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There’s a fucking head in the refrigerator!
—  Police officer during the initial investigation of Jeffrey dahmer’s apartment

The amount of school shootings, uncovered plans of shootings, and threats to colleges and university’s these past few days in the U.S. is honestly terrifying.

•October 1st 2015 shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

•October 1st 2015 The Pewaukee School District (Wisconsin) called off Friday classes and activities after a note threatening a school shooting on Friday, October 2nd was found.

•October 2nd 2015 4 high school students arrested after a plot was revealed to shoot and kill as many people in Summerville High School, in California.

•October 2nd 2015 lockdown over school area in Texas after person spotted with gun near schools.

•October 5th 2015 schools in or near Philadelphia are locked down after ATF and FBI received a message warning of a shooting, saying the one in Oregon was just the beginning. The threat is scheduled for 1pm central time, so in about 40 minutes.


Madison, Wisconsin.


Today students from all over Madison walked out of class at 10:30am and marched to the capital were we peacefully demonstrated to honor Anthony “Tony” Robinson and fight for justice for yet another black life we have lost at the hands of the police. Do not tell me our generation does not care.

Who are you?

I’m John Wayne gacy 😂

I wish he had a chance to try and get the thought a little more quiet and actually have a chance to have been loved.

I wish jeff was still alive to see how much love and support he has from the tc community.

Jeffrey Dahmer brakes my heart.

Jeff either giving or taking a newspaper with him on the cover