What can I say except “HOLY FUCK THIS WAS AMAZING!”

4 shows on this special tour! So many wonderful memories and memorabilias. Alexi’s picks, from Berlin and Pilsen, Daniel’s pick from Berlin and Jaska’s drumstick from Pilsen! Finally I have Bodom drumstick! I have setlists from Milano and Dresden.

Got some merchandise as well… 20 years longsleeve, shortsleeve and one hoodie as well!
Managed to get my shirt signed by Daniel - it says “DANIEL FREYBERG IS CUTER THAN YOU” on one side and “UNLESS YOU ARE JANNE WIRMAN” on the other side :D

Dan also signed the sign I made - Daniel is the BEST! ♥ He especially liked the glitter glue :D
I got guys gifts - handmade scarves for each of them. I gave them to Jaska, Henkka and Daniel. Unfortunately, Janne and Alexi didn’t go outside to meet us, so I asked Dani to gave those to them. I also got Janne some “early birthday” gifts as well. I was really sad about not being able to meet him and as we were leaving the venue, I checked my phone to see what time it is and I noticed an Instagram notification from Janne. I opened it and found out he took a selfie with those gifts and tagged me in it to tell me thanks for the gifts and to apologize he couldn’t get outside after the show.
This is one of the nicest things that ever happened to me! ♥ Thank you, Janne, for always being amazing! ♥

I am kinda sad this little tour of mine is over. It was worth it. Worth the sunburns, worth the bruises, scratches and discomfort. All was forgotten in the moment the intro to Deadnight Warrior started! :)

Thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful experience, especially my best “chicks”, @acelaurens and Niki.

I slept around 5 hours in total in the last few days, so now I am high on caffeine and probably will go through hundreds of pics I made!