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I adopted my dog Happy 2 years ago as an adult and I've never seen him as a puppy. I was wondering if you can show wired-hair terrier puppies for me? I bet they're so cute!!

Aw and i bet your pup is adorable too! Hope you enjoy these :D


“The original novel [Dumb Witness] was dedicated to her [Agatha Christie’s] own wire-haired terrier - ‘To dear Peter,’ it read, 'most faithful of friends and dearest of companions. A dog in a thousand.’
I felt exactly the same way about the terrier in our film. He captivated me from the moment I set eyes on him. The little dog, whose real name was actually Snubby, became my dear friend. [..] My now ever-expanding fan club wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed it [the episode], so they also told me, the sales of wire-haired terriers shot up exponentially after it was shown for the first time in March 1996.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me

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I often look after a 13 year old (smooth in case there's a significant difference) fox terrier, I'd love to know your professional opinion of the breed. Could you write an evaluation when you have the time? Thank you! Your blog is interesting to me even though I am not a vet just an animal nerd. I also appreciate your frank discussions of the less pleasant aspects of being a vet and your fantasy biology posts bring me a lot of joy. I really learn a lot from this blog and I love it.

I don’t think there’s a significant different between the smooth or wire hair versions of the fox terrier, though the smooth version is certainly more common here. So I’m grouping the smooth fox terrier and wire hair fox terrier together.

Please note the disclaimer. These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your animal is going to encounter in their life.  

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The fox terrier is a pretty hardy little dog who’s popularity is eclipsed somewhat by the more common Jack Russel Terrier. They do, however, have a few conditions of particular interest.

Fox terriers can inherit a genetic Myasthenia gravis, which is usually more common in larger dogs. It’s a neuromuscular disorder which typically includes difficulty swallowing, and may result in megaoesophagus, where the oesophagus loses muscle tone and is unable to contract and force food into the stomach.

Like many terriers there is a predisposition towards cataracts, lens luxation and glaucoma, and these conditions can all occur together.

Another quirk is that it’s possible to see Wobbler Syndrome (cervical vertebral instability) in these little dogs. Typically this condition, where the vertebrae of the neck are malformed and can occasionally pinch on the spine, is seen in large, rapidly growing dogs, so seeing it in a small breed is unusual.

Atopy and allergies are common in the breed, and they become regular visitors to the clinic over spring and summer. This isn’t helped by their desire to stick their head into every single bush they go past looking for fun things.

And epilepsy seems to pop up more often in these dogs, though its severity is variable.

Momblr Challenge: 01

1. Introduce your family

I’m Tasha, my husband is C and together we have an adorable 2- month-old little boy named Oliver!

We’ve also got five (5) dogs! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and that is almost the perfect amount of dogs.

  1. Golda (husky) 12yrs
  2. Mickey (feist mix) 8mo
  3. Maggie (wire-haired terrier) 8yrs
  4. Marty (pekingese) 9yrs
  5. Murphy (shih tzu-dachshund mix) 7yrs

We’re all crammed together in a 960 sqft cottage and somehow it works perfectly 👌👌

I’m late starting this but everyone is doing it and I love reading everyone’s on my dash so I wanted to do it too 🙄🙄


“She has a fun personality and is full of life. She is an amazing girl with people, but she is a little stinker with other animals. She has a high prey drive and loves to play “destroy the toy”. She lost one eye, and eventually will go blind in the other. She currently needs daily medication for her remaining eye. She is a fun energetic girl who just needs the right people to make her dreams come true.“

The current Patrician, head of the extremely rich and powerful Vetinari family, was thin, tall and apparently as cold-blooded as a dead penguin.  Just by looking at him you could tell he was the sort of man you’d expect to keep a white cat, and caress it idly while sentencing people to death in a piranha tank; and you’d hazard for good measure that he probably collected rare thin porcelain, turning it over and over in his blue-white fingers while distant screams echoed from the depths of the dungeons.  You wouldn’t put it past him to use the word ‘exquisite’ and have thin lips.  He looked the kind of person who, when they blink, you mark it off on the calendar.

Practically none of this was in fact the case, although he did have a small and exceedingly elderly wire-haired terrier called Wuffles that smelled badly and wheezed at people.  It was said to be the only thing in the entire world he truly cared about.  He did of course sometimes have people horribly tortured to death, but this was considered to be perfectly acceptable behavior for a civic ruler and generally approved of by the overwhelming majority of citizens.  The people of Ankh are of a practical persuasion, and felt that the Patrician’s edict forbidding all street theater and mime artists made up for a lot of things.  He didn’t administer a reign of terror, just the occasional light shower.

—  Terry Pratchett, “Sourcery”
(Here’s our first description of Lord Vetinari by name, and the first thing we’re told about him that’s true is that he really loves his dog.)

This is my wire fox terrier Harry! She’s 13 years old, sleeps a lot and likes giving kisses <3

This is my first dog ever and I’ve had her since I was very young. She became deaf a while ago and has cataract in one eye, making her less alert unfortunately. But she is still the sweetest dog ever and I love her with all my heart. (submitted by mackervel)