wiring gemstones


Beautiful coyote skull adorned with a labradorite eye, 3 aquamarine, 8 tourmalines, 2 peridot and amethyst accenting the top. Wrapped in copper and sterling silver, oxidized and reduced.
by @dnaorganicdesigns << legend! check out his work.

Photo by Stephen Canino

A return to a certain ancillary’s song in my jewelry making. Or maybe it’s my homage to justice guppy? Little column A, little column B…

Copper hoop earrings with silver plated wire, silver fish charms, smoky quartz, green tourmaline, prehnite, hematite, and Michigan green stone.



Mexican Fire Opal ~Soon to be wrapped pendants!
Nice little back story to these cuties..The guy who mined these babies, was on his way back from Mexico, when he ran into car troubles in my home town. He happened to run into the owner of this amazing crystal shop, and was able to sell some of his haul and fix his car💕

yellow-eyed-monsters  asked:

Is there a chance you could fine me a gem that is associated with the mind and mind reading please?


Azurite: Helps open the third eye, works with clairvoyance.

Bloodstone: Heightens magical and psychic power.

Emerald: Helps gain a deeper consciousness and knowledge in future events. 

Kyanite: Aids in lucid dreaming and astral travel as well as aligning chakras and auras.

Moonstone: Helps connect with spirits.

Snowflake Obsidian: Helps improve psychic powers.

Calcite: Improves out of body experiences and psychic powers.

Chrysocolla: Aids in connection between real and spiritual realms.

Fluorite: Provide protection from negative energies.

Iolite: Increases clairvoyance.

Labradorite: Increases psychic powers and intuition.

Turquoise: Improves clairvoyance.


I hope this helped you with your psychic gem!

-Mod Charoite


Crocheted wire necklace. 30-gauge bare copper wire and a string of random gemstone chips. I used a 2.5 mm crochet hook for this because I got tired of trying to figure out what size the book meant- I originally saw something similar to this using fluorite chips only in a book on jewelry produced through crocheting and Viking knit, but it was unclear whether ‘2.5 crochet hook’ was meant as 2.5mm, size 2.5 American, or size 2.5 UK.