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Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (Fish Oil) Supplementation and the Prevention of Clinical Cardiovascular Disease: A Science Advisory From the American Heart Association


- Patients with a recent heart attack or heart failure may benefit from omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation.

- Treatment with fish oil is not indicated to prevent heart disease in those with diabetes or pre diabetes.

- There’s no recommendation of fish oil for primary prevention of heart disease in the general population.

I would just like to say I’m Italian and Canadian
So my husband likes to run around our house talking in an really awful fake Italian accent.
He sounds more like a goofy Mario with a bad accent saying Spicy Meatball over and over.
When I tell him he’s not Italian he tells me “we are one this makes me Italian” in that horrible accent.
Granted I dying laughing every time. But lord does it make me realize what a giant dork I’m married too. Hahaha.

quick rey piece !!

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YES i was actually waiting for this one some of my top fave mutuals are (screaming like th girl from that cursed video) ARMYS so let’s go: @jhopesavedmylife @agustdvevo (also a shinee stan teagan i wld die for u) @kthshoney @uneasy2 @jjksgrl @foryoubybts @jiminsamore 💝💓💕


Man sends over 2,000 potatoes to Wisconsin politician who refuses to hold a town hall

  • What would you do with 2,000 potatoes? Make some French fries? A mammoth batch of buttery mashed potatoes? Homemade potato chips? Perhaps a large cheesy gratin?
  • Sen. Ron Johnson better start thinking. On Friday, a whopping 1,920 potatoes were en route to the Wisconsin Republican’s office to join the ones that had already arrived earlier in the week. Read more. (4/7/17, 3:58 PM)

I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory,
Is this where it gets me? In space, 60000 feet above the Earth…

Modern AU featuring TJeffs as local human disaster, Jmads as #givemeabreak2k17 and A.Ham as your obedient gremlin

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okay i know a lot of people hc Keith as Not Being Able To Deal With Situations™ but in episode 9 of season 2 we distinctly see Keith calming Hunk when Hunk starts to panic about being inside the Weblum.

Keith immediately addresses the situation, maybe not in the best manner, but still addresses it.

But Hunk is still panicking, understandably so.

So Keith, albeit frustratedly, calmly states their situation, and understands that it’s not an ideal one, but the one they’re in nonetheless.

He compliments Hunk while also tapping into his survival instinct.

And then asks if he’s going to be okay.

Yet, again, albeit frustratedly.

After this, Keith even cracks a joke about Hunk’s tendency to throw up, causing him to be surprised and even laugh at the joke, which completely redirects his focus off the thing worrying him and onto something better.

Then at the end, Keith acknowledges that Hunk did an excellent job and helped keep them both alive.

Ya boy may not be the best when it comes to comforting someone and dealing with heavier emotions, but he’s not as lost as people think he is.