wireless wristband


Win a Flex Wireless Wristband!

Are you guys interested in winning a free Flex Wireless Wristband?

If so you are then there is only a few requirements you have to meet.

  1. Write a fic on one of 7 listed ships below. 
  2. The ships you can choose to write are : Batlantern, Batflash, Brudick, Brujay, Harley Quinn x Poisen Ivy, Spideytorch, or Harvey Dent x Bruce Wayne. 
  3. You just need to send me an email if your interested in participating
  4. The contest won’t start until May 16 to June 25.
  5. The story does not have to be multiple chapter and can actually be a short story. The huge requirement is that it has be well written and have proper grammar. 

“The joke of ‘Oh, I won 50,000 tickets; I can get three tootsie rolls and a plastic comb’ should have died long ago,” Michael told us. “What do I take in prizes nowadays? So far I’ve grabbed PSPs, iPod Videos, iPod Touches, iPads, Wii U’s, PS4s, and more video games than I can remember.”

Right now, the Dave & Buster’s site lists prizes including a Keurig K450 Brewing System, a Fitbit Charge Hr Wireless Activity Wristband, and a Ninja Professional Blender 1000, which an advantage player can easily pawn off on eBay for at least $100 a pop.

“There was one year where I went through almost 100 iPads,” Michael said. “Two a week, during a period of about seven months. I found out after the fact that me and one other person at my location were responsible for about one-third of the game’s advantage play across the country. Crazy when you think about it.”

Jesus. If TV has taught us anything, it’s that there are probably Dave & Buster’s themed hitmen after him right now, their orange and blue camo doing them absolutely no favors …

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