wire turning

I spent way too much time on this and the shading looks crappy but I was already halfway through the process and didn’t want the work to go to waste agghh;;

These characters are absolute cuties though and I had a great time drawing them for @floral-wires <3

In history we were doing a packet about WW1 and one of the questions was to pretend we were a soldier and write to home and I couldn’t think of anything so I just wrote “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal, send me a kiss by wire” and turned it in.



You never saw a Griever in your entire life. But you had the nightmares. You vividly saw the bulbous creature, gears wiring and turning directed right at you, chasing you down vast empty corridors covered in vines. There was no way out, you were trapped, cornered, facing death right before you awoke screaming.
And it was happening again tonight.
“No, no, no,” you murmured. The monster was menacing over you and pulled out a think, sharp needle, pointed right at your heart. It glistened in the moonlight as it drew closer, poking at your skin.
“NOOOO!!!!” you screamed out as you jolted up in bed. You panted, wiping sweat off your forehead as you heard scurrying down the hall. Five figures appeared in your doorway.
“Y/N, are you alright?!” an British accented voice panicked.
“Just another nightmare, you can all go to sleep,” you exhaled slowly.
“Are you sure?” A juvenile voice piped up.
“Ya, I’m sure Chuck, you all can go,” the four figures left but one remained, walking closer to you. Newt’s soft, worried face appeared in the moonlight, brow furrowed.
“Grievers again?” You nodded, “But you’ve never seen one.”
“I don’t have to, I just know. Like from another life?” You shivered recollecting the dream, “You can go back to bed, Newt. I’m fine,” you fibbed.
“Y/N, I know when you’re lying, and you’re like a rug right now,” he said making you crack a relieved smile, breaking the tension, “Scoot over.”
You made room for him and he laid down next to you and allowed to to curl into him. Wrapping his arms around you as you pulled up the blankets, he gave you a kiss on the head. You looked up into his chocolate eyes and gave a questioning look. You had just been friends before, but everyone knew your true feelings.
“What was that for?”
“I’m not going to let anything hurt you,” he dodged the question and rested his head on yours and lightly closed his eyes pretending to dose off. You snuggled into his chest more and laid in the silence.
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I’m not going to lose you. I’m going to protect you at all costs,” you heard him whisper thinking you were asleep as he combed loosely through your hair with his fingers. You smiled, hiding your face so he wouldn’t get embarrassed and fell asleep to his soft touch and sweet nothings he whispered in your hair.

hello   meat world didyou know that there  are worlds  ffull  FULLof  information full of light  and  programs  and aand sprites and it is all living!   hello  flesh people did you know that there is a  monster  watching through all of your cameras?  did you know it has already  taken life from you?  

did you know any thing at all?

oh .immagine if every one knew what  would they do would they try to ruin it all? kill all of these people in the wires? turn off all of the energy?  would they protect  them selves from the virus?try.TRY.? would it do any thing.at all

would i just be a  fucking lunatic barking nonsense haha

shit.  its  funny

It had been late in the evening when Billy arrived at the Haus and by the time he had unpacked and settled into his room, it was way past midnight. He definitely felt too wired and excited to turn in for the night already, so he ventured outside. He considered following the low sound of chatter and music that would undoubtedly lead him to the bar, to meet some of the attractive males that resided in the community and see if anyone was still looking for company to spend the night with. But since this was his first night, he instead decided that it may be best to familiarize himself with his new environment first and eventually ended up at the indoor pool. Tempted to take a dip before officially diving into work tomorrow but not feeling like changing into his swim trunks, he stripped down completely. The pool area seemed deserted at the moment and even if not, he couldn’t imagine that anyone on the premises would mind his skinny dipping. Jumping in head first, he began swimming his first lane, oblivious to anyone joining him in the pool area.

Here Kitty, Kitty (Part 7)

Warning: mentions of gore


“You ready?”

“No, but I don’t really have a choice.”

“Let’s do this.”

I stick the needle into my forearm, pulling on the syringe to extract my blood into the needle.

Jinxx was strapping Y/N to the cold, metal table so she wouldn’t hurt herself whilst turning. Wires were connected to her temples, hooked up to a small screen so we all could watch what was going to happen inside her brain.

“Whenever you’re ready.” Jake mutters, messing with the screen and monitor to turn it on.

I sigh, tapping the syringe so no air bubbles are in it before stepping closer to Y/N, studying her features one last time before she turns to one of us.

Or dies…

I shake that thought from my head, sliding the needle into her neck and injecting my blood.

Her veins become more prominent as the blood turns black in her system. And you can see it traveling through her veins towards her heart.

Her back suddenly arches and cracking is heard, whether it be her bones or something, I didn’t want to know.

Her mouth parts open but no sound escapes. Her eyes never open throughout this though.

She slumps back down, resting like she was before static is heard.

“Hey guys, I think we got something.” Jake says, tapping some buttons before images fill the screen and we all crowd around.

The first thing we see is bodies dropping instantly in front of us. Then a hand protrudes and I notice that we are viewing what Y/N will do when she awakens through her perspective.

Her hand has her claws out, but almost like needles instead of the claws she has now.

The girl in front of her was pleading, her makeup smudging her face before Y/N’s claws rip through her trachea.

A different setting emerges on the screen, though it confuses me.

It’s us crowded around the screen like we are now. We gradually get closer and closer to the screen we are viewing.

You could cut the tension in the room with a butter knife right now. It was heavy in the air.

But then something else happens that makes everyone’s breath catch.

The screen goes black and there aren’t anymore images to show.


Movies tend to be very concrete in their construction of events & characters. It’s a tricky medium in which to deal with interior lives. But I think it’s really a great medium for it. Movies share so much with dreams, which, of course, only deal with interior lives. Your brain is wired to turn emotional states into movies. Your dreams are very well written…People turn anxieties, crisis & longing, love, regret & guilt, into beautiful rich stories in their dreams.

Charlie Kaufman


I had a lot of deep thoughts today at work about the new pictures and I’m here to ruin all your feelings about them with my garbage headcanon.


Venezuelan Officer’s Sword, c.1899-1908

A very high quality and rare infantry officer’s sword, from Cipriano Castro’s rule of Venezuela, between 1899 and 1908. The design of the sword shows various influences; British and Spanish principally. The general style of the hilt is that of a British 1822 infantry officer’s sword, with the arms of Venezuela. The shark skin grip and wire wrap is also basically in the British style, but with more turns of wire than you normally find on British swords. The blade is very high quality, with gilding on the national coat of arms, and it is of ‘Toledo’ style, with double-fullers for the first half, and then a sharp sabre blade with false edge for the second half. This style of blade was used on some special order swords in Britain, but it was a distinctly Spanish style originally. The execution of the whole sword is to a very high standard - I would presume for a senior officer or official under Castro. The steel scabbard is nickel plated and has very ornate brass fittings. The condition in general is very good. Flaws to mention are that some bits of the grip wire are missing and when sheathing the sword it sometimes gets a little stuck on something inside (but usually sheathes fine). The blade, which is about 31 inches long and about ¾ inch wide, is solid in the hilt and despite this looking like a dress sword, the blade is actually sharp. A very attractive sword or very high quality - probably Spanish manufacture I would say, or perhaps German. There cannot be many Venezuelan officers swords of 1899-1908 and this high quality around.


Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 234}
         — Garrote Handspring —

Black Widow shocked the Red Guardian’s shield right out his grasp with her widow’s bite exposing him to a damaging oppurtunity, she strikes at his most vulnerable moment:
Black Widow ran towards the Red Guardian at high speed, with the agility of an olympic rhythmic gymnast she tumbled towards the ground, her red hair moving like fire as darted into a forward hand spring; pushing off the floor with her hands she flipped upwards right onto her ex-husband’s shoulders. She wrapped her legs around him and swung around his head, disorientating him. Once she positioned herself better on top of him she pulled out her garrote wire! Turns out she had It instead of Yelena! Her signature move; Black Widow’s garrote hand spring was the deadliest in her repertoire. She wrapped the wire around her fists ready to execute Alexei once and for all…
Natalia [thoughts]: ( Now to strangle my ex-husband to death! )

Strong In The Worst Way, a Locus Fanmix

Listen on 8tracks

1. Monsters- Electric President

2. The Crooked Kind- Radical Face

3. Ether- Electric President

4. Goodnight Little Robot Child- Princess Chelsea

5. The Apocalypse Song- St. Vincent

6. Bad Habit- Dresden Dolls

7. Wires- The Neighborhood

8. My Turn to Evil- Letters Vs. Numbers

9. Cicadas and Gulls- Feist

10. I Had A Dream I Died- Le Loup

tea time: natalie wins the next hoh, probably the wall comp or the wall comp with baseballs that elissa won in bb15. michelle or victor gets co-hoh. nominates corey and nicole. corey evicted. paul wins hoh. nicole evicted. natalie wins hoh again, the hoh with the eggs and chicken wires! turns on paul and victor, victor evicted. michelle pulls a sabrina and wins final 4 hoh. it comes down to natalie and paul in the final pov. natalie wins, evicts paul. natalie james michelle final 3. natalie vs james in the final hoh, a jon and neda moment. natalie wins final hoh and evicts james. natalie and michelle final 2. natalie wins 7-2, only missing the votes of paulie and zakiyah.

I Blame You

Captain Swan AU

Summary: Writing an article on a musician. Easy. Doing it without Google and writers block caused by a gorgeous jogger. Not so much. Emma is down to the wire to turn her article in and has nothing written. Leading her to take drastic measures to cure the writers block. 

A/N: Thank you Becky for being able to decipher what my brain threw up on the page. You’re the best. 

The fic can also be found on FF.net & AO3 

For days Emma stared at the blank word doc on her laptop screen. Nothing she did could force the words to create themselves in her head and transplant onto the page, despite the fact that in three hours she needed to turn in an article about some unknown musician named Killian Jones.

Normally an article like this would have been finished in twenty minutes, but there was a small problem, Emma knew nothing about him. Regina, her boss, had given her few facts , a flash drive with some of his music and the strict instructions not to Google him. Regina wanted the article solely based on his music. Emma would have been perfectly fine writing the article as Regina asked but the fact that she was banned from using Google as a punishment by Regina, for being late to five of the seven scheduled meetings made everything harder. The joys of being a freelance writer. There was a very good excuse for it though, well in her mind it was a good excuse.

Emma enjoyed working at a coffee shop a few blocks from the office that had the best hot chocolate in the city and outside seating. Every afternoon at about 1:45 while sitting outside, this gorgeous guy would run past her dripping in sweat. He would then stop at the lamp post at the corner across the street, and either go into the store or keeping running. There was one time that he looked back at Emma and smiled.

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