wire terrier


“The original novel [Dumb Witness] was dedicated to her [Agatha Christie’s] own wire-haired terrier - ‘To dear Peter,’ it read, 'most faithful of friends and dearest of companions. A dog in a thousand.’
I felt exactly the same way about the terrier in our film. He captivated me from the moment I set eyes on him. The little dog, whose real name was actually Snubby, became my dear friend. [..] My now ever-expanding fan club wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed it [the episode], so they also told me, the sales of wire-haired terriers shot up exponentially after it was shown for the first time in March 1996.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me

Family dogfaces that have made my life floofy and magical. Some were with us briefly, some for a long time <3

Top to bottom, left to right:

Trixy, Til, Seve, Tess, Sherry, Sandy, Mickey, Hansel, Amber, Loxley, Lola, Millie, Lola

zephyrantha  asked:

Wait, so why is the Bedlington haircut a thing? I know poodle cuts are supposed to be to protect their joints in cold water but that's the only breed I've seen before with a distinctive/recognized haircut. What's the reasoning for the Bedlington terrier?

Lots of breeds have distinctive haircuts. I believe it is just for show, no reason other than to have a standard look.



Wire Fox Terrier


Portuguese Water Dog

Shih Tzu


I was having a crappy day but Noru with two wire fox terriers <3