wire wrapped citrine

Rose Quartz, Light Aventurine, and Citrine Tree of Life necklace up in the shop! Description of the meanings for each gemstone also on my Etsy☺️ Can you tell I wish I was on a beach instead of in all this snow?!❄️🐚❄️
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Saying goodbye to one of my first beautiful wraps.

Its been about a year since I’ve made this guy and he’s finally found himself a good home. Although It is no longer in my possession, the departure is funding more creations. 

The farewell was bittersweet.

Wrap done by me, rachel huey, and dichroic boro cab done by amorphous art.


So yesterday I made a small protectioncharm 😁

Hematite beads, wire-wrapped citrine and a rolled op piece of old book page on which I drew sigils and wire-wrapped. And a pentagram charm.
I hung it on the coat rack next to the front door, hidden underneath my kid’s raincoat so that the husband doesn’t get freaked out by my witchiness 😂

Made 4 mini-versions to hang outside the 4 corners of my house as well.

The rest of Lughnasadh I spent intensly cleaning, cleansing, setting up new wards and baking and I was so exhausted at the end of the day that I slept like the dead. I even missed out on the heaviest thunderstorm in 15 years, slept right through it 😂
I was a wreck today as well, I guess I overdid it a bit 😑

~~*~Crystal Creations of the night~*~~
~Citrine Quartz with suede cord (left)
~Vera Cruz Amethyst with fishtail braided cord (right)
~Citrine strung beads with Handmade Tassel (wrapped around both)

**Balanced with tea candles, Tibetan cymbals, and more crystals**
Handmade by Tori Bird Pope
>>>> @jah-feel <<<<
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