The latest addition to our family, a little 8 week old wire haired dachshund girl called Tiggy. We’re all completely in love with her, she’s so gorgeous!!


Happy birthday to our beloved Wilbur and his beautiful little sister Lottie, whom he loves dearly.

Wilbur & Lottie were joined by Poppy & Gracie (Wilbur’s older live-in sisters) and neighbours Rupert & Chester… six silly sausages celebrating a little birthday shindig!

The lamb and carrot cake went down a treat - and the humans all had full bellies too after a rather delectable braai (or BBQ in English).

Poisoned Oak

That’s the problem with cutting down a tree.  No one tells you how dangerous it might be.  Sure they’ll warn you about falling branches, and staying out of the way while the job is being done, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about how the tree you are about to cut down might be the only thing standing between you and something very bad.  Maybe that’s the reason trees have been the object of worship throughout history.  Could it be because they are extremely good at keeping things out of our world that we don’t want in it?  Or it could be that it wasn’t the tree that was being worshiped, but rather whatever it was that the tree was keeping at bay?

Unfortunately for me, the reason our ancestors started worshiping trees in the first place is something that most of us have long forgotten.  Until now.

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