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Winchester brothers-Corrupted Part 3

Title: Corrupted Part 3

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count: 1109

Request:Hey Im nee to your blog and i really like it… I know this was done a while ago but is there corrupted part 3? If not could you do it? Please please pleaseeeee? 👼🏽

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They made a mistake.

They admitted it.

They were wrong.

They turned a human into a angel. Not just any human; a Winchester.

“I don’t understand… you’re saying- (Y/n)’s gone bad angel?’‘Dean repeated with a slight witty remark. Sam stared out into the abiss as he tried to take in the information. His hair hung in front of his eyes as he looked back up at the angel.

’'Yes. Once you turn a human into a powerful creature then their whole DNA changes, their every fibre and blood turns into a different genetic. It’s dangerous and risky, that is why no angels were human first, they have vessels. Sometimes it twists their minds and since (y/n) was brought up to be good, to help the world- the opposite of all that is to…well…cause destruction-to be bad.’'Castiel explained as he paced back and fourth.

’'But, why would they change her if she would become evil?’'Sam gaped. The younger Winchester stood up as he tried to control his emotions.

’'Because she was too valuable to risk losing. If chances were good and she did become good, she would have been a insanely powerful angel. She was too greater power to lose.’'Castiel added.

’'Yet they screwed up!’'Dean barked, his hand coming down and hammering against the battered bed. ’'What happens to her now?!”

Castiel looked down in grief as he gave the brothers a solemn expression. “If they find her they’ll kill her”

“To hell they will!’'Sam remarked, his legs jolting towards the angel. ’'If we can talk to her she might listen to us and let us help her”

“It’s no use, Sam’'Cas shook his head. ’'Her brain is wired for evil”

“Bullshit! I won’t have that; (y/n)’s a good person!’'Dean screamed, his fingers came up to clench at his hair, tugging sharply at the strands as he screamed in trouble.

’'We have to at-least give her the benefit of the doubt, Cas’'Sam pleaded, working his puppy dog eyes on his angel friends.

’'I too am upset, Sam. She was my friend’'Cas grumbled in anger.

’'Well help us find her then. You’ve gotta have some angel tracker or something’'Dean hoped. He grabbed his bag as he started to pack his clothes ready to pack in the car.

’'I can only get us a few miles close from where she is’'Cas sighed. ’'She may be already too gone, Dean”


It remained still against your nimble fingertips. Your eyes swallowed shut as you clutched tighter at the still muscle. Your eyes slammed open as you gave up and moved your hand away from your heart that remained still.

It should be beating.

No pulse.

No heart.

No humanity.

No sanity.

You rested your elbows against your kneecaps as you stared out into the distance. Your hair whipped behind you, scrapes and cuts on your forearms as you tank top clung heavily to your bloodied skin.

So much blood.

Darkness swam through your veins.

All those souls you saved, all that pure goodness that ran through your body was now washed out by thick crimson of all the people you hurt.

Each day you slipped further and further into the deep end.

“Excuse me! Ma'am!”

You continued to stare forward, ignoring the shrill voice that pleaded out to you. A scraggly man ran forward, shaking a empty tin in his hand that rattled with a few coins.

“Please, Miss; spare me a few change, I beg of you’'He voiced frantically.

You didn’t even spare him a glance but simply rose your hand into a claw like motion in the air before closing it into a fist. The sound of him choking as he watched with wide eyes before falling to his knee’s next to you.

You reached out, the sound of ribs cracking and swallowing in as you grasped his beating heart in your hand and ripping it out of his chest. The man fell back, a huge gaping hole in his chest as you brought the beating heart up to eye level.

You ran your fingers delicately over the pulsing heart until it finally stopped. Just like yours; his heart stopped.

Now neither of you had a heart.

You simply crushed the heart until dust was the only thing remaining in your palms.

You stood up, your hair whipped furiously the wind prying against you as you opened your arms up and closed your eyes to the feel of the harsh pressure of the cold wind that nipped at your skin.


You turned around at the calling of your name, your eyes landing on your brothers who stood at the top of the hill. They watched you with wide eyes, the wind whipping at them and making their shirts pull back.

’'I’m lost in the deep end’'You grinned at them. Their brows furrowed as they stared at you.

’'What the hell is that supposed to mean?’'Dean yelled. You simply smiled widely at them before starting to walk towards the sea, the waves washing over the roaring water.

They screamed your name once more as they started to pelt it towards you, screaming your name over and over.

The water grabbed at your ankles as you continued to go further and further into the water until your were now swimming underneath.

You made a face of pain as you shoved your ankle beneath the large crate at the bottom of the sea.

Sam jumped into the water, his long locks spraying around him as he grabbed at the crate and tried to pry it off your foot. Bubbles slipped past his lips as he pleaded with you.

You simply shook your head and shoved him away before pointing to the surface. He shook his head but came up for air before going back down.

Dean watched anxiously from the top, his hair knotted from how much he had yanked at it.

Sam came back down only to try again and fail. He couldn’t move the crate and you were running out of breath.

You gave him one last genuine smile before your body slammed back as the water entered your lungs.

Your hair splayed around you, eyes closing as bubbles came frantically from your mouth.

Your body floated softly as you let your last breath go.

Sam tried to release you and drag you up but it was no use. His body jerked softly, a warning that water was getting in his lungs. Sam finally came up to the surface and crawled his way up the sand as he choked.

He sat on his knee’s water ringing from his bones as he shook his head up at his fearful brother.

’'She’s gone”

anonymous asked:

First Beth was in Alexandria, and then Beth being Hilltop's leader, then being with the Saviors, and the most hilarious one - Negan's wife. They even thought "Lucille" was Beth before they learn it's actually a freaking barb wired bat not a human. Now, Beth apparently is about to take on a role of a brave middle aged black man and she also can tame a tiger because Hershel was a vet.

Apparently everyone on the show is Beth.
Except Daryl. His magic stick is necessary for Beth to be back and suddenly a leader. Of Alexandria. Or Hilltop. Or Kingdom. Or Sanctuary. Or all. 

OMG, those morons seriously thought “Lucille” is Beth?! Now, I’m imagining Negan swinging her barb wired corpse around. JEEZ.