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Quick question, kinda time sensitive I guess? How bad is it to chew on metal? I have had a long stressful day and the only thing that calms me down is a pice of metal that I found and is currently chewing on. Chewing on metal is probably bad right? Kinda new to the autism thing so I don't really have stim toys. Do you have any suggestions on every day household objects that could be used as safe chew toys? Everything is closed now so I can't buy anything.

Well, idk how bad or safe it is it is, but I chew on metal a lot too. I tend to do it with sewing needles/pins, safety pins, staples, paperclips, aluminum foil, foil wrappers craft wire, twisty ties, jewelry, spoons…

My main concerns would be damaging your teeth by chewing too hard on a piece that doesn’t have any give, chewing on sharp objects that can poke you and injure you, chewing on small objects that can get stuck in your throat and injure you, and of course just general hygiene stuff if it’s not clean metal. And since it is metal, there’s also the worry about tetanus and rust, so I’d definitely avoid old metal.

If you can, I’d suggest looking into buying chew stim toys or teething toys since they’re made specifically to be chewed on and tend to be much safer. If you have any silicone cooking ware, that’s also an option since it‘s at least food safe.

I know for me, I tend to chew on anything within reach and the best way to avoid chewing on things that I shouldn’t or aren’t safe is to have chew safe stuff on hand.

- Os

“I seriously can’t tell whether you’re joking or not, Cas, and that’s actually really scary.”

Castiel shot him a look, one of those grumpy glares of his, before turning back to the stove. “I hardly find it daunting, Dean- learning to cook.. that’s something humans do, right?”

Dean looked between the stove and the angel several times, the idea seeming worse and worse, by the minute.

“Well, yeah,” he agreed, “but you aren’t human, Cas.”

“My grace is waning.” Castiel pointed out, leaning in and frowning at the plethora of buttons. “Is this set up supposed to make sense?”

Dean bit back a laugh- it’d only fuel Cas, even further. And, yeah, okay, Dean was fond of the idea of Castiel trying to learn about human culture. But he was also fond of the bunker, and letting Cas teach himself how to cook could only end in disaster.

“Alright; let me help.” Dean offered, gently pulling Cas away from the stove. “But, let’s start with something smaller, okay?”

“If you think it best. I trust you.” Castiel stated, as though the mere idea of someone else teaching him how to work a freaking microwave was ridiculous.

Cas had a flair for the dramatic, apparently.

Dean grinned, pulling out some bread and cheese. He’d keep it simple, start of with a sandwich. Maybe next week they’d try to toast it. He wondered what human Cas would be like; surely, he couldn’t be all that different from the current Castiel, right? Maybe a little scruffier- but, Dean could teach him how to shave, as well.

“First, you have to take out two slices of bread.” Castiel did just that, struggling with the wire holding the wrapper together a bit, but eventually figuring it out.

“Now, play close attention,” Dean said, in a teasing tone, “cause here’s when it gets complicated.”

Castiel leaned in, paying rapt attention. Dean snorted, but he couldn’t say that it wasn’t endearing.

“Do you place it in the burning, electric table, now?” He queried, bright blue boring into Dean’s green.

Okay, that was too much; Dean burst out laughing, dropping the cheese and throwing his head back. Jesus, it’d been a rough couple of weeks, it always was for them, and he deserved this, he deserved to laugh.

Sobering, he looked over at Cas, who was glowering darkly at him.

“Do you find my limited knowledge of human customs amusing, Dean?” He said, enunciating clearly.

“Not amusing, Cas. Adorable, maybe. But not amusing.” Dean clarified, and this was blatant flirting- but, who cared? Later, he’d blame the moment, and how cute Cas looked, lower lip jutted out, hair unruly. Right now, Dean didn’t give a damn.

“Just shut up and teach me how to successfully create a hybrid of bread and dairy products.” Castiel demanded. Dean, swung an arm around him, grabbing the packet of cheese, and maneuvering his way around Cas. They were close, too close, some might say, but lack of personal space was their thing. Dean, for one, found that he didn’t mind it as much as he originally had.

“All right, Ariel, so here’s what you do…”


Mineral Lot #1

This mineral lot is filled with gemmy crystals that are perfect for a wire wrapper who is good at wrapping smaller stones. Each crystal is top quality. This parcel contains:
- 2x Herkimer diamonds from Little Falls, NY, USA
-5x pink tourmaline crystals from San Diego co., California, USA
-blue/green tourmaline from San Diego co., California, USA
-Bright green tourmaline from Brazil
-3x aquamarine from Vietnam
-quartz crystal with pink tourmaline from San Diego co., California
-lepidolite cluster from San Diego co., California

**All stone are 100% natural and never dyed, treated, or synthetic**