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“Of course, I’m simplifying the whole thing. But that’s pretty much what happened! Obviously after this, Flux decided to strike it out on his own, in terms of hives. His old one was pretty abusive. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few other members followed him out.”
Sorry if it’s a little hard to read, let me know and I’ll type out her whole dialog in an edit. And sorry it’s not digital, no tablet. But you deserved what I had of the second half of her story.

Part 1

"Promote What You Love Rather Than Bashing What You Hate."

The main thing that I don’t get about the “this season is suppose to be about Sana!” aggression is that this season HAS been about Sana. We’ve seen so many different sides of this character and her development has thrived ( Iman has been killing it! ) That is a shown fact through the passion that her fans are now feeling for her. The sadness, anger, excitement, betrayal, fear, pride and many other emotions have all been developing factors in past 5 episodes ( and 4 seasons! )

Most of the anger (not all, of course) I’m seeing is for what is posted on tumblr??

Which actually has little to do with how the show is developing or will probably end.

“Evak” has obviously generated a big fan base that has touched many people across the world and that is not a bad thing, it’s not something that should or will go away. It is very true that you can love all the characters in Skam cause there are no villains. (William’s brother though.. some villain like activities)

I love Sana, I think she is one of the most real characters I’ve experienced in a tv show for a very long time ( both for the much needed religious awareness/appreciation and her being a symbol of a strong minded, intelligent woman who constantly sees the bigger picture with a great amount compassion/wisdom rarely seen in developing young adults )and I’ve been enjoying watching her character develop and adapt to the situations she’s been facing. I’m excited to see how she will overcome cause she a fucking conquer, just like every main before her.

The point I’m getting to is simple:
If “Tumblr” post are the reason why you are “so done” with Skam then simply get off Tumblr and enjoy the show. Don’t boycott or insult the hard work that Julie and the amazing actors/actresses have put into something that has made so many people FEEL.

The reason Evak is so popular is because of the love their fans constantly show for them.

You may call this single minded but here’s a theory..

Stop focusing so much on dragging other fans/characters down (characters that have connected to people that way Sana connects to you) and start focusing on showing/posting about your love for the fucking queen that Sana is.. or maybe more awesome post about the balloon squad (always a fun choice) because that’s what they deserve.

And just to be VERY clear here.. I am not dissing anyone’s passion for Sana because her fan base is very, very valid.

But hate post on Evak are not doing Sana any favors.

Bored while driving

I wish on this mission / to stir competition / just listen to this one / there is no commission / just inner infliction / that’s broken the system / a victim and lover to ignorant wisdom / finding your rhythm / rarely a given / this difficult mission / born of division / ignorance deeper than nuclear fission / a complex incision / that takes some precision / to open your vision / with simple decision / creating a world with atomic collisions .

I got rhyme happy while driving…


It’s pretty easy to grow up multilingual in such an unusual family. I don’t speak any of these languages

Mondette prefers to use Japanese, but Zenyatta frequently speaks to her in Nepali Bhasa, which she is conversationally fluent in, but there are some words she doesn’t know. He’s a patient teacher. She and Genji often play Shiritori, a Japanese word game(he often loses on purpose). Uncle Hanzo tries to grant her some Japanese wisdom(she’s rarely impressed) and Uncle Jesse mostly teaches her swears and insults(she’s taken to them with great gusto). Because there’s nothing funnier than a ten year old girl telling someone to go fuck themselves.

She’s also managed to pick up a spattering of German and Arabic from family friends. 

Weirwoods and Oaktrees: Affinities Between the Old Faith of Westeros and the Celtic Religion

  The celtics of old used to worship the oaks, for it was always the biggest and oldest tree in a wood, and so it was considered the wisest. Does this sound similar to something you have heard before?

History Background

  Celts dominated a huge amount of lands in Europe. But eventually they fell to the Roman Empire and the christians. Celtic mythologist T. W. Rolleston claims that their culture had two main characteristics that led to their domination: their theocratic state that lacked the political organization and unification of their enemies, and their naïve curiosity for other cultures.

  The fact is that christians or destroyed or modified a lot of their historical remains. Today, we have mostly three kinds of documents available to tell of celtic religious history, and each has its flaws:

  - Archaeology. To our discussion, their most relevant discovery is that of hundreds of dolmens, cromlechs and tumulis (funerary chambers) thorough Europe and all kinds of funerary objects that come with them.

  - Classical sources. Texts of greek and roman historians, politicians and  travellers, such as Hellanicus of Lesbos and Caesar. 

  - Irish texts. Ireland was the last celtic domain to fall, only in 500 D.C. with the coming of St. Patrick and his men. There, differently than in other territories such as Britain and Gaul, the christianization was kinder and slower. The Irish priests transcribed old poems and myths, and through them we can learn about heroes such as Cuchulain or Finn mac Cumhail. Unfortunately, though, they tried to erase all signs of the celtic religion. They called celtic deities “fairies”, excluded most traces of religions doctrines and inserted christian figures in the texts.

  Our knowledge of the celtic religion is limited, and maybe that is the first and most unfortunate coincidence between it and the religion of the Children of the Forest.

  The affinities don’t stop there, though. They are very often present in the texts:

Funerary Chambers

“A wide plain spread out beneath them, bare and brown, its flatness here and there relieved by long, low hummocks. Ned pointed them out to his king. ‘The barrows of the First Men.’

Robert frowned. 'Have we ridden onto a graveyard?’

'There are barrows everywhere in the north, Your Grace’, Ned told him. 'This land is old.’“

Eddard II, AGoT

  The Old Celts and their ancestors used to construct dolmens of raw stone (or cromlechs, or tumulis, as time goes by) to guard their dead. This simple chambers were closed with another raw stone as a ceiling, and then buried in a ritual. Many of those dolmens were discovered throughout all Europe.

  The description of the First Men barrows seem to match those of the Celts.


  To both real and fictional religions, nature is at the center of their faith. The forests, the rivers, the lands and even the living creatures are sacred and are made of god. Each particle is god, and the whole is god.

  It makes sense then that all rituals are performed in natura, not in buildings.

Sacred Trees

  The Celts worshipped the Oak because it is the biggest and oldest tree in a forest. It is a symbol of wisdom and longevity. Rare moss that grow on the oaks were cut in a special manner and were said to have healing capacities.

  In a similar way, the First Men worship the weirwood because it is "eternal”, or, at least, has an incredible longevity. When weirwoods die, they become stone. Lord Blackwood tells Jaime in ADwD about Raventree Hall’s massive weirwood:

“For a thousand years it has not shown a leaf. In another thousand it will have turned to stone, the maesters say. Weirwoods never rot”

  Of course, as we learn in ADwD Bran chapters, there is other reason the Children/Singers worship the weirwoods, but that was long forgotten by the First Men. Even so, the general idea is the same, but much stronger. In weirwoods live the knowledge of dead Singers and through them greenseers can watch future and past.

It is, in any ways, a symbol of wisdom and longevity.


  We don’t know much about the Singer’s songs and their meanings, but they aren’t called Singers for no reason. They say they sing the “song of the forest”. It is possibly a religious ritual.

  The druids are sometimes confused with bards because often they were both. Their doctrine could not be heard by uninitiated, nor could it be written down (that tradition, combined with christianization, did not help at all our understanding of them). Instead, they were transmitted through music. Musical poetry was sacred, and in stories even had magical powers. The older druids transmitted the lyrics to the younger ones, when the time was right.

  Likewise, the Singers don’t have, as far as we know, any written documents.

Blood Sacrifices

  This side of the celtic religion the christians made no trouble to hide, much the opposite. Archaeology findings are also available. The Celts used to practice blood sacrifice often, and with humans eventually. It’s possible that voluntaries’ blood was more valuable, and that those humans sacrificed were prepared to it since very early in their lives, and they were highly regarded in the community and had a lot of privileges. There are other findings, though, that point to more violent sacrifices, with the blood of subjugated peoples.

  In Bran POVs, we learn that human sacrifices before a weirwood were a common practice in older times. With Davos in White Harbor, we get a glimpse of the way the victim’s organs were hanged in the weirwoods branches. With that knowledge, we can even trace back to Ned’s habit of cleaning the blood of his sword in the godswood after an execution. The weirwoods seem to, somehow, like blood.

Lack of personified gods

  Unlike all the other religions in ASoIaF, the god of the Old Faith don’t have names.

  In celtic religion, there is a controversy about this, due to our lack of knowledge as explained above. But, to certain authors, it can be understood that the celts did not have personified gods as well. Instead, they had magical creatures that were more divine then humans, but were not gods. They are what was called by christian “fairies”. According to this view, though, the real god was in nature.

  (It is important to note that this is not a certainty. To some interpretations, those fairies were deities).

Aos Sí

  And those called Aos Sí are that “faeries” mentioned before. Aos Sí means “people of the mounds”, referring to the belief that this folk lived in mounds. Here, we come back to our first topic, about funerary rituals. The way that the dead were buried left mounds on the ground… But it is not related, in any text, the dead to the Aos Sí. It’s just that the repetition of the mound theme may or may not be relevant.

  The Aos Sí were amazingly beautiful creatures, human-looking but not human at all. They were immortal, powerful, magical, and their weapons were the best ever seen. Their kingdoms (in the mounds) were splendorous, but invisible to mortal unless they wanted to be seen. They could see the mortals, though, and if there was interest they could interfere in their world. So the mortal would say only good things of them and worship them, as not to be punished. Sometimes they procreated with humans, and those children usually grow up to be heroes or very important to humanity.

  I have seen theories relating the Aos Sí with the Others (!!!!), and I have to say that, tinfoil or no, they are very interesting. That is not the focus of this text, though.

Colonisation and near disappearence

  The Irish myth tells that once the Aos Sí ruled all Ireland, but were pushed back to their hidden kingdoms by the milesians, that were considered to be the ancestors to Irish celtic royalty. In actual history, the celts were or killed (Gaul, Brittain) or colonized (Ireland), and a lot of their amazing culture got lost.

  In the same way, that happened with the Singers by the First Men (almost total annihilation, pushing them to their “hidden kingdoms”, but maintaining the religion). After, the First Men were pushed back and colonized by the Andals (they survived, but a good portion of their culture and history, besides their lands, were lost).


  The coincidences are many, and it is interesting to see how GRRM’s references built this fictional world. In my opinion, the understanding of the references expands the levels of understanding of the novels.


  As usual, please feel free to continue the conversation, add info, agree and/or disagree!

What we learned from “Bismuth”

Rose IS NOT Pink Diamond

She’s a Quartz soldier and, from the line “right here on the dirt” it can be assumed she was made on earth. Of course, this could be Bismuth’s way to say Rose was a common soldier, with no more knowledge or privileges than other working class gems. But the thing is: Rose is NOT Pink Diamond.

BUT: Pink Diamond is missing from “modern” Gem ichonography, this could either mean she:

  • started the fucking rebellion
  • supported the fucking rebellion
  • got shattered at some point of it

Bismuth is bubbled because she perfected “The Breaking Point”


Bismuth was bubbled because she was way too radical and wanted to use extreme methods to achieve victory, she was a “means to an end” kind of soldier, and Rose couldn’t have that going around her ranks.

It has been 5.300 years since the Gem War

Amethyst has great intuition and an unique wip

I like it that she didn’t trust Bismuth right away, despite her friends and mentors doing it. Amethyst follows her gut, and in this case, her instincs told her to wait and see before judging. I think this is a very interesting feature because it speaks of wisdom, somehing people rarely relates to Ame.

Also, from the look of awe in Bis’ face when she looked at Amethyst’s wip and her words, we can deduce her wip is quite unique and rare, maybe even more powerful and perfected than other Amethyst’s soldiers. So maybe emerging “late” did have some benefits attached? like the ability to crack a very neat wip?

It’s probable that Gems get educated

  • “A Gem never hears they can be anything but what they are, but Rose opened our eyes”;
  • “…that Gems can take control of their own identity”;
  • “how we are convinced to ignore our own potential”  

All these sound more like societal conditioning rather than plain “biology”.It’s probable that, when a Gem is made, she does come with some knowledge of herself, but these quotes lead me to believe it is unlike they come out knowing their place in society.

why? because you can only rebel (and win) against something you’ve learned, not something you actually are. If they opened their eyes it means something kept them shut before, and that can only be an operational system that perpetuates ideas, stereotypes and beliefs, therefore, not exactly biological.

This is the 1st time Steven directly poofes a Gem

that kid will need emotional support

Rose REALLY had control issues

I think that, by now, we can agree that Rose doesn’t trust her companions. She keeps a lot of secrets, does a lot of things behind everybody’s back and the Crystal Gems, and maybe even Rose herself, dimiss them with the “Rose’s choices are not always easy to understand”; “the burden of being a lider”, but i think is far deeper here: Rose simply didn’t trust anybody, she never actually communicated with any of her companions, and that is why they mitified her after “death” and why they feel lost right now, had she trusted them as her real equals, maybe things would’ve been different.

Rose actually KEPT The Breaking Point though??

I mean, she poofed Bismuth right in the forge after she showed her the weapon, and after poofing Bismuth, instead of destroying said weapon, Rose kept it right where it was? Maybe i’m paranoid, but if i absolutely don’t want to use something that could kill, i destroy it in the lava, like Steven did, so why did Rose kept the weapon?