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blazing arrows [jimin feat. jungkookie]

❝The majority calls me Cupid, but, you can call me Jimin—I believe I owe you some debts for a mistake now long overdue.❞

⌲ genre: fluff, angst, future smut, & supernatural, au.

⌲ member: jimin feat. jungkookie

⌲ word count: 4891

⌲ warnings: future mature content & shit tons of swearing.

↠ description: Stuck in what seemed to be an unrequited relationship with Jeon Jungkook who just so happens to be in committed relationship with someone else as well, your heart was fragmented beyond any repair. So what exactly happens when you wake up at 3 in the morning to find the culprit of your hellish misery, nonchalantly counting his gold-tipped arrows on the foot of your bed—wings outstretched and all?

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“Has your mouth become dysfunctional from all the day-to-day shit you’ve been spewing or something? Because frankly speaking, loser, seaweed mustache does not really suit you—most especially if your heading to your girlfriend’s place in less than an hour.”

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Imagine Negan going to Alexandria and staring at what the bringed to him with an uninterested look. He says “that’s junk” to anyone who pass closer to get things in the truck. Carl gets tired of that shit after a while and goes to face him.

“What do you want, exactly?” he asks him roughly “Make a list”

Negan does, he asks Simon for paper and pen, thinking it would help to make the boy stop staring at him as if he want to chop his head off. He puts some things like chocolate, baseball cards and a ball, cans of food, some new barbed wire for Lucille, two truck batteries, a pair of sunglasses and a sheriff hat. Things he doesn’t really need but he wants.

A week later, Negan watches as the truck comes back to the sanctuary and to his surprise everything he asked for is on the truck. His mouth gets dry when he saw that the sheriff hat that was in there was Carl’s one and, for the first time since he met that group, he feels genuine remorse, but it is overpowered by amusement and surprise because, hell, no one had ever bringed him everything he asked for.

Less than half an hour later he is on his way to Alexandria to give Carl his sheriff hat.

Bad Ideas (Chapter 15)

I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it was to receive so many sweet messages about this fic yesterday, I love my readers you guys are the best!!!

This is a long update (4000+) and Peter has to work through what happened so he is pretty much all over the place. Wade tries to comfort him as best as he can. A few NSFW moments because its Wade and Peter so they need some loving!

Only one (maybe two?) chapters after this one, so if you need to catch up, catch up HERE!!

It was dark when they managed to find their way out of the abandoned building where they had been kept, and after realizing they were just in the next town over from home, Wade hot wired one of the trucks in the lot and they headed back  to see what was left of their lives.

It was gone.

“Jesus Christ.” Wade threw the stolen truck in park and jumped out of the cab, staring in disbelief.

His house and at least three fourths of the shop had been basically vaporized in the blast. A few chunks of the fridge had survived, there was maybe half of a bathtub lying in the yard. The apartment above the garage was non existent, and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment was lying twisted and burnt in half melted piles.
What little was left standing was still faintly smoking, and the whole thing had been cordoned off by the police and firefighters for safety.

Wade wondered idly when he’d be getting a check from the insurance company, and if he could blame this whole thing on a faulty gas line.

“Seen if there is anything worth saving.” Wade instructed and took off towards what was left of the office, looking for his safe and the secret panel underneath it.

“There you are.” He tipped the burnt and blackened safe over on it’s side, impressed that it had survived at all. There was a little bit of cash in there but he wasn’t worried about that. No, he needed what the safe had hidden.
Buried in the ground was another safe, this one smaller, and Wade opened it hurriedly, pulling out several stacks of bills, an extra gun, and another set of IDs and paperwork for himself as well as a new cell phone.
It was an emergency fund if he ever had to pick up and run, and now seemed like a good time for that sort of thing.

“Pete!” He tossed it all in a bag in the truck and called for Peter who had been searching through the house for anything good. “Let’s go. We will stay in a hotel for tonight and tomorrow take off to a safe house I have across state lines.”

Peter just nodded, dropping whatever he was holding and brushing his hands off before climbing in the truck.

“Are you alright?” Wade asked finally, because Peter hadn’t said anything since they had escaped. Wade was willing to give him space to deal with whatever the fuck had happened back there, but he was also getting worried because the anger, frustration, bitter rolling from his omegas shoulders hadn’t lessened at all.

“It’s fine, Pete. We will just pick up and move on and start over. I’ve done it before, you’ve done it before. It’s fine. We can work out… all of this. Okay? Nothing we can’t get through. We’re gonna be fine. We’ll make it, baby boy.”

But Peter didn’t even look at him, just leaned back on the seat and closed his eyes.

“Alright then.” Wade gave one last look at what had been his home for almost five years now, and sped off down the drive.

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Hunger - chapter 21

Hunger master post 

The wolf can hear three heartbeats outside the door. The wolf likes those odds. He has his alpha to lead him and his human pack mate by his side, and the two other humans as well. The two others are not pack, but also not enemies. The wolf is confused by them, but his alpha trusts them, and the wolf trusts his alpha.

The wolf is wearing his human skin now, but he is pushing away his human thoughts. They are waiting like the hunters behind the door, ready to burst in and try to overwhelm the wolf. It is easier, for now, to think in the wolf’s terms. His alpha is here. That is all the wolf needs to know. The human clambering in the back of the wolf’s mind is to be ignored for now. That human, Derek, that boy, who wants to hug Uncle Peter and cry and demand the answers to a hundred questions there is no time to answer. That boy who thought his uncle was dead along with the rest of them. That boy who thought he was the last surviving Hale. That boy retreated long ago and left the world to the wolf. And the wolf is ready to fight.

Beside him, his Stiles is armed with a piece of chain.

The wolf feels a growl begin to rumble in his chest. It is a sound that signifies a hundred different things: a warning to his boy to be careful, a warning to the hunters that his boy is deadly, a signal to his alpha that he and his boy have his back, a reminder to the moon that he knows she is watching him, and an acknowledgement that he will soon be tasting blood.

The wolf is proud of his boy right now. Stiles has been so small and so scared, but here at last is the anger he has honed to a sharp edge. Here at last are his teeth and claws. Here at last is his chance to fight. Here at last is the measure of him, and the wolf knows he will be magnificent. Stiles has the heart of a wolf.

The heart, yes.

Not the muscle though.

The wolf won’t only be guarding his alpha’s back out there.

His boy catches his eye and nods.

The door bursts open.

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Nine: cares for John after he runs into the Mogadorian forcefield, constantly gives John life advice he doesn’t need, shows John vulnerability after almost throwing him off of the Hancock center in Chicago, gets angry when John picks Sarah and Six to go find Five instead of him, runs off to find John to heal his hand when he breaks it on Five’s face despite Marina being in the room when it happens, threatens to hot wire a truck to drive back to Chicago to find John and make sure he’s ok, takes Six telling him they would have felt it if John died to calm him down, “You need my affection now more than ever”, “You’re soft, Johnny”, gets his own special spiritual library with John and no one else, tenses when Five calls John bloodthirsty, told the soliders to cease fire on the mere chance they could hit John instead of Five during flight training, apologizes to John for being a piece of shit, tells him he’d rather live in a world with John in it, missed the shit out John after the final fight and is in complete awe when John is in front of him for the first time after a year

John: takes the time to learn Nine as a person even if it starts out insufferably, is constantly surprised and interested by Nine’s character and how he acts, makes jokes about Nine to lighten the mood for everyone else when Nine isn’t around, actively worries about Nine despite the constant “he can take care of himself” reminders he gives himself in Fate of Ten and from also knowing Nine as a strong warrior, has to remind himself Nine can take care of himself, thinks about Nine more than Sarah in Fate of Ten, pays attention to how careful he has to be to heal Nine when Five almost kills him, doesn’t give a shit about Nine’s irrational judgement, challenges Nine’s plans and authority often, trusts Nine to take out Five if he acts out of line when John goes to demand that Five teach him how to fly, forgives Nine for all of the shit he’s put up with, sees Nine first after being absent for a year with most pages of the epilogue dedicated to their reunion,


Toby learns from his “main squeeze”.

The off-camera scene from 3x06 “Bat Poop Crazy” where Happy teaches Toby how to hot-wire a Ranchero came in handy for him in 3x16 “Keep It in Check, Mate” where he hot-wires the garbage truck himself. 

i still wanna flirt but theres no maneuver capable of bringing me back from “im like the onceler” so i guess ill just have to accept my defeat and go back to hot wiring this truck


*** I’m pretty happy with where I ended this one so I don’t really see a part 3. I think we can just say goodbye to this storyline🙂***

Part 1

You were at the stove and had your back to the door when Tig had gotten home. You had decided to take Gemma’s advice and just confront him about it tonight. Gemma had sworn that it must’ve been something with the club but you were hesitant. What if he just didn’t want you as his Old Lady anymore? What if he didn’t love you anymore? You’d given him a couple of extra days to see if he went back to normal or would be at least a little affectionate with you but nothing had changed. He walked through the door and took his boots off, putting them in the corner.

“Hey.” Without another word he began to walk past you and to the room. “Babe?” He looked at you with tired eyes and stopped. “What?” “Come here.” He hesitated for a moment before walking over to you. You opened your arms and he stepped into them, putting his arms around your shoulders and hugging you for the first time in 5 days. The longer he held you, the tighter his grip got until you had to put your hands on his sides and push him away slightly. “Tiggy baby, you’re hurting me.” He immediately let go and pulled away before apologizing and going straight to the room. You called after him but he ignored you and you sighed, continuing to stir the soup.

  With dinner done and Tig still not out, you made your way to the bedroom and heard the shower running. You sat on the bed with your legs crossed and waited until he came out, towel tied around his hips. He saw you sitting there and stopped before going to the dresser and putting some clothes on. Once he was dressed, he turned around and began to walk out of the bedroom. “Alexander.” He stopped immediately but didn’t turn around. “Come here. Now.”

  Usually Tig didn’t take well to you ordering him around or telling him what to do but he turned around and came right to you so you knew something was really bothering him. You scooted back on the bed and leaned against the headboard, motioning for him to come to you and he did. He crawled onto the bed from the bottom until his head was on your lap and tummy, his body laying between your legs. He grabbed onto the hem of your shirt and squeezed it in a tight fist as if it was the only thing keeping him on this earth and it scared you. Your Old Man was always so strong. Never before had you ever seen him so…weak.

You put one hand on his back and the other on the back of his head and suddenly you felt his body begin to shake. You pulled your hands away and looked down at him, you realized he was crying. His whole body was racked with sobs and his grip on your shirt got tighter. Not knowing what was wrong, you rubbed his back and leaned forward, putting your mouth by his ear.

“Tiggy baby, you have to tell me what’s wrong. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong. Let me help you. Please.” His crying got harder and you wanted to punch yourself. You didn’t know what to do. You didn’t know if he needed quiet or for you to talk to him. All you knew was that he needed your love and you would give him that until your last breath.

You didn’t know how long you sat there holding him while he cried. Could’ve been a couple minutes, could’ve been an hour but you stayed there rubbing his back and holding him to you until he calmed down and his sobs reduced to sniffles. Without notice, he got up from your lap and tried to leave the bed. You grabbed onto his arm but he pulled it away from you and stood up. You grabbed him again and tried to pull him to you. “Get the fuck off of me you stupid bitch.”

His disrespect threw you for a second but you realized what he was doing. “No. You’re not going to pull this thing where you talk shit to me just to piss me off and then I’ll leave you alone. It’s not happening. Tell me what’s wrong Tig or I swear to god I’ll…” “You’ll what? Hit me?” “I’ll walk out.”

His face transformed from a sneer into complete worry. You felt terrible for going there, especially with him so broken but you didn’t see any other option. He dropped his shoulders and reached out to you, taking your hands in his. “Baby no…please don’t leave me. You can’t leave me.” “Then you need to tell me what’s going on because I can’t do this anymore. You act like you hate me and I can’t fix it because you won’t tell me what I did wrong. Do you even love me anymore? Or do you not want me anymore but you just don’t have the balls to break up with me so you just push me away.” “I don’t hate you baby. I could never hate you. I’m just…I’m dealing with some shit. Club shit. You didn’t do anything. Don’t you dare think that I don’t want you anymore. Come here.”

He pulled you to him and wrapped his arms around you, giving you the comfort you had needed and been neglected of for the past week. You closed your eyes and leaned the side of your face against his chest. He ran his fingers through your hair before pulling at it gently, moving your head to see your face. He stared at you for a while, taking in your features. Remembering you. He knew that once he told you what he had done, you’d be gone forever. He pressed a gentle but long kiss to your forehead and another to your lips before he spoke.

“I killed Donna.” You stared him for a couple seconds trying to understand what he meant and how he had anything to do with it. “The Niner’s-” “I killed her. Stahl framed Opie. Put some wires in his truck. Dumped money in his account, paid off all his bills. Made him out to be a rat. Clay and I knew we had to take him out.” “But he’s fine…” “It was supposed to be him in the truck. Donna had taken it instead. I didn’t know. I realized after it was too late. Clay said to pin it on the Niner’s.”

You pulled away from him and looked at him in shock. He’d been expecting it though. Now he was going to lose the one thing that meant the most to him. He turned away from you and looked out the window. He didn’t know what he was going to do now. He almost didn’t really believe it when he felt you wrap your smaller arms around his body from behind, your face against his back.

“It was supposed to be Opie…because you thought he was a rat. But it wasn’t Ope, it was Donna…and he never ratted?” He nodded. “So you never meant to kill her…it was meant for Opie because you though he had betrayed the club?” He nodded again. You could understand why he was so upset. A huge misunderstanding had taken a life and ruined 3 others. Left a man without his wife and 2 kids without their mother. It hadn’t been intentional though, and that’s what you focused on. They had made a call for the sake of their club. It had been wrong, but they were doing what they thought needed to be done.

You pulled on his sides and turned him around to face you. When you looked in his eyes, you could see the tears and the regret. He’s made a mistake. A big one, but it was a mistake. You reached up on your toes and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. “You really fucked up Tig.” He looked down ashamed, but you grabbed his face and made him look to you again. “But I’m here. I understand why you pushed me away. I’m not mad at you. You won’t get over this in a day. It’ll take some time, but I’m not going anywhere.” He stared deep into your eyes and you nodded. He didn’t need to say it out loud. You knew what he was saying and you loved him too.

Don’t Touch Her - Carl Grimes Imagine

anonymous asked:
Heyy, can you write a Carl Grimes imagine to do with the season finale episode? Were Y/N is taken by the Saviours during a run and when they meet Negan, he brings Y/N out and threatens to kill them, Carl freaks out (like Glenn). Negan then puts them into the truck (that Glenn,Daryl, and Rosita were in) and Carl comforts Y/N. Thank you x -
I hope you enjoy anon. Thanks so much for requesting.

You try to blink away the dull ache forming behind your eyes, you try and steady your breathing and ease your stomach. The guys who took you seemed pretty serious. You were torn away from your crew days ago and feel dread fill your body as you say a silent prayer hoping they’re ok. Then his blue eyes shine at you through the darkness and it fills you with warmth and hope. If you could just see him one more time. You almost laugh when you think how people would say you’re too young to be in love, but this is a new world. The old rules don’t apply anymore, life truly is short. No longer spanning out before you with endless opportunities. You’ve heard voices and mumbling for a few minutes now, so when the door is opened and your pulled out of the truck by a the man with scarred face you raise your hand up to filter out the light. As your eyes adjust to the scene before you, your stomach drops and nausea sends waves through your body. And then that’s when you hear him shout your name.

Negan goes over to where Carl is sat and crouches down ‘Aww has the tiny serial killer got a girlfriend?’ The man tilts his head and laughs sadistically. ‘Well shit…Ain’t that adorable?’ Dwight throws you to your knees and you cry out as your knees scrape across the gravel. ‘DON’T TOUCH HER! NOOO!’ You see Negan clench his jaw and tighten his fists into balls ‘I’m beginning to lose my fucking patience with you kid!’ Rick looks at Carl pleadingly, the man who has come to be your protector looks so lost it fills you with fear, you’ve always relied on his as someone who knows what to do. Who knows how to you get you out of these situations. You wince in pain and try to kneel with a straight back. You see Michonne flick you an approving nod. Negan walks over to you ‘So you’re one eyes little girlfriend huh? ANSWER ME.’ He grabs you by the face, his hand squeezing your cheeks.  ‘STAY AWAY FROM HER!’ Negan stands up and stalks over to Carl, grabbing him by his arm ‘I’m getting tired of your childish fucking outbursts.’ He gestures for Dwight to take you and opens the door to the truck. He throws Carl in roughly and you follow, discarded by Dwight as though you’re nothing. ‘Let the adults talk, and when you’ve calmed down you can come out and watch as I kill one of your friends here.’ He points to the circle with the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

The truck doors are slammed shut and silence settles over you for a moment. Before you realise what’s happening, Carl is brushing the hair back from your face ‘Are you ok?’ You smile at him as tears stream silently down your face and nod ‘I was so scared, I thought I’d never see you again…I wanted to tell you..’ Carl puts a finger on your mouth and looks at you, his one good eye filled with so much intensity it overwhelms you. He leans forward and kisses you softly on the mouth, and you kiss him back. In that moment nothing matters, a sense of calm settles in your chest, you don’t think of what’s to come, only now and the two of you fading into one another.

A Hunter’s Holiday - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 2,465

Warnings: kinda angsty, kinda fluffyish

Read Part 1 here! 

A/N: This one is kind of getting away from me. It’s turning out longer than I originally thought. There will be at least one more part. I’m sorry; it’s way past Christmas and we’re not even to the Christmas part yet. Apparently I suck at meeting deadlines. Whoops.  Also, this part is from Dean’s POV. 

Also, thanks to @autoblocked for proofreading this for me. You rock, girl! :) 

Your name: submit What is this?

“She’s just cooling off, man,” Dean said, pretending to read the laptop screen in front of him. “She’ll be back soon.”

“I’m don’t think so, Dean,” replied Sam, lips pouted in a small frown, brows low over his eyes. “I mean, it’s been hours.”

Dean bit his lip, sitting up from his attempt at a relaxed posture on the bed. The truth was he had been worrying about her since she had stormed out and stolen that old truck. He would have walked out there and offered her the Impala, but he thought she might punch him. In any case, he had been sort of proud to watch her hot-wire the truck that fast. He doubted he could do it any faster.

“Dammit, Sammy, where could she have gone?” Dean muttered, frustrated. Sam watched his brother, lips pursing in a thin line.

“I’ve been looking at this map she was working with. Look,” Sam pointed to a spot on the map, holding it up to Dean, who had crossed the room quickly to see it. “She starred both sides of this road. She must have narrowed it down to that area.”

Sam barely had time to grab his jacket and follow Dean out to the car before the Impala was speeding down the highway, the engine’s growl the only sound to keep the Winchesters company on their rescue mission.

In no time, Dean was parking the Impala in the snowy bank across from the warehouse. After taking two machetes from the trunk, Sam and Dean hurried toward the building, blades and flashlights held high.

Dean’s heart had never beat so hard and fast as it did while he crept through those dark hallways with his brother, eager to find Y/N, but terrified of how he would find her. Would he find her bloodied and lifeless on the cold warehouse floor? Or would she be locked in a back room somewhere, either as bait or as the newest member of the nest?

With each step, he felt less and less sure that she was alive. The silence was too loud in his ears. Something had happened here, he knew, but he was scared to discover exactly what.

Just then, Sam and Dean stepped into the large central room. Dean sucked in a breath as he took in the impressive sight of vampire bodies strewn across the blood spattered floor. Heart stuck in his throat, Dean could hardly move, except to let his eyes wander around the room, searching through the bodies for any sign that she was one of them. 

While Dean remained frozen, Sam maneuvered around the room, machete aloft, checking that all the forms were, in fact, dead monsters. He disappeared through a door on the other side of the room as Dean took a step forward, intending to follow his brother, but he couldn’t remove his gaze from the bodies on the floor around him. After a few more moments of gut-wrenching worry, he began to notice how cleanly and thoroughly the vamps’ heads had been separated from their bodies. Hopeful, unexpected awe bubbled in his chest. Had she done all this? Had she completely decimated this nest–all by herself?  

Soon Sam returned, his weapon and flashlight relaxed at his side, his lips in a thin line.

“She’s not here, Dean,” he said, worry creasing his tone, “I don’t know where the hell she went.”

“This must have been her, right?” Dean asked, his voice so quiet Sam could barely hear. “But how in the hell…she’s always been tough, but this…”

“C’mon, Dean,” Sam responded, a note of impatience in his tone. “We’ve gotta find her. She could be hurt or–something.” Both of the brothers chose to ignore his pause, knowing perfectly well what that ‘something’ was. His words seem to shock Dean awake, however, as he took off running through the warehouse hallways, Sam on his heels.

Dean’s foot never left the gas pedal and, as a result, it wasn’t even an hour later when they found her, ten miles away, the old Ford parked crooked along the edge of the road. Dean recognized it as soon as the Impala’s headlights touched the dilapidated back bumper, not hesitating once he threw the Impala in park, running through the snow and wrenching open the driver’s side door.

For a moment, the tension in Dean’s chest and stomach released, the wave of relief causing a flicker of a smile to morph his lips, because she was there. He’d finally found her.

“Y/N,” Her name fell from his lips, barely a whisper. She looked up at the mention of her name and Dean’s heart nearly sunk to his knees.

She was alive, thank God, but she wasn’t right. Dark, sticky blood covered her clothes and skin and tangled her hair. Dean couldn’t tell if it was hers or the vamps’ she’d massacred. Even that wouldn’t have bothered him much. It was the dazed, empty look in her usually bright, sparkling eyes that made Dean feel as though the ground had dropped out from beneath his worn boots.

“Y/N,” Dean repeated, even quieter, eyes wide and searching hers for any sign, anything that would tell him she would be okay. Her only response was to blink slowly, her eyes not meeting his, not even seeing anything.

Sam appeared at Dean’s shoulder, peering in at her, a frown crinkling his forehead.

“Is she—?” Sam began.

“Don’t know, Sam,” Dean cut him off, words harsh and loud. He grit his teeth, lips pressing into a hard line as he pulled her arms around his neck and lifted her out of the cab, trying his hardest to ignore the pounding fear tightening in his chest once again. “You drive,” he growled at his brother, who first reached in the cab to grab Y/N’s bag and then followed Dean to the Impala as he was climbing into the backseat with Y/N still in his arms. He rested her head in his lap as Sam sped down the gravel roads, his eyes flicking to the rearview mirror every few seconds, his concern for her almost as deep as Dean’s.

Dean couldn’t bear to watch her numbly blink at him with those empty, dead eyes, so he ran his fingers through her hair, smoothing the wild tangles as his eyes focused on his task. With each soothing caress of his fingers, she became a little more awake, a little more alert. Dean glanced at her eyes every so often and could see the emptiness of her eyes clearing little by little, emotions fighting for control of her face, lips twitching, brow furrowing only slightly. Dean couldn’t help the sigh of relief that escaped his lips, audible enough for Sam to catch Dean’s eye in the rearview mirror and change his destination.

Minutes later, Sam pulled the Impala right up to the door of their hotel room. Dean lifted her gingerly from the cab, almost smiling when he realized her grip on his neck was tighter than before. Sam threw her bag at Dean and pulled away once he was clear of the car, muttering something about ‘cleaning up’.

Dean carried her easily through the motel room to the dingy bathroom in the back, setting her on the counter and stepping back to assess the state of her wounds and clothes. Blood was everywhere. He frowned at her messy hair, splotched with blood and gore, her tattered bloody clothes and the various blood splatters on her exposed skin.

There was no way around it; the only way to clean Y/N up was a shower and, with her being in a nearly catatonic state, she obviously wasn’t going to do it herself.  

“Y/N,” Dean had to know; he couldn’t shake the feeling. “Y/N, sweetheart,” he paused, watching her eyes searching for the source of his voice. He stepped closer to her, standing between her legs and cupping her face in his hands. “Y/N, can you hear me?” This time he couldn’t stop the smile that curved his lips when her eyes met his for the first time since he’d found her. “Did you get any vamp blood in your mouth?” He spoke slowly, hoping, somehow she’d understand.

Y/N blinked at him for a few moments and then, ever so slowly, shook her head.

Dean nearly laughed. She was okay. She’s going to be fine.

“Sweetheart,” Dean said again, holding her eyes with his gaze. “We gotta clean you up. I’m gonna help you shower, okay?” Dean swore he saw her lips curve upward oh-so-slightly as she gave him a tiny nod.

Dean proceeded slowly, speaking to her with soft, encouraging words, giving her a chance with each article of clothing he took off to stop him. But she didn’t. She had turned away from him and her gaze seemed far away, like she was looking beyond the ugly bathroom walls.

How many times had Dean pictured her naked? Of all those times, not once had he imagined it happening like this. He would have preferred the hood of his Impala on a warm summer’s night after stargazing or even his old, squeaky bed after he’d cooked her a candlelit dinner. Dean wouldn’t label himself as a romantic, but he could think of a thousand different situations where he would rather have this experience than right at this moment. He sighed; he didn’t really have a choice.

As he continued to undress her, Dean couldn’t bring himself to look at her like he wanted to; it wasn’t fair to her when she hadn’t really given her consent. Besides, this was hardly the time or place for it. Still, Dean couldn’t help but appreciate her beauty underneath all the gore, dirt, and bruises that coated her skin.

Once her clothes were on the floor, Dean guided her to the shower, turning on the water and making sure the temperature was adequate before he lifted her over the tub and underneath the spray. Dean shed his shirt and jeans before stepping in the shower with her. There was no other way really. Dean tried to touch her as little as possible as he scrubbed the grime from her skin, feeling he was invading her personal space, though he didn’t have much choice. Dean’s hands lingered in her hair, however, as he massaged in the shampoo, carefully working through the remaining tangles. He’d always wanted to run his fingers through her soft, beautiful hair. When her hands found his shoulders as he was cleaning her legs, Dean nearly jumped out of his skin. He looked up abruptly, half hoping she had returned to her usual self, but looked down once more to his task dejectedly as he realized the touch was merely for balance; the far-off look remained in her gaze that was still focused on the dingy walls.

Once she was clean and dry, Dean carefully inspected her body for any fresh wounds. Her legs and arms were newly bruised, a nasty although not unexpected side effect of ten vampires attacking her all at once. Dean’s eyes glossed over the scars of old hunts, that jagged pink line on the left side of her ribs from a particularly vicious ghost-inflicted wound he’d help stitch up several months ago, an older smaller wound on the inside of her right elbow that he had only seen once when she hadn’t realized he was home and was cleaning around the bunker in a rare tank top. There were new scratches on her back, however, in the shape of four raw red lines. Apparently one of those vamps couldn’t be bothered to get a manicure.

Dean bandaged the wound as best he could, thankful it wasn’t deep enough to require stitches. He spotted other fresh but smaller scratches along her arms, neck, and face. Since they were no longer bleeding, Dean decided to save the bandages.

Finding the clothes in her bag he was glad Sam had grabbed from the truck, Dean dressed her in a bra and panties, some old jeans and one of his worn flannels, because he couldn’t find any comfortable looking shirts in her bag. He set her down on the closed toilet lid while he cleaned up the bathroom, leaving her bloody clothes in the sink to soak and changing into fresh clothes himself. When he was done, he lifted her in his arms again, carrying her to the ancient couch and wrapping the old blanket around her shoulders.

Her unresponsiveness was beginning to truly worry Dean. Could he just have imagined the focus in her eyes before?

“Y/N,” he spoke. He had to cup her face in his hands again to get her to look at him. Once again, her eyes focused on his intensely at his touch. Dean opened his mouth to say something further, but to his awe, she beat him to it.


It was one word, quiet but clear. What was more, it was his name. Dean grinned widely; he would have sung if he had any sort of voice. She was okay.

“Sweetheart,” Dean finally said, relief and joy flooding his tone, “Thank God you’re okay.” She smiled, now much more alert than before.

Dean wanted to demand an answer out of her as to why she’d run off to face those vamps alone, but he wasn’t sure she was ready yet. He didn’t want her to retreat back into her catatonic shell, which must surely be a coping mechanism of some kind.

“Y/N,” Dean began again, watching her smile again at the sound of her name on his lips. “I was so…worried that I’d—that I’d lost you. When I saw that vamp nest destroyed…I didn’t think there was any way you’d come out the other side alive. But we found you and—” Dean paused. How could he explain to her what she meant to him, without giving everything away? Because there was no way she felt for him what he felt for her. No woman this incredible could ever want a man like Dean Winchester. She sure as hell doesn’t deserve a man like me, Dean thought, his lip between his teeth, she deserves so much more. A kind, thoughtful guy who could give her much more than he ever could and didn’t tarnish everything he touched.  “Y/N…I—” Dean started again, trying to quell the nervous tinge in his gut caused by her intense stare. “You’re so damn important to me, sweetheart. You’re—you’re everything to me. I went crazy when I thought you were gone. I’ve lost a lot of people, Y/N, and God, I was hoping you’d be one that stuck around.”

Y/N blinked up at him once more, the empty glaze at last clearing from her eyes, as she opened her mouth to speak.

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I believe this truck to be a very special if not unique 1947, 1948 or 1949 International Harvester KB6F or KB-6 tandem axle van truck. This truck was purchased new by Dialog and used as a “wire line truck” in the oil fields before it was retired many years ago in the Williston North Dakota area.

This “wire line” truck has a large drum located a bit forward of the center of the van body. It is power operated by a PTO on the side of the 5 speed truck transmission. The right hand or passenger’s seat is shown facing forward in one photo and facing backwards in another photo. When it is facing forward, the passenger can see where the truck is going.
   When that passenger seat is facing backwards, the operator can run the controls for the large winch drum. One photos shows those controls which include a clutch pedal to operate the winch drum, a sift lever to reverse the direction of rotation of the winch drum, a large lever for a brake on the drum and a small steering wheel to move the fork that controls how the cable winds onto the winch drum. You can see that fork located behind the drum when you look into the back of the open van body.


Soldatin Pt. 14

Summary: The mission in the Austrian Alps does not go as planned leaving a member of the team injured.

Word Count: 2623

Warnings: Mission talk, action, drowning, blood, self-surgery

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10 Part 11   Part 12   Part 13

Part 15

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Your entire body is numb. You and Bucky are trudging through the snow in silence while the sun sets.

“Can’t help but think how nice this view would be from the window of a heated chalet with a nice cup of cocoa,” you say, finally breaking the deafening silence as the icy snow crushes under your crampons.

“Yeah,” Bucky agrees as he looks up at the setting sun and the snow capped mountains surrounding you both. He furrows his brow, “What’s a chalet?”

You laugh, “Like a cabin.”

“Ooh. Yeah, that’d be nice instead of freezing my ba—um,” he catches himself, “Instead of freezing out here,” he clears his throat.

You smirk, “Steve and Nat should almost be in position in the southwest corner, Wanda and Vision shouldn’t be too far behind in the southeast.”

Bucky nods. The sun is setting fast. You are approaching the ridge which overlooks the Hydra base and a frozen lake. Loosening the climbing rope which is hung at your side, you hand half to Bucky and you both clip in to.

Approaching the wall of the ridge, you feel over several sections of ice, “We need blue ice,” you inform Bucky as you remove an ice axe from your side.

Smoothing out a large plane of ice with the adze on your axe, you chip away at the ice’s brittle surface in search of the strong, blue ice below.

Looking at your watch, then feeling the ice, you sigh, “You’ll have to do…”

Bucky looks slightly concerned but nods.

You take two ice screws from your side and proceed drilling into the ice in a V-formation. Removing the screws and checking the holes, you thread climbing rope through it and secure with a knot. Screwing in once more near the top of the V, you secure the knot below with a carabiner and give it a good tug.

You hook Bucky into the line, “I’ll be right behind you,” you promise as you toss the anchored rope over the side of the face.

He clips leans over the edge, testing the weight as he pulls down his goggles.

“Just don’t look down,” you smile and graze his cheek with your gloved hand, “See you at the bottom.” You give a little salute with 2 fingers and he starts to rappel down the roughly 80 foot face.

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Owen Grady X Reader

Owen Grady x Reader

In which reader in his personal assistant and takes place during the events of the movie but I’m gonna change a lot of stuff so the plots pretty different.

Warnings: Cursing and Violence Jurassic World spoilers. Good morning Owen.” You said as you jogged up the stairs to the catwalk overlooking the velociraptor pen.

“Mornin’ Y/N.” He replied smiling at you. “What’s the schedule today?” he asked sarcastically. You smirked at him.

“Just because you don’t like having a schedule doesn’t mean it’s not important!” you replied grinning at him.

“But that just makes life so boring doesn’t it?” He said, walking over to you and throwing his arm over your shoulders. “You gotta live life on the edge and just deal with what it gives ya!” He exclaimed, grinning down at you, his green eyes shining.

“As much fun as that would be,” you said maneuvering yourself from underneath him and pulling your clipboard from your messenger bag “I’m afraid your supervisors don’t exactly see that as the most professional work ethic.” you laughed and lightly smacked his arm with the clipboard.

“All right, all right.” he said. “Lay it on me, what’s the plan for today?”

“Well” you said, absentmindedly running your fingers along the edge of the clipboard. “For now until 10:30 you don’t have anything, from 10:30 to 1:45 you’re needed in training the raptor squad as usual and at 2:00 Claire wants you to check the security for the Indominus Rex exhibit.” He ran his fingers through his blonde hair

“Well why the hell does she want me to do that?” you shrugged your shoulders

“I don’t know, I guess since you’ve trained the raptors so well she see’s you as an expert.” You answered. “Which you are.” you quickly added.

“Aw don’t flatter me Y/N. More importantly why was I called in at 9 when I don’t have anything until 10:30?” He wondered aloud. “Have you eaten?” He asked. You shook your head. “Well then, let’s go get something to eat.” He grinned, ruffling your hair. You tucked the clipboard back into your bag and took a drink from your water bottle before following him down the steps to his motorcycle.

He motioned for you to join him. “Well hurry up and hop on we don’t have all day!” he called out beaming.

“Don’t you have any helmets?” You asked skeptically.

“Why? fraid I’m gonna crash?” He teased

“Yeah a bit.” You responded, climbing on behind him. He turned around and smirked at you, his face only inches from yours.

“Don’t worry, I’m a expert remember?” He turned back around as you thought about how red your face probably was from that. “Hold on!” he shouted as he started the bike causing you to lurch backwards and wrap your arms around his waist to keep from falling off.

“You’re holding on pretty tight back there Y/N, you nervous?” he shouted over the engine. You could hear the smile in his tone.

“Course not!” you yelled back. “I’m just compensating for the lack of helmets!” He laughed a deep and hearty laugh as he continued riding through the park.

It was a good 15 minute ride from the raptor pen to the nearest coffee shop which gave you a little time to consider your feelings for Owen. You’d only been his assistant for a few weeks and that was hardly enough time to get to know the man but you were just so comfortable around him. He was intelligent, funny, easygoing, attractive… It would have been pretty strange if you hadn’t fallen for the guy, not that you would ever say anything about it to him or anyone for that matter. It was pretty clear to you that he didn’t feel the same way. If anything he thought of you as a sister you thought. You were so deep in thought that you hadn’t even noticed that you’d stopped.

“Hello? Y/N? You in there?” You glanced up to see Owen staring right at you.

“Sorry, what?” You said

“You were pretty out of it just then, what were you thinking about?” he asked

“Oh, nothing I guess.” You sputtered “I must of just completely spaced out, I’m pretty tired, I haven’t gotten much sleep lately.”

“I know the feeling.” He mused as you jumped off the motorcycle.

You both walked into the small coffee shop, thankfully since it was so early there were only a few people in line. Owen went in front of you ordering a plain black coffee with cream and a bagel with cream cheese. You stepped up and ordered a chai tea latte and a blueberry muffin. You started to pull out your wallet when Owen stopped you.

“Don’t worry about it Y/N it’s on me.” He said and handed the cashier a couple dollars.

“No, I can’t let you pay for me!” You exclaimed and tried to hand him some money but he refused.

“Y/N, it’s only $2.50 it’s fine.” he scoffed “C’mon let’s go get a table in the shade.”

“Thanks though, for paying for me.” You added as the two of you sat down with your drinks in hand.

“You are very welcome.” He smiled at you. As you both noticed what time it was you quickly finished eating and rode back up to the raptor pen.

When you got back Owen had to start working and couldn’t exactly make small talk with you anymore so you pulled out your laptop and began overseeing his schedule for the next week. But you couldn’t help but notice Owen as he trained the raptors. You always loved joking around with him but the way he worked with those animals was truly amazing. There was very clearly a bond between him and the “raptor squad” as you liked to call them. It was fascinating to see him work with them.

You were pulled from your thoughts when you heard one of the newer workers yelling about something. You glanced up and saw a skinny kid run down the catwalk with a large net in hand and try to pull a pig out of the pen. But right as he got it one of the raptors grabbed it and the net, pulling the screaming worker over the railing and into the pen. You jumped out of your chair just as Owen and Barry ran down into the cage on the ground. Owen opened the gate and moved the worker behind him as he talked to his raptors. You could barely hear what he was saying but you were definitely not comfortable with how close they were to him and how easily they could rip his head off from there. As soon as Barry pulled the worker inside you heard Owen tell him to close the gate. Oh no way, you thought. He is not gonna lock himself in there with them. You leaned closer, your hands were gripping the railing so tightly your knuckles were white. The gate began to close when Owen waited till the very last second to bolt and roll underneath the descending gate. You breathed a huge sigh of relief now that he was safe. You waited until he was up the stairs onto the catwalk again when you ran over and gave him a bone crushing hug.

“Well what’s this for?” He laughed and ruffled your hair. You pulled away and smacked his chest.

“You scared me you idiot!” You shrieked before hugging him again. “Don’t do that again.” You mumbled, your face buried in his chest.

“Hey, it’s ok.” He assured you as his arms wrapped around you holding you close. “I’m fine, everyone else is fine, you’re fine, everythings ok, no one got hurt.” He told you. “But I did appreciate the hug Y/N.” He smiled and walked off.

The next 20 minutes were a blur and before you knew it you and Owen were back on his motorcycle heading up to the new exhibit. When you got there Owen was more than a little skeptical of the idea that they had just created a new dinosaur and did not think that it was a good idea at all to keep it isolated. You on the other hand were quite curious to see it, but it was nowhere to be found. It wouldn’t even come out for food and when Claire checked the thermal sensors to see where it was and it showed up undetected. It was gone.

“Uh were there scratch marks always here?” Owen asked from the other side of the observatory. You and Claire quickly went over to see what he was looking at.

“Oh god.” Claire gasped “You don’t think it climbed out do you?”

“Is that even possible?” You asked.

“Well that depends on what kind of dinosaur it is.” He answered.

“It has a tracker in its back I can track it from the control room.” Claire stammered and ran out the door. Meanwhile You, Own and two security guards went inside to take a closer look at the scratch marks. You stood next to Owen as he ran his hand down the length of the wall when you heard one of the guard radio sputtering something.

“Yes? What is it?” He asked.

“Get out! It’s in the cage it’s in there with you!” The other voice shouted. Suddenly you saw it moving through the trees. It couldn’t possible be that big could it?

“Go!” Owen yelled as he grabbed your arm and ran towards the other side of the cage. You both turned and ran the other direction as it jumped in front of you, grabbing up one of the security guards and snapping his bones with its razor sharp teeth, you heard his screams and the cracking of his bones and you and Owen bolted towards the door. The second security guard got out before you and sat down behind a car. Owen wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you underneath a truck motioning for you to remain silent. He pulled a knife out and slashed a wire underneath the truck dousing you both in gasoline. Quickly understanding what he was doing you got it all over your clothes. You held onto Owen’s arm when he linked his fingers with yours. He lay flat on his back, unmoving while you lay on your side burying your face in his shoulder. You were gripping his hand so tight you could barely feel your fingers. You heard the car being thrown to the side and the other guard scream as he too was devoured by the monster. You were shaking now. This was all happening so fast, two people were dead already and you and Owen were probably next. You felt the ground shake as it slowly made its way to the truck you and Owen were under. You could feel its hot breath on your arm and you were sure you were about to be ripped apart when suddenly it left. When you could no longer hear it pounding through the forest Owen rolled out from underneath the truck and helped you up.

“Y/N?” He said

“I never even knew their names.” you said. “They just died and I never asked what their names were.”

“Hey, look at me.” He said holding your face in both hands. “Are you ok?” he asked. You nodded, still shaking from all the adrenaline.

“Yeah I’m ok.” You mumbled.

“Ok good. Let’s go.” He took off towards his motorcycle with you right behind him.

“Where are we going?” You asked him

“Control room.” He said, his face steely and emotionless. “I need to have a word with the higher ups.”

The ride there was an anxiety ridden blur. You spent the entire time scanning everything around you, terrified that you might see it again. Every little noise or rustling branch made you flinch and hold on even tighter to Owen. When you arrived Owen wasted no time in yelling at the higher ups. They had sent out a team with non lethal weapons to sedate and capture the Indominus Rex. Owen told them to call it off, that they needed lethal weapons to kill her. But they didn’t listen and we watched as they were all killed. Claire told Owen to leave and he stormed out taking you with him. This time Owen decided on taking a jeep instead and as you were about to drive off Claire came running out of the building shouting.

“Wait! Owen!” she caught up to us.

“What?” He asked

“My nephews, they’re out in the field and they’re all alone we’ve got to go find them!” She pleaded.

“How old are they?” He asked her.

“Um the older one’s about high school age and the younger’s maybe 10? 11?”

“Wait, wait.” Owen stopped her. “You don’t know how old your nephews are?”

“Well, no.” She sighed “Look does it matter? We need to go find them!”

“We are not doing anything.” He said. “I’ll go look for them and you need to go back in there and make sure they don’t do something really stupid.”

“Fine.” She snapped. “But you have to promise me that you’ll bring them back safely.”

“I promise.” He said solemnly. She nodded and went back inside.

“Right.” He turned to me. “I’m gonna drop you off by the resort and you get on a ferry out of here as quickly as you can understand?”

“Absolutely not!” You retorted. “I’m staying with you.”

“Y/N it’s not safe here-”

“It’s never safe here Owen, not really!” You cut him off. “We work around deadly velociraptors every day. Hell, the new guy almost got eaten by them this morning! Nothing about this job has ever been safe and it’s no different now.” You stated. He pursed his lips before looking back at you.

“Fine, but I am in charge here. You have to do everything I say exactly as I say it, do you understand?” He commanded

“Yes I understand.”

“Good. Let’s get going.” You buckled your seatbelt as he started driving. What the hell did I just get myself into? You wondered.

20 minutes later Owen stopped in front of a brontosaurus that was laying on the ground covered in deep gashes that were oozing blood.

“Stay in the car.” He told you, so naturally you hopped out the passenger seat and followed closely behind him. He knelt down to the dying creature and stroked its head.

“Shhh, it’s ok, everything’s over now, you’re safe.” He mumbled. You found yourself choking back tears as you approached it. It was in so much pain and there was nothing you could do for it. You sat down next to Owen, tears dripping down your face as you stroked its neck and hummed a lullaby. Soon enough its eyes closed and then lay still. Owen stood up and offered you a hand, but you didn’t notice, you were too busy wiping the tears from your face hoping that he wouldn’t see. You stood and walked with Owen to the edge of the hill to see at least 8 more dinosaurs laying on the grass either dead or dying.

“It didn’t eat them.” Owen stated. “It’s killing for sport.”

You both made your way back to the jeep in silence and continued driving through the field. As you drove through a hole in the fence you noticed a gyrosphere that had been absolutely obliterated. Owen pulled over next to it and you both got out and examined it.

“Holy shit were they-” You began.

“No it’s fine, they made it out see.” Owen reassured you as he pointed out the two sets of tracks leading away from the battered gyrosphere.

“Thank god.” You sighed. You and Owen began to follow the tracks and found that they led to a sheer cliff that dropped into a lake of sorts.

“Looks like they jumped.” You stated.

“Brave kids.” Owen mused. Just then you saw the trees rustling out of the corner of your eye.

“Owen!” You shouted as the Indominus Rex burst out of the jungle and before Owen could say anything you grabbed his arm and pulled the both of you off the cliff and into the water. As soon as you were underwater Owen held onto your wrist making sure you both stayed down until it left. As soon as he gave you the ok you quickly swam to the surface and gulped down the air your lungs were burning for. You and Owen swam to shore and collapsed on the ground. He stood and helped you up.

“Shit Y/N that was insane.” He marveled.

“Yeah well we’re alive aren’t we?” You replied. He grinned at you

“We sure as hell are!” He tightly wrapped his arms around you for a moment and you couldn’t help but be happy with how small you were next to him. “Alright these tracks are headed back to the park so we’d better just head back and see if we catch up with them on the way there. Suddenly Owen turned around and stopped smiling. You glanced back to see what it was and saw hundreds of pterodactyls flying right towards you. “To the trees!” Owen shouted and jarred you back into reality. You both ran to the treeline when one of them came right towards you and Owen threw himself on top of you, shielding you from it and tossing you both to the ground. “You ok?” He asked as he helped you up.

“I think you just crushed my lungs a bit, but yeah I think I’m ok.” You wheezed. “Thanks by the way for you know saving me.” He only smiled at you.

“We need to get back to the park.” Was all he said.

As you walked through the gates you were shocked at the complete anarchy that had broken out. There were pterodactyls attacking people, everyone was running and screaming, it was absolute chaos. You saw Claire running up to two boys and hugging them.

“Look.” You tapped Owen’s shoulder. “That must be them.”

“Ok Claire’s responsible for them now, we need to get out of here.” He told you. Just then he noticed a jeep towards the edge of the road. “C’mon!” He grunted and pulled you into the car with him.

He quickly drove to the raptor pen and saw that there were a bunch of troops and military units there with his raptors.

“What the hell’s going on?” He shouted. An official looking man in uniform walked up to him and explained their plan.

“What’s happening?” You asked Owen. He looked at you grimly.

“They’re gonna use the raptors as a weapon against the Indominus Rex.” He paused. “And I’m gonna help them.”

“What? No!” You protested.

“We don’t have a choice Y/N. Now I want you to stay in that truck over there alright? I’ll be back before you know it.” You glared at him knowing there was no way he was going to let you come this time.

“Ok, but you do not get to die out there understood?” You said.

“Understood.” He replied. He tossed you the keys to the truck but you grabbed his arm and quickly kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m going to be extremely pissed if you get hurt so stay safe.” You told him.

“Will do.” he smiled at you and walked away. You in turn climbed into the driver’s seat of the truck and began to wait. You heard the raptors run off into the jungle and everyone else follow them. Although you’d only been waiting for about 20 minutes you were extremely nervous. You couldn’t bear the thought of Owen or anyone else dying. Suddenly you heard shouting from outside.

“Drive!” They were screaming. “They’re coming!” One of the men flung open the back and tried to get in but he was pulled back by one of the velociraptors. You didn’t need anymore convincing as you slammed your foot on the gas pedal and began speeding down the narrow road. Suddenly you saw Owen pull up next to you on his motorcycle. An enormous weight was lifted off your shoulders as you saw that he was alright.

“We need to get inside follow me!” He yelled and then pulled ahead of you. You made it to the welcome center and were about to run inside when one of the raptors jumped in front of you. “Easy Blue.” Said Owen “Calm down.” You turned around and saw two others cornering you. That was when the Indominus Rex decided to make her entrance. She towered above you and roared. You were completely frozen in fear. Then the raptors all turned and began to attack it. Owen pulled out his rifle and began shooting it when you got an absolutely insane idea. You took off towards one of the kiosks pulling a walkie talkie and a flare out of the first aid kit and bolted towards paddock 9.

“Hello? Hello? Does anyone read me? Is anyone there?” You shouted into the walkie talkie.

“Yes! I’m here?” someone spoke back. “Who is this? He asked. You ignored his question and continued.

“I need you to open paddock 9.” You stated.

“W- what?” He stuttered. “Why the hell would I do that?”

“Because it’s our last chance and if you don’t we’re all fucked anyway!” You shouted and threw down the walkie talkie. The gate began to open and you lit the flare, holding it above your head when the T-Rex came bounding towards you out of the dark. You turned and bolted back towards Owen and the Indominus Rex. When you saw it you hurtled the flare at it, grabbed Owen’s hand and ran in the other direction.

“What the hell did you do?” Owen blurted. You smirked at him.

“I just sicced the fucking T-Rex on that bitch.” You bubbled.

“Y/N you are either a genius or a psychopath.” Owen marveled. You heard a loud crash as the Indominus was thrown against the side of the tank and the mosasaur burst out of the water, clamping its jaws around her neck and dragging her under. Blue and the T-Rex ran off in opposite directions.

“It worked.” You uttered. Owen merely grabbed your hand and led you to the docks. “Well what now?” You wondered aloud. “I mean it looks like we’re both out of a job and a place to live, what are we going to-” You were cut off by Owen wrapping his arms around your waist, picking you up and kissing you. “I guess we’ll just have to stick together” He said holding you in his arms. “You know for survival.” You raised your eyebrows at that incredibly cheesy line and kissed him again thinking only that even though you were now homeless, unemployed and had no idea what the future had in store for you, it didn’t matter because you knew Owen would be there with you.