Alright Madison!Stucks,

come one come all, because we now finally have our first meetup since winter!! Yay go us.

The Meetup is going to be  Friday, June 28th At 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. (possibly longer if others would like it to go on)

Our theme is Pajama!Stuck. Thats right. Running around as homestuck in our jammies. talk about comfortable cosplay experience?

It will be taking place at East Towne Mall, we will be meeting up in the foodcourt area.

You can come in, or out of cosplay! All are welcome! Just come will a positive attitude and all will be well.


  1. Since this is a public place, and there is quite a bit of property that  is not our, Human!Stuck only. We don’t want to damage any of the product there.
  2. Be respectful! Of everyone. Not just the people at the meet, but the people in the mall in general.
  3. No food or drink carry-ins. I suggest eatting at home before, or bringing a little money to get something to eat (If you need a little, I will help out as much as I can though).
  4. Just have fun!

We don’t have anything in particular planned, just a good ole meet-n-greet, followed by some classic mall shenanigans. 

Thank you for reading!! I hope to see you all there :)



also we went to mcdonalds

hey to people in the milwaukee area, since it’s 4/13 next weekend would anyone want to have a get together to celebrate and hang out? since the comic MIGHT end on that day (it probably won’t though) i thought we should stay close to somewhere with wifi, so maybe we can arrange it to be at somebody’s house if the group isn’t too big? i know there’s a meetup in appleton and no brand is happening that weekend but if anyone wanted to go to something closer to home maybe we could do that?? idk reply to this or let me know in an ask if youd be interested?