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Daily prompt fill: “someone keeps printing cute animal pictures/cryptic messages from my wireless printer n im determined to find out who it is” I thought of Nico and I had to write it! Enjoy!

The first time it happens, it’s weird, but Nico doesn’t really think anything of it. She figures some kid in her building was trying to print out a picture of what is really an adorable dog and just had the wrong printer. She wishes they hadn’t printed it in color, but she figures no harm, no foul, and just recycles it. 

 The second time it happens, Nico almost packs up and moves right then and there. This time, it’s not a picture of a cute dog, no, it’s a message, and it seems like someone’s hell-bent on spooking her. That, or her printer really is sentient, like the message proclaims. But, it’s a prank, right? It has to be! It has to be. 

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Hoshidan Festival: Arthur and Kanna Parent-Child Convo

Is there anyone who has the same troubles with their Intel® Wireless-N 7260 adapter, and can tell me how to fix it? T_T This computer has been driving me mad over the weekend.

Anyways, like the requester has pointed out, Arthur isn’t too popular as a marriage choice (actually I’m not sure if he’s popular period). But here’s the conversation between him and Kanna! I must say that Kanna has a very, erm, refreshing outlook on Arthur’s bad luck.

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