wired magazine


I’ve been working with the good people at Wired Italia quite a bit lately, on both the print and ipad editions of the magazine. These looping animations were commissioned to illustrate a feature on the best apps for different categories of consumer (geek, fitness enthusiast, family, workaholic, and globetrotter). It’s a fun challenge to do stuff that straddles new and traditional media like this, and I love the way they’ve been implemented in the app. Thanks to Daniela Sanziani for that clip, and her fantastic art direction.

For Wired Italia again, this time for an article on the prospect of an interstellar ark: basically a giant spaceship that could support human life through many generations on the journey to our nearest star. I think I was influenced here by a couple of weird sci-fi films that I probably saw at too young and impressionable an age, Silent Running and Saturn 3. No I don’t know why they’re naked.

EDIT: Tumblr fixed it’s GIF uploader so I’ve been able to update with a (slightly) better quality version. Oh and I remembered why they’re naked, it’s an Adam and Eve type deal obviously.