can i say fantasizing about your crush is DANGEROUS
a/n: based 100% off of this artwork from gathino i have honestly been obsessed with it since the very beginning of my zelink days and i highly encourage you to check out the rest of their work
a/n2: it’s been uh 6 months and i actually wrote this in march lol hey guys whats up send me prompts ;))))


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I’ll call this “traditional” because it’s merely one of many ways to meet the same end. There are some methods more popular than others, but this is my method – a method not so set in stone, I might add. Adaptions are always welcome, this is but a guide. As I’m sure you all well know (and this is mostly for those who don’t) – The Devil is not synonymous with the Christian Satan or the Muslim Shayṭān, but rather an archaic being pre-dating the Christian conquest of Europe. He exists in many forms, under many names – but serves much the same purpose: a force of Enlightenment. He is the Keeper of the Arcane, whisperer of Mysteries, the Intercessor but do not fall under the notion that He is wholly benevolent (nor wholly malevolent) for, so too, is he the Trickster, The Fool and the Hanged Man. In these capacities, he can be likened to Hermes/Mercury, the Lwa Legba, and Exu  – Keeper of Wisdoms, but ones that must be earned. You will be Tested – and he will decide if you are worthy of His knowledge.

To Evoke The Devil:

Go forth to a Crossroads at the edge of town – the more secluded and forested, the better – near midnight or when the moon is New. Take with you the blood of a chicken or horned animal, two black candles tied into an “X,” anointing oil, a crown woven of (young, malleable) oak or hickory – as well as a staff or limb of the same, and an accelerant of your choosing (I always used 91% isopropyl alcohol as it burns clean – however, it’s temperamental in colder weather). Optionally, bring pemba or chalk if your crossroads lacks any dirt to draw in.

When you feel the time is upon you, mark in the dirt with your finger or a stray branch, the symbol of the crossroads (the + in a circle, in this instance). Adorn your head with the crown, place the candle(s) at the center of the circle (at the cross) and with the staff/limb, knock the ground in the sequence of: knock … knock-knock … knock-knock-knock – Take the blood and drizzle around the circle in a counterclockwise fashion. Light the two candles and anoint your brow with the oil. Sit before the circle on your knees and bow in the traditional manner (sitting on your heels with your arms stretched out before you and your forehead just off the ground) – ball your fists and knock in the same fashion as above – asking the Devil to come forth. Repeat three times.

Return to your upright position and wait patiently until there is a change in the air or His presence is revealed. Beseech him in whispers – be not commanding, but receptive – and allow His behavior to influence your own. For instance, if he is stern and stoic, be solemn. But if his behavior is relaxed, exuberant and playful – feel free to be so. I’ve only ever experienced the latter. The Devil comes as jubilant and child-like to me, teasing and joking – but I know this isn’t the case for all. Most importantly, be genuine and be respecting. Crossroads beings always have a way of seeing through any farce you attempt to construct – so save yourself and them some time by being open and honest to begin with. They are knowing – don’t underestimate them.

This is but the building of the bridge. Do not yet ask for anything, merely introduce yourself and note what it is that you wish to receive from this relationship and how you might honor the knowledge imbued on you.

When the communion is done – remove the crown from your head and place it in the circle. Drizzle it with anointing oil and the accelerant, and set it alight with the candles. Extinguish the candles and lay them in the flaming wreath.

Take three steps back from the circle, and whisper the words “DIABOLUS – LIBERA ME,” turn away and do not look back – as is customary with all crossroads rituals.

Prepare, for you will be tested in some way or another – knowingly or not.

Pictured is Hermes: “ So-called “Hermes Ingenui” after the inscription on the pedestal indicating the name of the sculptor or of the donator. Hermes wears his usual attributes: kerykeion (or herald’s staff), kithara, petasus (round hat), traveller’s cloak and winged temples. Marble, Roman copy of the 2nd century BC after a Greek original of the 5th century BC.”

While spirit work is really a category of its own, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what local spirits are and how they function. Having the ability to detect spiritual energy and identify it’s source is a great way to get started. I’ll start off by saying the spiritual realm is virtually endless, but there are some common “categories” spirits can be placed in.

Every culture has recognized the spiritual realm in some form, but for this purpose, I’m going to break them down into a few standard categories. I’ll be talking specifically about local spirits in the sense that these beings are not omnipresent. They move through the world far differently than us, but they still are required to travel or may be bound to a specific location.

  • Natural Spirits (elements)
  • Dream Spirits
  • Non-Natural Spirits
  • Ghosts

Natural Spirits

Natural spirits are, quite simply, those that reside in nature. Their energy is of the earth and its elements. Natural spirits come in many forms and shapes and are mostly found in large parks and other areas that still retain their natural form. These spirits are like wild animals, and should be treated with reverence and respect. They will never enter your home, and if you respect their natural environment you may be rewarded with a visit from them. They come in many forms, often depending on where they are found. They may appear as an animal, or a special type of plant not usually found in the area.

Dream Spirits

Dream spirits exist only in the dream realm. You can access them through methods of astral projection and lucid dreaming. They will often act as guides or keepers of wisdom, and will often keep a form that you would be willing to accept. Some see these spirits as loved ones who have passed away, or maybe a talking animal. If you begin learning lucid dreaming, try to identify a character that appears in your dreams often. They will not be the focus of the dream, but if you are able to break into a lucid state and approach them they may reveal themselves to you.

Non-Natural Spirits

Non-natural spirits are those who reside in this world but are not of this world. They take many, many forms and often perform specific functions. Non-natural spirits will most often not contact you or take you seriously in any way unless you have something to offer. This can be used to your advantage, though. For example, I use a non-natural spirit for protection. The way our agreement works is that they will alert me to the presence of a supernatural threat, and be able to feed on that threat without exception. This works well both ways since I am protected, and the spirit is getting the energy it needs. Use caution when interacting with non-natural spirits, as they may have their own motivation on approaching you. Keep things very specific, and don’t make any agreements until you are fully comfortable with them.


Ghosts are layman's terms for ancestral spirits. They were at one point human, and for some reason stay behind. Some just want to live as they did when they were alive, but others have different motivations to saying such as seeing a loved one accomplish something, or to protect them. The reason I use the term ghost is that in order to work with them, you don’t necessarily have to be related. As long as you can connect with them on something, whether it be an actual family member, location, or any other factor, they may be inclined to assist you.

Capricorn Archetypes

Capricorn, the Goat, in ancient times was a symbol of the nurturer. Ancient priestesses were the original inspiration for Capricorn. These priestesses lived far up in the mountains and worshiped goats. They were great healers, and had perfected the art of healing by drawing upon nature’s bountiful resources. The story of these ancient priestesses was nearly lost in the patriarchal years that followed them, but they are not forgotten. Medicine would not be where it is today if they had not existed. Amalthea, in ancient Greek mythology, was a she-goat who nourished Zeus with her milk to give him the strength to fight Cronus and overthrow evil. Zeus later used her horns for the horn of plenty, the cornucopia, and her hide for his shield of thunder. He then placed her in the sky as the constellation, “Capra”. It was only later that Capricorns were assigned to Cronus, the God of Time, the very tyrannical Titan that the original patron of Capricorn helped to overthrow. It is no surprise that the unicorn in The Last Unicorn’s name was Amalthea. She, too, had the mythical horn. Unicorns are seen as great healers and carriers of wisdom. They are ancient symbols of life; the imagined in it’s manifested form. Capricorns are also symbolized as “The Magician”, a powerful card of alchemy in Tarot that symbolizes taking the formless and giving it form. It represents a Capricorn’s great power to make the imagined real. A Capricorn’s climb up that mountain should not be seen as a ladder to success, but a spiritual climb, an ascent to the stars. Capricorns are now seen as tireless workaholics, climbing the mountain of success. But in ancient times, they were gifted healers, magicians, druids, alchemists and keepers of wisdom. They were some of the first scientists, like Isaac Newton, who propelled science into a new era, but still said, “This most beautiful system of the sun, planets and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.” His thirst for knowledge sent him on a quest for truth, but his quest was a spiritual one, one that was only to enrich an understanding of God. He was not one to trample over others on that climb either. He said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” He attributed his work to the great minds that came before him. He could not have done his work without their help. We have to remember the ancient beginnings of astrology and leave behind stereotypes that have been created to stifle the true meaning and power of the zodiac in order for us to have a deep understanding of ourselves and the true expression of our very powerful and spiritual sign.

 -Alexa ♑

8th August

I could kill him. I really could kill him right now, the right bastard, bloody arrogant son of a bloody bitch

9th August. Overcast, muggy, I hate everything

I shouldn’t have hit him. Maker damn the world, stubborn elves, and me in particular.

12th August. Still overcast.

Apologized to Fenris yesterday. Took him a basket Mother helped me put together with sausage and bread and berries and wine and who knows what else. Standard I’m-sorry-I-walloped-you-in-the-jaw-because-you-were-being-an-enormous-prick fare. He took it as grudgingly as I gave it, but he did take it, and then at the end he said something I didn’t…

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

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World building stuff ahead!

Ancient Hex Gods-

Ancient Gods worshiped by old races, known for their bloodthirst and tendency to cause great destruction whenever summoned, all worship and traces of their existence has been wiped out after the destruction of six kingdoms by their hand, their existence continuously corrupts the land via creation of Demonic Doorways,hellish portals to their realm which spew abominations of the corresponding gods into the material plane.

The six forbidden hex gods are-

Graad- The Patron of Wealthy

Thuthatl- The Prophet of the End

Stoiya- The Harbringer of Nature

Skzilak- The Burdening Wisdom

Fthoran- The Keeper of Justice

Kharrel- The Eternal Contradiction

I would love a Legend of Zelda game where Ganondorf is this mild mannered (but still large and intimidating) scholar who discovers a long-lost legend in an ancient text (guess what it’s about). In his attempt to find the keepers of wisdom, power, and courage, he realizes he’s the one of them, (maybe he, Link, and Zelda are all similar ages and friends?), and he tries to stop the three of them from being sucked into the same cycle all over again, but whoops a self-fulfilling prophecy occurs, etc. 

You’d play the game as link as usual, and Ganondorf’s story is going on in the background at the same time (you’d run some sidequests for him to help with his research). So you’re collecting the usual plot macguffins in the usual dungeons, but once Ganondorf figures out what’s going on he tries to convince you to stop (some end of the world doom will happen if you don’t, of course). Zelda would be torn between the two of them - should she side with the hero chosen by the goddesses? Or the man obsessed with defying fate? 

Bonus round plot twist: Ganondorf has wisdom, Link power, and Zelda courage (or it’s implied but never outright stated).