Pontchartrain Club/Town Apartments
Address: 1511 First
Built: 1928, 1960s
Architect: Wirt Rowland
(Smith, Hinchman & Grylls)

Located at the corner of First and Bagley, this Art Deco building was originally conceived as the Pontchartrain Club. Unfortunately, the Great Depression put an end to that plan and the structure was left unfinished until the 1960s, when it was converted into the Town Apartments.

In 2014, Triton Properties, which is based in Denver, announced that the Town Apartments would become market-rate units. Ah yes, “market-rate”, the code word for “getting rid of all the poor and elderly people so the hip, young folks can move in”. I understand the idea of wanting to make downtown Detroit a premiere destination. It just seems to me there should be room for everyone, those who have been here already as well as new residents. This kind of exclusion only adds to a perceived notion that certain people are not welcomed. #Detroit #Downtown #ArtDeco #SmithHinchmanandGrylls #WirtRowland (at Town Apartments LLC)