wire wrapped glass

I love my new CowCow space dress ❤️🌌

I got the big black ring from a local aquarium gift shop for $5. The chain necklace is hand made- I wire wrapped glass beads and made the chain by hand using jump rings. It took forever.

I also love my bone necklace from battyinthegraveyard so much. I wear it almost every day. Shoutout to Solas from Dragon Age, ma vhenan…

I wear it so often I actually did a charging ritual on it for power and strength to make it into a charm. Wearing it makes me feel even more confident in public.

Wearing MAC Smoked Purple matte lipstick today.


Sorry for my complete silence since Xmas, my phone’s storage is too full to take any more pictures and my computer is older than iCloud so I’m having trouble getting it talk to my new iphone. Hopefully I’ll sort it out soon. Here’s the last thing I got a few pictures of- a glass crystal charm for my stepmom, it’s going to have a crystal bead for the 7th chakra color at the top.