This lovely natural Amethyst necklace comes in every shade of purple and differentiates in certain light.💖Amethyst is a spiritual insight stone. It resonates with the crown chakra. Good to use for focusing energy when meditating and it is also a wonderful healing and protection stone. Guarding against negative energies and thoughts.💖 One of a kind! Comes with a silver plated chain!! Available at www.cosmicmoonlight.com

Beautifully Unique Hand Crafted Necklaces

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💟Pink Crackle Quartz💟 Pink Crackle Quartz resonates with love and joy as it is associated with the heart chakra. It focuses its energy inward towards the user and can be used in meditation to enhance your prosperity and love for others and especially yourself. Dyed Crackle Quartz still retains the properties of standard Quartz and is still considered to be a master healer. // We have two wire wrapped Crackle Quartz necklaces starting at $13! Also don’t forget to use coupon code “BLUEMOON” at checkout to save 15% 🙏🏼✨

Want a super cool & UNIQUE wire wrapped necklace?!

I create one of a kind wire wrapped necklaces using silver wire and glass beads and they can be yours!! 

They are made with love and care :) and will automatically make you cooler. And if you see this post and buy something and reference it and tell me what your URL is I’ll add in a ~special~ gift!! Possibly cookies so let me know if you have allergies.

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