New York is Going to Turn Off Niagara Falls. Here’s How.

Wired gets into the technical details regarding the recent announcement that the Bridal Falls side of Niagara Falls will be dewatered. The article explores the history of the last time the Falls was dewatered in 1969 and how it drew thousands of tourists. While it was turned off for ecological reasons in 1969 this time the water will be stopped to build new bridges to Goat Island between the Bridal and American Falls. The bridges were built over 100 years ago and cannot be saved in their current condition.


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Donate Your Old USB Drives to Fight North Korean Brainwashing
The thumb drives gathering dust in your desk drawer could help to open one of the world's most closed countries.

In the age of Dropbox and Google Drive, the USB stick has come to seem like a dusty tchotchke that belongs in the drawer with your iPhone 4 cables. But send your chunk of cheap flash memory into North Korea, and it becomes a powerful, even subversive object—one that a new activist project wants use to help chip away at the intellectual control of the hermit kingdom’s fascist government.

Recycling and fighting tyrants, what’s not to like?