wire wrap stone

Newest dabber!!! ✨✨✨
Hanging river pearl with a turquoise bead because turquoise just looks so clean with gold.
Gold wire all around accented with spirals.
Definitely one of my favorites, super classy and the pearl dangled so nicely as well as the turquoise being the perfect place to put your thumb.
Let me know what you guys think!
-goon ♥️


Hey guys these are the products for the sale I’m doing! ~~~~

Sunstone pendant: $40

Smoky quartz pendant: $15

Quartz w copper and gold dabber: $35

Kyanite w copper and black dabber: $35

River pearl w quartz & gold dabber: $55 (has a double termination quartz crystal attached)

Green river pearl w black and silver dabber: $25

** I can provide further detailed pictures for buyers

-All these are handcrafted genuine stone makings, as well as real titanium so don’t worry about inhaling weird funky stuff!

Please message me as soon as possible about something you like!
*FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. I will update which ones have been sold in the notes section.
-Serious inquires only.

I honestly love doing this guys, it’s a big part of my life now and I just want to be able to get my artwork all around the world to stoners of all kinds!
I really appreciate all the people who support me and what I do.

Please REBLOG even if you’re not purchasing anything, it’d help a lot.



I now have wired wrapped pendants for sale on my etsy!

As many of you know, I’m of a witchy persuasion and I got back into wire wrapping as a way of carrying my favorite stones and crystals around with me.  And as I’ve come to understand, other people would also like to carry pretty rocks around their necks, and friends let me tell you that I’m here to help.  

I am currently working two jobs in an attempt to save up for many things, the biggest one being moving in the fall.  I’d like to pad what I’m already putting aside, and would also love to make sharing my art a paying (third) side gig.  And if I can get things rolling here, it will also help fund my ability to bring y’all more art and jewelry without having to break the bank as it were. 

I’d really appreciate the help, either in purchasing one of my pendants or in sharing this post so that others might find it!  And thanks to everyone who has continued to help me out and put their faith in my and my work, it really means a lot.  

Green Kyanite and Green Calcite, wrapped up for a very special friend💚
Green Kyanite connects with the Heart Chakra and can help the carrier battle depression by emitting hope and support. It’s a great stone to help promote self growth.
Green Calcite is another stone in tune with the Heart Chakra. This crystal brings emotional balance and new perceptions.

“Sea Whisperer”

Larimar! This is one of two Larimar cabochons I recently got. Originally, I was planning to wrap a tree or a goddess on this cabochon, but I couldn’t bring myself to cover up the pretty stone.

This stone is fitted so tightly inside the frame that I did not feel it needed any securing wires in the front. It is, however, glued and glossed to the wires in the back, just to be safe ;] This looks sooo beautiful being worn. I was debating for a while about whether or not to sell it!

Anyways, I hope that you all enjoy!

Etsy link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/548176779/larimar-and-copper-wire-wrapped-pendant?ref=shop_home_active_8

Negativity Purifier
*carry to purify the negativity around you


A piece of smoky quartz: purifies negative energy

Purification Oil (steep purifying herbs in carrier oil for a few weeks)

Pendant chain

Jewelry wire


1. Wrap your stone so that it will fit as a pendant. Add it onto your necklace chain.

2. Anoint the pendant with the oil.

3. Charge under a full moon.

*cleanse monthly with running water. Reapply oil and charge. If the stone becomes damaged, it’s advised to replace the stone.

Goal Striving Canna-Charm!

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

We all have goals, some big some small, this is a spell for a charm to help strive for that victory and clear the hurdles as they come.

- Small jar, big enough to hold a stone
- Straw
- Stone of your choice, I suggest something in the Quartz family, and different quartz for different goals. 
- Sativa cannabis, you’ll want to smoke for this one.
- gold or copper wire to wrap around the stone, you can even wear it as a necklace
- Ring setting for a ring ( craft stores sell blank rings you can glue the stone to it)
- Gold or copper mesh bag to keep in your pocket or purse
- Or just simple keep it on your altar space!

- Place stone in the jar with the straw. You’ll be blowing smoke into the jar and trapping it in there with the stone so be sure it’s a jar you’re able to close quickly and air tight.
- Begin smoke session and each puff blow the smoke into the jar via straw and close the lid.
- Once the jar is filled with smoke let it sit till the smoke disappears or almost gone (sometimes there is a tiny bit left), this can take a while. 
- When smoke is gone you can open it and retrieve your charmed stone! Haha Stoned Stone!

Use this when you’re feeling blocked from a goal, it’ll show you a new path to take.

-Your Friendly Canna-Witch-