wire wrap crystals


New pendants and specimens are up! Lowered some prices around the shop as well.
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This lovely natural Amethyst necklace comes in every shade of purple and differentiates in certain light.💖Amethyst is a spiritual insight stone. It resonates with the crown chakra. Good to use for focusing energy when meditating and it is also a wonderful healing and protection stone. Guarding against negative energies and thoughts.💖 One of a kind! Comes with a silver plated chain!! Available at www.cosmicmoonlight.com


Reminder of my Etsy shop full of both spoonie things and other random things.


I am unemployed so this is my job. And I love doing it. I donate scarves to spoonies in the hospital when I can and now I’m starting donating ostomy bag covers to children when I can. And whenever I can I donate to other causes because this isn’t just for me I wanna be able to make a difference.


Lowered prices of items around the store and 24 hour 40% off clearance sale! Trying to clear out some older items to make way for some awesome new ones!

Use the code BISMUTH at check out and you’ll receive 40% off your purchase price :3



^^Here you can find a HUGE variety of Metaphysical jewelry and accessories!

•Tigers Eye
•Rough Amethyst Points
•Rough & Tumbled Flourite
•Rough Green/Golden/Honey Calcite
•Green/Yellow/Blue Aventurine
• Dalmation Jasper
•Poppy Jasper
•Rough & Tumbled Rose Quartz
•Clear Quartz, Rough + Tumbled
•Genuine Sea Shells found by Me.
•Chrysocalla + Quartz
•Lemon Quartz
•Tangerine Aura Quartz
•Peacock Ore
•Goldstone •orgonite

These are just some of the FEW examples of what crystal pendants are available in my shop. Please do me the favor of passing this info around!

much love & light!