•2 Green adventurine pendants
•1 Quartz point pendant
•1 Green flourite peace pendant
•1 Genuine sea shell pendant
•2 Blue kyanite blades
•1 Tumbled yellow jasper
•1 Rough blue calcite
•3 Tumbled rose quartz
•1 Rough purple flourite
•1 Dark green faceted agate
•2 Tumbled crackle quartz (purple & pink)
•1 Tumbled clear quartz
•1 Small piece of quartz geode that I cracked open myself
•10 Mini quartz points
Rules are:

•Must be following me
•No give away blogs
•Must be comfortable giving out mailing adress
•Must live in US
•Winner will be posted publicly on my blog (last winner asked to stay private, and I understand a lot of you wanted the name of the winner, but to respect their wishes I stayed quiet)

Give away will end in exactly ONE MONTH (Aug 22nd)

Good luck everyone! Love & Light ♡


Saying goodbye to one of my first beautiful wraps.

Its been about a year since I’ve made this guy and he’s finally found himself a good home. Although It is no longer in my possession, the departure is funding more creations. 

The farewell was bittersweet.

Wrap done by me, rachel huey, and dichroic boro cab done by amorphous art.


Rose Quartz, Light Aventurine, and Citrine Tree of Life necklace up in the shop! Description of the meanings for each gemstone also on my Etsy☺️ Can you tell I wish I was on a beach instead of in all this snow?!❄️🐚❄️
>> www.etsy.com/shop/leladymoonjewelry

cosmictrail and I are going to do a small Crystal give away with the crystals pictured! Including a wire wrapped quartz Crystal made by cosmictrail and a titanium aura wrapped Crystal by me! (Wraps not pictured yet!) we wanted to share the love and energy of crystals✨ the give away includes~
>One free standing clear quartz point
>One blue bomite (peacock ore)
>One medium/small ‘citrine’ point
>One large selenite stick
>One clear Quartz point wrapped necklace by cosmictrail
>One titanium aura Quartz point wrapped necklace by crystallauraa
-Follow follow follow! cosmictrail and crystallauraa! (That’s great if you already are! One step closer!)
-Like & Reblog this! Both are preferred however only one is needed to enter!
-Only one like or reblog counts! To make it fair! No spam accounts! No give away accounts! We hope that these crystals will go to a loving home!

THE WINNER will be announced when
cosmictrail reaches 50 followers again! He accidentally got deleted!

-in no way is this affiliated with tumblr, we’re just trying to spread love&energy✨-
<pelase don’t tag this as a giveaway tumblr doesn’t like that>



Sorry for the horrible quality of the pictures, I can only take them with my cell phone. But anywayss! I’ve been blessed with some amazing things recently and I wanted to give a little back. Also wanted to thank my kick ass followers and the people I follow as well. Almost everything in these giveaways has been gathered by me in Northern Virginia, I love my home here and that’s why I’ve included something from the area in each prize. soooooooo here it is!

winners will be chosen via random number generator.

First prize winner will receive:

  • 3 vanilla scented tea candles.
  • a geode fragment
  • 6 small pieces of tumbled tigers eye
  • a copper wire wrapped jaw bone pendant (made by me)
  • a non tarnish silver wire wrapped obsidian arrowhead pendant (made by me)
  • a piece of hardened sludge from Elizabeth’s Furnace in Virginia. (the runnoff sludge from the furnace hardens in the ground and becomes a beautiful dark green piece of glass like rock and it is GORGEOUS and cant be found anywhere else in the world.
  • fish vertebrae
  • amethyst pendulum
  • sacrum bone of deer
  • vertebrae of deer
  • 14 assorted incense sicks
  • hawk feather
  • raw quartz from Northern Virginia

Second prize winner will receive:

  • 1 vanilla scented tea candle
  • small tumbled torqouise 
  • large tumbled tigers eye
  • medium sized agate
  • large clear quartz pendulum
  • 3 misc animal leg bones
  • piece of Elizabeths Furnace hardened sludge {see description in bullets of first prize winner}

Third Prize winner will receive:

  • Scapula bone of unknown small animal
  • small clear quartz pendulum
  • 1 vanilla scented tea candle
  • small tumbled landscape jasper
  • 2 small tumbled tigers eye
  • Elizabeths Furnace hardened sludge (see description in bullets of first prize winner)


  • this giveaway is for three winners, first, second, and third places. 
  • must be following me
  • no giveaway blogs
  • do not tag this post with giveaway (messes up notes.) 
  • please check out my etsy where I sell your not so everyday wire wrapped crystals. Hoping this giveaway will give my shop some attention. 
  • Reblog as many times as you like, but only on your main blog! I have to be able to see that you’re following me.
  • If the winner/winners are not yet 18, please have your parents permission for me to send you your prizes. 
  • the winners should have their ask box open and reply privately when I contact them to claim their prizes. (Im not going to check your blogs to see if you posted your response publicly)
  • THE WINNERS WILL HAVE 48 HOURS TO RESPOND. otherwise a new winner will be chosen.
  • This giveaway is open worldwide. 
  • and finally, you MUST be comfortable giving me your home addresses! 

this giveaway is in no way affiliated with Tumblr.