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Goal Striving Canna-Charm!

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We all have goals, some big some small, this is a spell for a charm to help strive for that victory and clear the hurdles as they come.

- Small jar, big enough to hold a stone
- Straw
- Stone of your choice, I suggest something in the Quartz family, and different quartz for different goals. 
- Sativa cannabis, you’ll want to smoke for this one.
- gold or copper wire to wrap around the stone, you can even wear it as a necklace
- Ring setting for a ring ( craft stores sell blank rings you can glue the stone to it)
- Gold or copper mesh bag to keep in your pocket or purse
- Or just simple keep it on your altar space!

- Place stone in the jar with the straw. You’ll be blowing smoke into the jar and trapping it in there with the stone so be sure it’s a jar you’re able to close quickly and air tight.
- Begin smoke session and each puff blow the smoke into the jar via straw and close the lid.
- Once the jar is filled with smoke let it sit till the smoke disappears or almost gone (sometimes there is a tiny bit left), this can take a while. 
- When smoke is gone you can open it and retrieve your charmed stone! Haha Stoned Stone!

Use this when you’re feeling blocked from a goal, it’ll show you a new path to take.

-Your Friendly Canna-Witch-

Labradorite, the stone of adventure. It offers one the chance to embark upon a multitude of voyages in the inner realms, as well as increasing one’s power to magically affect the outer world. Placed on the third eye in meditation, Labradorite can facilitate visionary experiences of the future, the past, and the many inner domains of time and timelessness. Labradorite amplifies the effects of healing prayers and affirmations. It also protects the aura from negative energy.


A beautiful cluster of Amethyst I was super excited to wrap💜
Amethyst is an awesome healing crystal that has a variety of different uses. This stone is said to bring inner strength and can help one with difficult situations such as addiction or bad relationships. This handy crystal can also help relieve headaches and migraines.

These chainmaille necklaces will be available later this month, not necessarily with the same citrine stone, but same byzantine pattern. These will be by special request only. If you wish to purchase one of these, when they are available,  please message me on here with an email and I can send you a paypal invoice, email me at mysticmooncreations@hotmail.com or DM me on instagram ( _mysticxmoon_ ).

Got kinda crafty and made these. I haven’t figured out how to sell things online and ship things yet, so I’m selling these locally. If anyone on here is from the general Vancouver (Canada) area and is interested in any of these or know anyone who is, hit me up! :D