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How Many Medical Experts Does It Take to Write a 20-Week Abortion Ban Bill in Wisconsin? Apparently None.

Earlier this month, Wisconsin State Senator Mary Lazich debated a 20-week abortion ban with lawmakers on the state Joint Health Committee. Governor Scott Walker is now set to sign the dangerous ban — which does not have exceptions for rape or incest — into law. You won’t believe the debate that went into passing this extreme abortion ban.

During the hearing on June 2, state Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa asked Sen. Lazich some reasonable questions about the bill. Sen. Lazich’s responses were, at best, condescending and inaccurate.

That’s Rep. Zamarripa asking whether the authors of the bill had any medical training, since the bill is directly related to women’s health and would interfere in women’s medical decisions. Makes sense, right? Not to Sen. Lazich…

Sen. Lazich snapped back at Rep. Zamarripa, clearly not understanding that interfering in women’s and families’  medical decisions should require a little consultation from medical professionals.

Rep. Zamarripa rephrases the question to make sure that someone involved in writing this bill had some kind of medical training, since that might be important in medical decision-making.

Sen. Lazich is obviously confused by this concept. As a professional #gynotician, she apparently doesn’t need any medical training or advice when drafting a bill that, as Rep. Zamarripa points out to her, could harm the lives of many women. Judging by the audience’s reaction (“gasp!”), we’d say very few people agreed with her.

Let’s get one thing straight: Abortions at 20 weeks are exceedingly rare. In fact, nearly 99 percent of abortions occur before 21 weeks. When they are needed later in pregnancy, it’s often in very complex circumstances, including severe fetal anomalies.

Bottom line: A 20-week abortion ban would have a direct impact on the exact kind of situations where a woman and her doctor need every medical option available. That’s what makes Sen. Lazich’s comments so infuriating.

Check out the exchange here. (h/t Raw Story)