Dear Future Me, 

I’ve been dying to write you before but now I have the guts to. The truth is I’m scared of you. I’m afraid of you. I fear that someday you’ll blame me for not being a better person of today. I fear that someday you’ll look back in time and tell me how stupid my decisions are and how dumb for me to think that life is just this easy. I fear that someday you’ll regret that you pass through me. And all those fears are crumpled inside me and I don’t wanna face you. But look at me now, I have the confidence to talk to you. And I just wanna tell you that I love you even though I haven’t meet you yet. I know that when I reached that state, I’ll be so proud that I became that person. I know that my dreams will come true and you’ll be the one benefiting all my hard work–and you’ll do better. I love you and I’m excited to meet you. :)

Love, Present Me

Sherlock Preferences/ your pets

Cute one for you! :) Sorry these are of varying detail & lengths, my intentions were to keep them short, but I got a bit carried away.


Sherlock: You own three cats called Purrtricia, Meowca and Clawrissa (you won’t admit it, but you gradually got each cat as you thought of a new, punny name) who enjoy upsetting Sherlock almost as much as you do. On many occassions, he’s put on his coat only to find it covered in cat hair, and they love nothing more than to show their affection for him by twirling between his legs, causing him to trip up in an effort not to tread on them. He says he hates them, but you both know that’s not quite true, and if you ever start to doubt it you remember all the times when you have come home to find Sherlock curled up asleep on the sofa with all three cats on him.

John: You own a large black labrador called Presley and John owns a smaller dog who are best friends, and have been ever since they met. John’s dog may be smaller, but he’s definitely the boss and spends most his time sleeping either on Presley or biting his tail to start a game. Presley is also rather protective of you, so when John goes to cuddle with you, he jumps on top of you and squashes you to death, squeezing between the pair of you and pushing you apart. He then sits on John’s face and pants in your face proudly, causing you to laugh at John’s groaning.There’s no escape from him in bed either, and most days you wake up because you’re being suffocated by Presley laying on top of your faces.

(I’m not going to mention the evening dog walks and dates in the park and watching your dogs play together)

Mycroft: He owns his goldfish of course, and you have a huge ginger tomcat named Mr Cat. Mycroft bought him for you as a birthday present, not realising the size that the small, innocent cat would reach and the havoc he would wreck. It all started when you and Mycroft noticed how intrigued Mr Cat was with his fish, and Mycroft became possessed with the idea that Mr Cat was going to eat his precious fish, and of course you denied this religiously. You began to wish you hadn’t, however, when you came home the next day to find Mr Cat sitting very proudly next to a goldfish which was last seen in its tank. Mycroft now gives your cat dirty looks whenever he parades past (and you have to admit, you had never seen a funeral quite as beautiful as the one Mycroft threw in memory of Mr Fish).

Lestrade: You own a large german shepherd called Frank together, who still hasn’t quite grown into his body- meaning you have a puppy in a fully grown dog’s body who still gets their paws in a pickle: meaning trouble. It’s quite normal for you to hear a large crash and then the sound of scuttering paws. You and Lestrade can never have any ‘couple time’ alone anymore either, mainly becase whenerver you try and cuddle there ends up being a third, warm body and when you try and have romantic dinners at home Frak ends up eating the food before it’s even plated up. He’s a pain and you moan about him a lot, but you love him; besides, you’re pretty sure that moaning about the dog together has actually strengthened your bond with Lestrade.

Molly: You have a pet cat called Salmon (neither of you know why you decided to call her that, as you soon found out that she hates fish) who is the fluffiest cat you have ever seen. She has piercing blue eyes contrast wonderfully with her fur and a bell around her neck, so wherever she parades you can hear the gentle jingle. You have a micro pig called Bacon too, a pet that you always said you wanted and Molly surprised you with on your Birthday. There’s not a whole lot to say about Bacon, apart from how he eats anything and everything that gets dropped on the floor (you have, many a time, used this is an excuse for not hoovering) and the fact he is the love of your life (well, not including Molly; you accidentally said this in front of her once and you thought she was never going to speak to you again). The four of you are so happy that you couldn’t imagine a single way to improve your lives (except, you keep pointing out, by getting another micro pig).


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Irene: You own two cats, one pure white and the other pure black who are both royally spoilt, and more sophisticated than any other cats you have ever met. They even have elegant names: Elizabeth and Katherine. You unknowingly bought them for each other for your anniversary, so instead of having the one cat you both wanted, you ended up with two, though now you both agree that you wouldn’t have it any other way. Elizabeth and Katherine are just as affectionate as you and Irene, with the pair always curling up together to sleep, making a sort of ying yang in the process and always brushing against each other. They love you almost as much as they love each other, and are the sort of cats that believe that they are humans; they refuse to sleep anywhere but on your bed, sit on all your chairs (never on the floor because that would be barbaric) and eat at your table. They are, together, a hurricane of monotone chaos- though that’s part of their charm and why you both love them so much.

Jim: You don’t own any pets. You have the odd pet here or there, a stray cat or dog, an injured bird, a tiger, but never anything permanent. You  move around so much and live such unpredictable and dangerous lives that it would be cruel to expect an animal to have to put up with it, and the frequency of stray bullets and the other strange and lethal items scattered around your house (your sugar pot doesn’t actually have sugar in it- you keep that else where- and is instead filled with paralytic poison. Jim claims that any proper villain makes a cup of tea in the house he’s broken into to pass the time before the owner arrives home, and anyone who succeeds in infiltrating your house has to be a proper villain.) would prove to be a death sentence for any pet you owned. That didn’t stop you from befriending all the local wildlife wherever you were living though, whether that be deer or sheep or just a few pigeons. Not to mention you don’t really trust that Moran guy.

Hope you enjoyed! I’m going to try and get once up every week & now I’m off school it should be easier, though I have to write three fifteen page essays which I should really make a priority (I won’t though).

Also, requests for everything (that is: ships, headcanons, oneshots and prefences) are open!

- Natalie

anonymous asked:

AHHH. MATCHUP PLEASE. So I'm a short het female, that is really shy around people I don't know, and in a group with aquaintances, I don't speak much. But around my closest friends, I can't shut up. If I feel like I'm annoying someone though - (1/?)

- if I feel like I’m annoying someone, I’ll shut up and not speak much afterwords. I’m a very kind person, and apparently I’m that person that friends feel the need to take care of. I love artsy stuff, and hugs. I’m also very intelligent. (2/2)


Mana would honestly feel the need to take care of you as well but he knows that he can also count on you to take care of yourself. He’s careful with his body language, to not give you the impression that he’s annoyed even when he’s not; Good listener too but by the gods if Neah comes into the room, Mana would scowl slightly because you would quieten down some.

Also, he loves watching you do your art things - even trying to do them himself with a little help from you but failing miserably

Just going to throw it out there that you would probably be friends with Road and Wisely

Little finds a daddy

I’m angelica, 16 and from south korea.
Sensitive, romantic, girlish, submissive, worrying, delicate.
Looking for a caregiver 17-25 loving, caring, smart, and strict.

English is not my first language, so I’m not good at speaking or wiriting in english ‘fluently’
But I don’t have any problem to understand your words :3
If you can(or want to) undestand korean or japanese, it would be easier to talk with me!
(I can speak Korean, japanese, english)

Plz send me a message to
kik @Angelica_Kang