wire wraps for sale

My second wire wrapped labradorite pendant! This one has a gorgeous gold flash. The cabochon is about an inch long and the whole pendant measures almost two inches.

Labradorite is metaphysically known as a magical stone that protects the aura and strengthens your spiritual abilities. It’s great for meditation, communication with spirits, astral projection, and more. It promotes inner change and transformation!

It is for sale for 30$ via PayPal invoice! Just message me if you’re interested. I can also include spellwork on the pendant for a fee, so hit me up for details!


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Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz added to my etsy!

(it looks pink bc of the rock behind it)

Clear Quartz is representative of protection as well as security. It also has been known to enhance the intention of whatever you are using it for while additionally amplifying one’s energy.

It is also known as a healing stone, it’s meant to soothe or calm any emotional or physical ailments. 


Wire wrapped raw kyanite pendant added to my shop! 

I personally love the design on this one and am really excited about how it came out! 
This can be either worn as a necklace or used as a pendulum for divination purposes.

Kyanite is known to repel negative energy and blue kyanite aids in communication and often aiding in repairing relationships.


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Wire wrapped rose quartz necklace/pendulum available on my etsy now!

Rose Quartz is known for it’s properties of love and healing. It is especially good for self love and is perfect for anyone who is practicing this. It also promotes harmony and and trust in any kind of relationship.


Excited to have wrapped up this shard of Labradorite in Sterling Silver. Labradorite is an amazing healing stone that helps raise one’s consciousness and inner strength.