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This is a special Throwback Thursday for Maria to 2014 when she was 6 and gave her Theory of Everything drawing of Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones to Eddie personally in NY. He called it “genius art.” She deliberately didn’t use a lot of color because she knew Eddie is colorblind. (Video about 30 minutes in: https://youtu.be/KUbdwrIyZOI)

The following month, that meeting led to her meeting with Eddie AND Stephen Hawking in London when she was chosen to ask a question of Prof. Hawking at a Wired UK event.  

The Harry Potter Universe Gets a Visual Effects Overhaul | Design FX | WIRED
The Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, finds Eddie Redmayne performing a mating ritual in front of a massive computer-generated b...

Wonderful behind the scenes look at the Erumpent mating dance and other special effects, emphasizing the role of the puppeteers.

Douglas Alexander is on BBC news right now, discussing the increased youth vote this election where he said “young people are hard wired for hope”.

We’re hard wired for hope because hope is the only fucking thing we have left in this economy. We have nothing else to cling onto but one another. We don’t have money. We don’t have jobs. We don’t have financial security. But we do have community. And community is the biggest source of hope. No wonder we’re hard wired for it.

anonymous asked:

Theres any info about who produced Cactus?

A.C.E’s debut track CACTUS was produced by ZOOBEATER SOUND.
Some other tracks produced by ZOOBEATER SOUND include:

  • BerryGood - Don’t Believe
  • Kim Feel - from Feel (EP)
  • K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa
  • K.A.R.D - Don’t Recall
  • K.A.R.D - Rumor

Here are the credits for CACTUS according to ZOOBEATER SOUND’s IG page:

Arranged by EJ SHOW

Background Vocals by A.C.E, BIGTONE
All synth keyboard by EJ SHOW

Recorded by 유동준 @ mplus studio
Mixed by 오형석 @ mplus studio
Mastered by CASS IRVINE @wired masters.UK

- Admin N


Celia Smith (UK)

Celia Smith uses wire to create sculptures. Each sculpture is a three-dimensional drawing with the wires representing a quality of line. Birds are her main inspiration; capturing their movement and character is Celia’s primary concern. For her, the wire has a spontaneity that can give her sculptures a feeling of life and energy.

© All images courtesy the artist

[more Celia Smith | artist found at Colossal]

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Where did you see the "private engagement" thing? I saw people saying that one of the kids was sick but I don't think I saw sourcing for that either.


“A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said the Countess of Wessex did not attend as she had a private engagement.” 

If it had been A BP source then it would be unofficial. A BP spokeswoman means it was officially confirmed. 


Christoph Bader (Germany) - wired uk 0513 0711

Processes that produce shapes are a central theme of Christoph Bader’s work: “To me this is a switch from a product oriented thinking to a process oriented way of working. This if often called generative or procedural design. In generative design you as a designer are no longer manly concerned about the outcome or the final product rather you are focused on the process which generates the final result. Designing processes is the business of a generative designer. These processes generate theoretically infinitely many outcomes and as such can be a valuable tool.”

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Christoph Bader]


Green Miniature Bonsai Tree

A beautiful handmade wire bonsai tree sitting on a natural piece of driftwood.
The trunk is hand wrapped from recycled copper wire and formed to create the stunning shape that is so recognisable to the tradition bonsai. The green sea sponge-effect detailing is very realistic. It sits on natural driftwood founded in the UK