wisconsin themed rant

the rantings of a public employee (a wisconsin inspired rant)

Are you really pissed off that part of your taxes go toward funding my health care, my benefits, my salary? Public employees provide a public service. We do things that serve you, a member of the community. We clean your streets, we pick up your garbage, we enforce your laws, we staff your courthouses. We make your community run. We keep your town safe. We help write your laws and keep your buildings up to code and make sure your restaurants are clean. We provide traffic lights and stop signs. We keep your parks clean and your public gardens beautiful. We guide you through paperwork and help you find your way through a system that is put in place for your benefit. We teach your children, we take care of your elderly, we put bad people behind bars, rehabilitate drug addicts so they can become productive members of society again and aid victims of domestic violence. We run your homeless shelters and animal shelters. We provide health care clinics and free vaccinations for those who can’t afford doctors. We clear your streets of snow and remove fallen limbs from your highways. We respond to accidents and emergencies. We pull people from car wrecks and put out house fires. We make sure your water is clean and your street lights are working. 

We are public employees. We are here to serve you and to make your community a safe, comfortable place to live. Without us, your community falls apart. Think of your taxes that go toward public services as your way of giving back to the community you apparently take for granted.

I’m thankful for your part in providing for my pension, my salary and my health care even if you remain thankless for our services. 

[clarification: i am not in wisconsin, i’m in new york. this was inspired by too many awful quotes in stories coming out of WI as well as some anger inducing statuses i’ve seen on my facebook]