wire wraps for sale


I now have wired wrapped pendants for sale on my etsy!

As many of you know, I’m of a witchy persuasion and I got back into wire wrapping as a way of carrying my favorite stones and crystals around with me.  And as I’ve come to understand, other people would also like to carry pretty rocks around their necks, and friends let me tell you that I’m here to help.  

I am currently working two jobs in an attempt to save up for many things, the biggest one being moving in the fall.  I’d like to pad what I’m already putting aside, and would also love to make sharing my art a paying (third) side gig.  And if I can get things rolling here, it will also help fund my ability to bring y’all more art and jewelry without having to break the bank as it were. 

I’d really appreciate the help, either in purchasing one of my pendants or in sharing this post so that others might find it!  And thanks to everyone who has continued to help me out and put their faith in my and my work, it really means a lot.  

anonymous asked:

How did you get started with your shop? Just very curious!

It started in 2013 with tiny tumbled stone wire wrapped pendants. I didn’t make a sale for the first several months, and I didn’t make anywhere near enough for it to be a full time business until 2015! That’s when my husband and I took the leap. He quit his job and we moved 3 hours away from our horrible central LA studio apartment, and NEVER looked back haha. There was a ton of struggle in the beginning, but it definitely paid off. 💛


Valentines day is right around the corner~ Use the coupon code SWEETHEART at checkout for 25% off your entire order :3 <3  

We have lots of new items up in the shop with even more to come so keep an eye out!   
Coupon code starts now and will end the day after Valentines Day so there is plenty of time to grab a deal!