C’s back home!! 
Back with an adorable fufu warm in his mtt sweater. 
He had to take his shoulder pads off so it would fit

ive always been the first to admit and heavily criticize how flawed america is because in terms of developed nations we have consistently fallen so short in so many important issues, but its always been my home you know. but just lately ive been crying every time i watch the news bc it has gotten so much worse and there is so much horrible shit happening right now you guys and i am scared. im scared of my home country and im so scared of my government.


Experimenting. ONE FACE, 2 STYLES, 2 COLORSETS. 1x2x2x4x??????

(Sorry I fell off the face of the Earth for a week. Decided to get some extra hours at work and HOO BOY THAT WAS A MISTAKE FOR ART PRODUCTIVITY)