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Just wondering, why do you hate Sarah J Maas??? Jw

oh boy. Anon, I could type out an entire novel as to why I am pretty much off of the sjm train, but I will keep it brief.

1. She consistently glorifies abusive relationships/characters. If you would like to read more about this and see how terrifying it is, lots of people have posts about it. I could find some for you if you want.

2. Her writing is about as diverse as a block of wisconsin cheddar cheese. Seriously, all of the main characters are white except for Nesryn, who was written out in EoS. All of the main characters are straight except for Aedion, who condemns his past relationships with guys. Everyone is beautiful and able-bodied, except Chaol, who again, got written off in eos!! She goes on and on about how important diversity is but then says she doesn’t want to force it. Please.

3. IMO, she has an inflated sense of her writing abilities. She seems to think of the tog world as something as intricate as Westeros or Middle Earth, which…it isn’t………

4. Okay but really, she wants to be GRRM so bad. Calling Aelin “the queen that was promised.” If you have not read asoiaf (idk if its in the show) “the prince that was promised” is a huge deal. Also, has anyone else noticed how much Aelin seems like a watered down version of Daenerys Targaryen? At least in asoiaf it is made pretty clear that Dany is not a great person.

5. A bunch of her famous quotes are lifted out of other people’s work.

Bottom line, I think Throne of Glass started out as a great series and got derailed when Sarah decided that she and Aelin were the greatest things to happen to ya fantasy. I would gladly point you in the direction of more posts on the subject, or poc or lgbtq+ people as I am neither. Thanks for asking and I hope this makes sense!

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Pairing: Platonic Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape; implied Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger 

Setting: Modern, non-magical; future time-stamp for the Chaos Theory AU

Word Count: 922

Written For: @punknicole [#payback2k15]

Notes: This takes place about six months after the end of Pinky Promise. It can technically standalone, but I’d recommend reading it as the introduction to the next fic in the series, which will be posted soon.

Link: ao3

Draco fucking hates Monthly Sunday Brunches with his father.

He has to wear a tie and laugh at Lucius’s god-awful Hank Hill impressions and order something bland and boring and All-fucking-American because that ugly asshole editor at the Huffington Post—who had gone to, like, a public school in fucking Ohio and live-Tweeted his most recent re-watch of The Cable Guy, like, come the fuck on—had decided putting lox on a goddamn bagel was culturally appropriative.

It’s half past ten and Draco can’t even get drunk.

And he couldn’t invite Hermione because they aren’t married yet and he couldn’t invite Theo because Theo’s mother is a Democrat and while he could theoretically have invited Blaise because of the whole minority voters thing, Blaise had been too busy, like, brooding about Daphne breaking up their weird little threesome, and he’d just thrown a box of Thin Mints at Draco’s head when he’d tried to, like, physically coerce him. Or whatever.

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The Skinny on Our Skins

This cheesy, bacony, potatoey finger food is a favorite of beer drinkers and appetizer eaters everywhere. We’re proud to say that we invented these babies way back in 1974, and they’ve become an appetizer go-to across America. So when we rolled out our new handcrafted menu, Loaded Potato Skins were one of the first to get the handcrafted touch.

We’ve made the insides lighter and fluffier, so each bite is a perfect combination of soft and crunchy. And as the name suggests, we’ve loaded our skins with applewood-smoked bacon and a natural Wisconsin blend of Colby Cheddar cheese. Plus now you can get an endless supply of Loaded Potato Skins for just ten bucks. No joke.