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In 1895, Nikola Tesla began to notice a peculiar phenomena with electrical transformer systems when he added an extra or third coil. This would generate a very large non-linear amplification of electrical pressure over a modest linear amplification as seen with traditional transformers. He studied this phenomena in his Manhattan laboratory over the coming years, until he felt he needed to deploy this system to a larger testing ground. In Colorado Springs 1899, Tesla performed a series of experiments over nine months that led to his discoveries around a new kind of electrical transformer system that he called his Magnifying Transmitter. He soon received a patent for it thereafter (Patent #1,119,732) as well as several supportive auxiliary patents.

This system was capable of generating massive amounts of electrical pressure that would create electrical ripples along the surface of the earth. In a vibrational process known as constructive interference, Tesla was able to generate more wireless power received than transferred by creating a resonant boundary condition between the earth-atmosphere interface with the use of high frequency electrostatic shock waves. This is by no means electromagnetic radiation such as with visible light, cosmic rays, and radio waves. This was nothing like a radio antenna as many experts have proclaimed it is. Tesla’s goal was actually to minimize the electromagnetic radiation from the system as much as possible by containing it in a localized standing wave, the opposite notion of traditional radio antennas. This standing wave instead acts as a wave pump that generates surface waves. A simple analogy is a hand repetitively tapping the surface of the water in a bowl that is perfectly in time with the return wave of surface ripple.

Tesla measured these electrical ripples traveling around the entire circumference of the earth moving faster than the speed of light, specifically two times pi the speed of light (1.57c). When the linear velocity of the shock wave is the same as the angular velocity of the wave’s medium, and the wave and particle (the medium) are directly in phase with each other, the necessary conditions to create constructive interference with Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter are possible.

In 1901, Nikola Tesla began the construction of Wardenclyff Tower on Long Island, New York. Tesla originally pitched the project to financier JP Morgan as a trans-Atlantic wireless communications platform. This system could not only transfer information faster than Marconi’s radio antennas, but energy as well, unbeknownst in detail to Morgan. When Tesla ran out of money for the project, Tesla revealed his true intent to Morgan of his visionary dream with the system involving the wireless transfer of energy. Not only did Morgan not give Tesla anymore money and withdraw entirely from the project, he supposedly managed to blacklist Tesla from the financial industry at large. JP Morgan had a major stake in the copper industry which was booming in demand due to electrical power distribution. The tower was eventually demolished in 1917 to pay a portion of Tesla’s debts.

Since then, his work has been buried continuously by corporate and political interests as other up and coming inventors rediscover Tesla’s principles and apply them to technology. History is continually repeating itself, and it takes only an open mind set of a free thinking intellectual to see the patterns.

Elon Musk’s company may honor the name, but they do not truly honor Tesla’s legacy. For there is great irony in Musk declaring that his role model is Thomas Edison.

Let us honor our history.
Let us honor our true visionaries.
Let us honor what solutions are available right now.
The clock is ticking.

For this is not an issue of science.
This is an issue of Man.


(170416) ~five~ hokkaido backstage tour

cr. maaako_09, trans cr. mredwardsanders

Q: what is the fluorescent pink and yellow bag that onew wears on his hip? only onew’s stands out.

 A: the wireless receiver for his mic and his in ear monitor are inside. he wraps a belt with the bag attached to it around him. not only onew, but the other members used beige colored bags! usually its something you wrap directly on your skin, but onew wraps his around his blouse. the chords from the receiver also go directly on your skin, but taemin doesn’t like that so he doesn’t even use a belt. that’s why he encounters a lot of accidents. taemin doesn’t listen to what we say! 


I retro game alot. But I try to dabble in PC gaming too. So here’s my setup. Nothing too fancy like I’m sure some of you out there have some crazy powerful beasts. My good friend built it for me last year. It’s at 3.20ghz, has 8gb of ram and a GTX760 videocard in it it’s got three hard drives in it too. A 120gb solid state, a 4tb one. And fooling around with it, I put my old ps4 500gb drive in it too. I opened it up today to put a wireless pci adapter since my old panda wireless USB WiFi receiver took a poop on me. I’m no computer expert and I haven’t caught the graphics bug yet, so I’m quite fine with this. And yes, my case is too big for such a small motherboard! Thanks for reading!


The USS Liberty Incident,

The USS Liberty was a technical ship designed to tap into and record radio communications.  Originally a World War II transport (liberty ship), the USS Liberty carried sensitive radio technology which could receive wireless communications from long distances.  In June of 1967 the Liberty was sent to the Sinai Peninsula, dropping anchor 14 miles off the Egyptian coast near Al Arish. The Israeli’s had warned that they would attack any unknown ships in Egyptian or Israeli waters.  The US Navy informed the Israeli Government that they had no ships in the area, neglecting to mention the location of the USS Liberty.

On June 8th, Israeli High Command received reports that Israeli troops in Al Arish were being shelled by an Egyptian vessel. An unknown vessel was detected by radar steaming toward Egyptian held territory at a speed of 28 knots, the typical speed of a warship.

Israeli planes and torpedo boats were dispatched to deal with the threat.  Two hours later, a pair of Israeli Mirage fighter planes strafed the USS Liberty with their 30 mm cannons and rockets.  When they had expended their ammunition, they were replaced by a pair Dassault Mystere fighter bombers armed with napalm bombs and cannon. The USS Liberty was unarmed with the exception of five machine guns, and thus unable to effectively return fire.  The lack of return fire puzzled Captain Yossi Zuk, leader of the Mystere formation.  After making a strafing run he spotting the “GTR-5” marking on it’s hull.  Egyptian ships typically had Arabic markings.  Capt. Zuk ordered a cease fire.

Somehow the torpedo boats didn’t get the message.  The commander of the torpedo boats, Commander Moshe Oren, identified the ship as an Egyptian supply ship.  The USS Liberty’s communications had been knocked out, thus the Liberty Crew replied to Israeli hails with “AA” flashed from a handheld lamp.  Egyptian ships often responded to with the same response.  The Liberty’s captain, Com. William McGonagle, ordered his men to man the machine guns, but ordered his men to hold fire when he spotted the boats flying an Israeli flags.  Regardless, a pair of machine guns opened fire, thus confirming Com. Oren's suspicion that he was facing an Egyptian ship.  The Israeli boats opened fire with cannon and launched five torpedoes, one of which struck the Liberty.

In the aftermath of the attack, the USS Liberty was severely damaged, 34 sailors were killed, and 117 were wounded. Several investigations were made by both the United States and Israeli Governments.  Many of the details of the attack are under dispute and unfortunately hearsay, fuzzy memories, and outright denial mire the case. For example

-There is a dispute as to whether the USS Liberty was flying it’s flag.  American crewman claim that their flag was flying, later replaced with a larger flag during the attacks.  Israeli sources claim that no flag was spotted.

-American sources claim that Israeli aircraft did not make identification runs. Israeli sources claim they did.

-Israeli sources claim the Liberty was traveling at 30 knots, the Liberty could only attain 17.5 knots at full speed.

-Some American sailors claim that the aircraft that fired on them had not identifying markings, while other crewman recall seeing Israeli markings.

Many other details of the attack are under dispute, leading many to believe that the attack was a deliberate action.  Regardless, both American and Israeli investigations have concluded that the attack was an accident as a result of misidentification resulting in a friendly fire incident. In 1968 the Israeli Government paid $3.3 million in compensation to families of the dead, another $3.5 million to the wounded, and $6 million for damages to the USS Liberty.


Sebastian Stan Imagine

This is my first post! It just came to me today and had to write it down. Hopefully I will have more to post in the new year or even in the next few days. Please share and like as you please!

Sebastian is your secret Santa and proposes in front of your whole family. Warnings: Just fluff! Holiday fluff.

Your family always did Secret Santa for Christmas since there were too many people in the family for everyone to get everyone a gift. So during Halloween everyone pulls a number out and gets an envelope with someone’s wish list. Little did you know that Sebastian had told your entire family before hand that if anyone pulled your name, he wanted to trade. He had something special planned. You always expressed your belief that the holiday season was the most romantic time of year. There was something about the cold weather and the lights everywhere that just warmed your heart. You’ve even mentioned that you’d love a Christmas wedding.

So it was Christmas eve and everyone started handing out gifts. The Christmas tree was nearly covered by the amount of gifts surrounding it. Every person that got up to retrieve gifts had to navigate through the maze of boxes and gift bags. You had just given your gifts to your person, your brother in law. You sat patiently as everyone revealed their person and opened their gifts. Each person went one at a time so that the gift recipient would have all the attention. There are roughly 15 people in your family and once you’ve hit the tenth person, you realize you’re probably going to be last. Sebastian was one of the first people to receive his gift; his secret Santa was your brother. He had received wireless headphone and very comfy looking slippers as well as a new leather jacket. He had a bright smile on his face as he slipped on the slippers and he beamed at you before thanking your brother.

“You know, I’m gonna be stealing those slippers.” You teased as the next person stood to retrieve gifts.

He blew you a kiss, “What’s mine is yours, darling.” He gave you a wink before pulling you into his chest and leaned against the sofa.

You watched your grandmother brighten at finding out your sister was her secret santa and unwrapped a massive teddy bear. “I have a feeling I’m gonna be dead last.”

“Nothing’s wrong with that. Makes it more special.” Sebastian stated as he placed his hand over your knee and started rubbing circles with his thumb.

“Who’s your person?”

“It’s a secret.”

“C’mon, at this point I can narrow it down. It’s either me or my dad.” You were cut short as your grandmother stood and gave your father his gifts. You elbowed Sebastian in the stomach. “You asshole, you kept this from me for two months?!” You called out.

Everyone in your family started laughing and clapping.

“Yay, (Y/N) gets to celebrate now too!” One of your younger cousins call out as Sebastian stands from the couch, pulling you up with him.

You stare at your family and let out a dry laugh, “Ha. Ha. So funny, you guys.” You huff before sitting on the floor in the center of the living room and wait for Sebastian to grab your gifts.

He makes a point to feign searching for the gifts.

“Oh my God, Sebastian! It’s literally the only ones left!” You groan out. Your mother chastises you and you groan again in response.

Sebastian turns around with three boxes in his arms. They were stacked in order of size; the bottom being the largest and the top being the smallest. He feigns confusion as he looks around the room, “Who’s my person?” His blue eyes scan the room and he walks towards everyone, pretending to hand them the gifts.

You can’t help but laugh at his expression and at your family members pretend to grab the gifts. His eyes meet yours and he gives you a million-dollar smile that melts your heart. “Of course it’s my best girl.” Your whole family ‘aw’s at this and you roll your eyes as your cheeks heat up.

He places the gifts on your lap and leans down to kiss your cheek. “Work your way from the bottom up.”

The boxes were impeccably wrapped in bright red wrapping paper and silver ribbons and topped with large bows. You open the largest box and pull out a leather jacket; nearly identical to Sebastian’s. “Oh man, we’re gonna be one of those couples. I love it, babe.” You smile at him and carefully fold it back into the box before opening the middle box.

You gasp as you reveal a brand new camera. “Oh, Sebas! And it’s like legit, too.” You laugh as you open up the professional camera.

“And it’s all set up already, too!” Sebastian beamed as he wrung his fingers in anticipation of the next box.

Your brother in law comes up, “That’s so cool, (Y/N). Can I see it for a second? I think I have a memory card for it if it’s similar to ours.”

You thought nothing of it as you hand it to him. Your brother in law was known as the techie in the family and constantly offered to do things for everyone; it was just one less thing for you to bother with.

You grab the smallest box now. You felt giddy after opening the last two and shook the box lightly, “What’s in here?”

“The smallest boxes have the biggest gifts, (Y/N)!” your slightly drunk aunt calls out before settling in to the couch once more.

“I’m gonna need you to stand up for this gift, darling.” Sebastian tells you. He’s standing in front of you and offers you a hand. You look up at him in confusion before taking his hand. The two of you are standing in front of the chimney that’s decorated with lit garland and large red ornaments on the mantle. You become hyperaware of your family’s intense stare. You look back to Sebastian and realize that he’s nervous and biting his lip. “Open the box, (Y/N).” He whispers.

You gaze down at the box. You feel it in your hand and your heart flutters as you realize it’s cubed. You can’t help the wide grin forming on your face. You slowly pull off the bow, then the ribbon and rip off the wrapping paper. In your hand is a small, red velvet box.

You look to Sebastian and find him on one knee. Your breath hitches as you stare into his eyes. Those blue eyes that have loved you so for the past five years. “Sebastian…” you whisper out. Tears were already forming as the room fell silent. The familiar dinging sound of phones recording echoed throughout the room.

He lets out a breath before taking one of your hands. “(Y/N), you are the most incredible woman I have ever met. You’ve dealt with my crazy work schedule and my even crazier family. These last five years have shown me more happiness than I ever thought was humanly possible. I don’t deserve you, darling. But I’m willing to show you every single day for rest of my life just how much I love you…if you’ll let me. If you’ll…. marry me?” He finishes off with a shaky voice, his emotions getting the better of him. His blue eyes were more vibrant than ever as they filled with unshed tears.

You bit your lip and you pulled your hand back to cup his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned into your hand, spilling his tears. You smile at his response to your touch. “Yes. Of course. Yes.”

His eyes shoot open and he gives you his biggest smile before standing up and pulling you into your chest. He spun you around. You both laugh at the immense joy as you realize that you’ve made the best decision of your life.

The two of your were so caught up in each other you failed to realize that your family were screaming in excitement.

“Oh my God, (Y/N)! Check the damn ring!” Your mother screams out. You gawk at her for a moment before looking back at Sebastian and tilting your head back in laughter.

“My God, what you’ve done to my mother.”

He leans in for a brief kiss and sets you back down. “Open the box.”

You stare at the small box and slowly open it. “Holy fuck.” You breathe out. A stunning cushion cut diamond ring sat in the box. It had to be pushing 3 carats at the size of it. Sebastian takes the box from you and slides the ring onto your left hand. You stare at it’s clarity and brightness. “Sebas, thank you.” You grab his face and kiss him once more.

When you both pull back, the two of you are sniffling messes. You smile shyly as him and he returned it with his own shy smile. “This is gonna be one hell of a year, Sebas.”

“As long as you’re beside me; come hell or high water, (Y/N). “

“I guess you could say…to the end of the line, guys?” Your brother in law cuts into your moment. You roll your eyes dramatically as the family starts laughing.

All the women of the family come up to look at the ring and continue to gush about the size and setting. Your mom comes up last and takes your hand and inspects the ring up close. She hums in approval, “He did good.”

The men of the family surround Sebastian but you never lose sight of him since he was the tallest in the house. They all shake his hand and slap him on the back in joy.

“He’s one lucky man to have you.” Your father says as he pulls you into a hug and places a kiss onto your cheek.

You glance over at Sebastian once more as he animatedly talks to your family and lock eyes with him once more, “And I’m a lucky woman.”