Wireshade by Marc Trotereau

Trotereau on his project:

The Wireshade project is an interpretation of the making and the use of the lampshade. The traditional making of a lampshade is a flexible and relatively easy process based on brazing metal rods. I decided to adapt this way of making by creating a jig which gives the possibility to braze three metal rods together at the same time. This set up enable the production of three-dimensional cubical shapes. The structure is painted or powder-coated and then covered with some corrugated plastic also known as ‘Correx’. The morphology of the ‘Correx’ gives the possibility to clip it to the metal structure.

I developed an easy and flexible process to create shells which can be used as lampshades. Due to this ductile way of creating structures, I can produce bespoke lampshades for every type of walls, ceilings, corners…

The lampshade becomes a sculptural and unique object which can adapt its shape to any type of space.