look at this real tweet from the real rei ayanami. wow. nice! anyway here’s my holiday follow forever that wasn’t even gonna happen and then like 10 minutes ago i was like ‘dude i have nothing to do and its xmas eve and my whole dash is just follow forevers. i guess i have to do one.’ so here it is… if i forgot you its because i did this in like 15 minutes but anyway i love all of y'all

(also bold are friends/people ive talked to more than once/people i want to be friends with and its in order of when i followed u and oldest following are at the top starting from like july when i remade)

unpunks, unitedhaz, jesybabe, howellhugs, 182s, clitt, scruffyzouis, singlesophia2k15, zeysus, transtomlinson, louiswilliam, ofnocontrol, oopi, lilqueer, memedirection, zaynisrich, bigdaddysantaclaus, singlelouis, nonbinaryharrystyles, kristensewart, 69hornyteen, zaynsdaddykink, wreckingchristmas, zourryau, pilotstwentyone, odetostump, tinyemos, fedorafrnk, jckhwrd, reinbrentlove, centurieszz, suhporta, icyfrank, armjnarlert, vinebrendon, cheerard, planetkxd, newpoliticks, planetarygos, legendstodust, weightd, gwhizway, casualffair, paxambabes, exoitca, icyiero, mcrsluts, sleepyiero, amcricanpsycho, 2005xmo, 8pup, skltnclique, decaydancetwo, joetrohmanpng, snowfob, litwic, bitchdan, phanticipate, nerdlester, frozenphan, amazimgphil, cutiepiedan, dantaclause, danisnotonpizza, hoehowell, scenedan, flannelhowell, dunwithurshit, howellirony, howelljpeg, snowytapes, flawlester, xmasfrankie, coollikke, awkwardhowell, blushydan, fall-out-phil, wirrovv, pixelester, harrysbabybump, howellswift, hwowell, cozybastille, bestplant, rednosedlester, starrylester, afestivephil, palelester, tomlinsonpetals, weedloius, lestears, netfixed, dirtgoth, twerkinglester, ziams, nippletasselphan,northerndanpour, vegaslight, snowyliguori, danlikesboys, freckleigh, santadillon, charlieissocutelike, hearteyeshowell, girlpovver, pokemasterpeej, ironichomo, stockingway, howclls, beforeethewaves, christmashowell, spacebabejpg, nbalmighty, bloodcutie, wasteyurself, holidayzoid, bobbryur, awwlester, philsarms, uhmuhguhtitans, winterphil, williamriker, kindofyeah, extremeseniorcitizenmeme, tdashis, dantops, sighphil, phlilester, daddyhowells, philsbubblebutt, qvinnallman, kimyekanye, galaxyphan, cozyphan, howellgames, kinkystepdad, sillylester, orhgasm, satones

and of course, the people who should follow me back already i mean dude it is christmas….. amazingphil, danisnotonfire, flatsound, evanedinger and taylorswift

and the whole electric century net!! (tried not to put yall in the list so i could put you here but you might be here twice…. damn….)