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Hey remember that episode of Spongebob where Sandy sings about being homesick for Texas and Spongebob and Patrick overhear it and are worried that she’s going to leave Bikini Bottom so they have a Texas party at the Krusty Krab with all their friends, recreating things in Sandy’s song but they fuck it up like, pecan pie is just a can of peas shoved in a pie, barbeque is barbed wire in the shape of a Q, and the ten gallon hats are just plastic water jugs on their heads, and like…. Sandy just laughs so hard she breaks into tears, cause she sees what they’re trying to do for her to make her feel at home because they love her and don’t want her to leave…………… yo do you ever think about that goddamn episode


Holy shit my dudes, this shit is the finest shit. For all you angels out there, here’s a couple things to do to feel more connected/closer to “home”:

-go on an amusement park ride (preferably one that goes really high and swings) bc that shit feels like flying

-or you can just go on the swings if there aren’t any fairs near by

-take a nap in the middle of the day (and preferably with a white comforter ) bc the light feels fuckin heavenly when you’re napping (this is my happy place tbh)

-draw your past self (you don’t have to be “good” at art, just do your best and be as detailed as possible!)

-flowy swishy(airy) clothing is awesome

-bubble bath with candles?? (This makes me think of ritualistic bathing that happened in the heavens)(or for the pagan angels, it’s a way to cleanse your aura and revitalize your energy)

-(VERY) makeshift wings (a wire coat hanger, fabric glue, white sheets that no one is using, and ribbon or string) (just bend the wire to the basic shape of a wing and glue white sheets over it. Leave part of the wire sticking out and bend upward into a loop. Attach ribbon and wear around shoulders) (again, this is very makeshift and can be done with stuff people usually have around their house. Besides the fabric glue. If worse comes to worse, try regular elmers glue. Hot glue is also a good supplement)

- check out the app Amino and join the otherkin community/ies (my username is Muriel;))

- honey steamer anyone?? (Just heat up some milk on the stove or microwave and stir in about a tablespoon of honey. Once honey is completely dissolved, pour into cup and enjoy! Be careful tho! It’s hot!)

- do your makeup (if you have anything gold, personally it makes me feel more angelic. Also, this is not just for the girl angels out there, it’s for everyone)

- role play as your kin type!

- spend time in nature! Look at the earth from a 3rd persons POV like we did in our past “lives”


The Domestic Garden Witch: Bonsai!

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Mini Trees, Patience and Meditation

When it comes to container gardening, we often jump straight to pots with flowers, herbs, maybe even little shrubs. Or even to terrariums and the like. But rarely do we consider incorporating bonsai into our lives. This could be because these miniature trees, as beautiful as they are, seem fairly daunting to cultivate, or possibly because many view them as expensive ornamental plants.

The truth is, however, that the art of bonsai is one which is not only very DIY but also a very helpful exercise in patience and meditation. And it is currently undergoing a bit of a revolution. Traditionally, bonsai has a lot of fairly strict rules regarding the shape and type of pot used, what plants can be used, and the proper ways to shape and trim the plant. However, in more recent movements, various pot shapes and types are being used, as well as varying plants (especially native species) so as to embrace a more personalized view.

You could either acquire traditional materials, or you can create your own container using a ceramic bowl or other type of dish. Select plants that suit your view and personality. And be aware that bonsai is still an art that requires some effort in order to grow a successful plant.

You’ll need a container with a drainage hole, gravel or volcanic rocks for drainage, plants, metal wire, and bonsai soil (either premixed or you can make your own by mixing peat clay, potting soil, and fine volcanic gravel). Place a gravel layer in the bottom of your container, and fill the rest with your potting mix.

Remove the starter plant from its container and gently remove the soil from its roots, and rinse them so that most of the soil is removed. Trim the roots, leaving the larger roots. Starting from the top of the plant and traveling down to the roots, wrap the wire around the stems of the plant. Run the remaining wire down through the mix and gravel and out of the drainage hole. This will anchor the plant and provide a training frame - alter the shape of the wire to shape and train the plant’s growth. Plant it in your container and provide ground cover on the soil either in the form of moss or gravel. Water and mist daily.

Training your plant is part of what makes this a meditative experience. Avoid over-trimming, but remember to prune large leaves and extraneous branches. As the plant gets a bit stronger and naturally grows to the shape you’ve established, you can carefully remove the wire. Keep in mind that it can take decades to get a bonsai to look like the stereotypical gnarled trees that we typically see in the media.

How Can I Witch This?

The possibilities for incorporating bonsai into your practice are nearly endless, both from the standpoint of container material and decoration and from the standpoint of tree choice. But the kind of magick I want to focus on here is “slow burn” spells.

Slow burn magic centers around working a spell that is low-energy, but takes effect over a long period of time and in much more subtle ways. Great examples of this are spells that are geared toward helping keep a house cleansed and protected over extended periods of time, nurturing a spell for health or self-confidence, et cetera.

So in addition to adding decorations or crystals, and choosing plants which correspond to your intent, shape your tree with intent, love, and compassion. These trees invite care and nurturing, while adding an appealing and cleansing atmosphere to any room. When grooming and shaping the tree, hold your intent in your mind, and also request help for realizing that intent from the plant as you care for it.

In addition, bonsai can be a great way of inviting faeries or other nature spirits into the home, much like a faerie garden. This is a form of aesthetic spellwork that can help encourage long lasting and positive effects in your home!

May all your harvests be bountiful! )O(

I was the only sane one in the group

SO you know how you always have a unit on circuits in middle school science? Well one day we had the lab on circuits. We had to light a lightbulb. No problem. So I’m in this group just plugging away (pun VERY intentional) and I see this kid in my group messing with spare wires. Now, our lab tables have their own active outlets. He had twisted the wires into this shape -[ right here. He twisted the straight end around his belt buckle. I started to panic and next thing I know he inserted the prongs into the outlet. A softball sized ball of electricity was produced, he fell backwards and the belt buckle was black. He was banned from our end of the year trip after that stunt. I got a 100 on the lab btw.


I’ve been SUPER offline but that’s because I’m working on this gem! It’s @tielniel ‘s Danganropa V3 OC Kami Ouma.
The top two photos are my references while the bottom two is what I have done so far.
The top(vest, strapes, scarf, undershirt,etc.) is near completion, then it’s onto the bottoms, gloves, and more!!!

Commercial binders actually aren’t all that good for binding, especially for large chests. It’s part of the reason I stopped binding, even when I safely could. They’re just not built right.

Binders as they are today (predominantly tank binders) just compress inwards, in a circle. If you’ve ever seen someone with breasts lie naked on their back and watch how the chest flattens, though, breasts go sideways. So, half the compressive force is going the opposite direction of where it needs to. Also, the back gets compressed when it doesn’t need to be. There’s nothing to stop the material from rolling up. The rolling up and the back compression is what causes most binding pain.

Binders need to be more like bras. They need separate band and cup sizes. They need defined separated soft cups with boning or wires, just shaped to shunt the breast towards the armpit. They need hook-and-eye closures. They need narrow bands with thick hems over enclosed elastic instead of just being stretchy fabric (this and​ the underwires will prevent rolling). They need adjustable shoulder straps, to prevent “bowing” outwards (the other main reason tank binders have never fit me; in fact, I have trouble finding bras that let me tighten the straps enough). They may also need an extra, corset-like layer of boning in front fastened by a non-elastic strap in back, for further squishing without extra compression. (Early actual corsets did in fact produce a flattened chest appearance. 15th century, I think, but don’t quote me.)

Most of the problems with binders come from how transmasculine people, in an effort to eschew femininity, have tried to avoid wearing anything like a bra. This has been a grave mistake. Bras are often feminized, but at its most basic, a bra is not a “woman badge.” It is a utilitarian garment for the purpose of supporting breasts to prevent movement and lift them into a desired shape. Except for the particular desired shape, a binder should be no different. The bra industry has spent the last century learning how to make breasts look pretty much any shape they want. Learn from that.

“Endless, endless…don’t you see? This is what my destiny is!” 

sh…rug? My dreams never make sense. Fever dreams, much less so. Micolash had some kind of final form in this one, where he was turning into a Great One. He kept fuckin’ talking, too. Like. He wouldn’t stop talking. Actually, he ended up being eaten by a Great One mid-sentence but he was pretty chill about it all.

How to cosplay your Auntie Jilli, the Lady of the Manners and Vampire Witch Queen

Updated from previous years!

If any of you do this, please oh please send me photos!


  • A full ankle length skirt, worn with petticoats, in black, burgundy, black & white stripes, or black & pink stripes.
  • A high-collared blouse that matches one of the colors of your skirt, worn with a ruffly jabot of a matching or appropriately contrasting color.
  • Black tights (or stripy tights if the skirt is black).
  • Black granny boots with not-too-high of a heel.
  • A black or burgundy frock coat or long vest/waistcoat.
  • A black top hat or wide-brimmed hat with lots of tulle.
  • Or hair pulled back in a giant bun.
  • Some sort of spooky pin or pendant (bat, skull cameo, bird skull, giant witchy crystal …) to wear over the jabot.
  • Ankh pendant on a long ribbon.
  • Smudgy/smokey eye shadow with lots of glitter.
  • Dark burgundy lipstick. 


  • Long burgundy hair with pointy bangs and pale pink streaks at the temples.
  • Big silver rings on every finger.
  • Wire-framed glasses. (If you manage to find a pair of diamond-shaped wire frames, TELL YOUR AUNTIE JILLI!)
  • Possibly fangs.

Fun Accessories!

  • A cup of tea or a double americano with cream.
  • A bar of 70-80% dark chocolate.
  • A copy of Dracula or Interview with the Vampire.
  • A fuzzy toy bunny with fangs.
  • An MP3 player full of The Damned, My Chemical Romance, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Faith and the Muse, Jill Tracy, Chelsea Wolfe, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! at the Disco. And more My Chemical Romance.

Super-Advanced Fun Accessories!

  • A tall bald man with a strawberry blond goatee and glasses, in a black suit, a fond yet slightly grumpy expression, and a British accent. 
  • A large chubby tabby cat with an adoring expression and pointy teeth. 
  • A large black cat who warbles a lot.
Magical Tip: simple faery curio

Not all faery offerings have to be useful like food and reflective mirrors. They can simply be lovely little trinkets!
•A necklace charm
•a bead with a hook, like an ornament
•a bracelet you’ll never wear again
•an earring that’s lost its match
•a gumball-machine ring
•a shiny penny (bc they’re drawn to copper)
•a fancy button
•tinfoil shapes
•jewelry wire shapes
•clay shapes
•pipe-cleaner shapes
•a string of beads
•a tiny seashell
•an acorn wrapped in tinfoil
•a twig with a bead glued to the end like a wand
•a stupid pizza-table painted with nail polish
•any bottle cap at all, flat clear plastic packaging, tape or glue the plastic over the cap after putting glitter or seed-beads inside to make a little pretty shaker thing


A rare Paul Poiret ensemble for his famous One Thousand and Second Night party, 10th January 1914

Fuchsia velvet harem pants with attached nude organza bodice richly overlaid with bands of Russian silver bobbin lace, with pearl beaded ankle bands; worn under a cloth of silver tunic with long trained hem, raised fuchsia velvet botehs embroidered in silver thread and seed pearls to the chest closure, entirely edged in large pearl beads; the elaborate conical cloth of gold headdress adorned with emerald and sapphire ‘jewelled’ medallions, with wing-shaped wired silver lace side panels and earring-like pearl droplets to each side, topped by ostrich plumes

Kerry Taylor Auctions


Hello everyone!! I know every witch (whether you be a solitary, green, kitchen coven oriented, Pagan, Druid, Heathen, Wicca, Celtic, Norse or any other kind) celebrates the holidays differently. I personally love making wreaths for each holiday that I leave up until the next. I try as often as I can to use natural material but as I live in North Eastern Canada, there is barely grass poking through let alone wild flowers and leaves. So, I have gone to Michael’s to purchase my materials (except for the glue gun, the wire hanger and the tape. These I had at home)

So, here is my Wreath Tutorial!

Step 1: You want to shape a wire hanger into the best circle you can get. (Pliers may be needed for the corners as they can be stubborn)

Step 2: Get some painting tape and wrap it as tightly as you can around the width of the hanger. (this is so the wire is thicker for the glue and the glue sticks better)

Step 3: Get your floral materials together and start picking and choosing your first material. You generally want to start with thick, leafy material in order to cover the tape. Don’t worry if there are spots that are not covered, it will get fuller, I promise! Also, many of the floral materials you can purchase will have wires inside! Use them to your advantage to save glue and make it look more natural. If you are using natural products, a lot of glue will be needed unless you are using coniferous branches. These are pretty pliable.

Step 4: Once you get as much as the tape covered as you think you want, start with one color of flower (or leafs if you re doing a fall one, or pine cones or what not for winter)You want to start to fill in the spots where you can see the tape. Remember to mix it up. The direction and placement of the flowers shouldn’t all be uniform or it won’t look as … natural.

Step 5: Keep doing this for the other flowers colors. Add as many as you want, but remember that the first flowers you start with may end up being chocked out with all the other colors, so remember moderation. 

Now, this step is optional.

Step 6: Use twigs and other flowers to create a unique pentagram to hang in the middle of the wreath. Be sure to measure the twigs to fit in the middle of the wreath. I use ribbon the bind it in a knotted fashion and add ribbon to make it look nicer and brighter.

Just remember to make it your own, to have fun and try your hardest not to burn your finger tips TOO bad!

I hope you all enjoyed this and that if you decide to make one, it turns out the way you want it!

Blessings for you and your family and friends this Ostara!

anonymous asked:

Hi Fia! It's the last week of classes for me, and this week promises to be especially awful, with very limited time for self-care. Could we see a snippet from Anabasis of Anakin doing some kind of self-care?

Good luck to you this week, anon!

Okay, here’s a snippet from later in the story, carved out to avoid too many spoilers.

In which self care is building yourself a new arm:

She found him in the smaller sitting room just off the veranda. It was a room she’d used only infrequently for less formal meetings, but Anakin had been living here only a few days and she was already beginning to think of it as his workroom. Jothra had appeared that morning with an impressive collection of parts and tools, most of which Padmé couldn’t identify, and Anakin had disappeared with them almost immediately, a childlike grin of anticipation lighting his face.

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Choose Your Mistakes #6C

Part six, round C, of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you haven’t already, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to seek an alternative route.

Originally posted by winter-capricorn

Sure, there might be situations that look worse than being found in somebody else’s house surrounded by blood with a knife in your hand, but you struggled to think of what they were. If the doors were all messed up somehow, there must be another one, somewhere.
Or, even better, a phone.

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Here’s Alphys! :D

This was a pretty fun project to do. It took me around three days to make this one (one day to make the body, one day for the head, one day for the dress and glasses). The book in the second shot was something I had for a while.

I went for the polka dot dress here instead of the lab coat because I have a pretty large amount of scrap polka dot cloth. This dress is removable, and going forward, it would be fun to make more clothes for her. Maybe Mew Mew Kissy Cutie related. X3

Her removable pince-nez glasses are made from half-hard scrap jewelry wire. The wire was shaped in a special way so that the glasses, um, well, pierce into the face in order to stay on.

The book she’s holding is “Monster History”. I pieced most of the text together from the text of the monster history chapter books from the “Undertale” game (whichever chapters were missing I built from other dialogue from the game, notably the intro dialogue and the dialogue at New Home in a pacifist route).

Oh, and bonus heart-warming shot:

January’s Incident 1998

January, 1998 

        It was a chilly Friday evening when Dylan’s car slowly rolled by a large white van that had been sitting on the side of the road a few blocks away from Dylan’s house. It’s been there for almost three weeks and to the best of their knowledge no one they knew owned it, or had moved it since then.

Eric leaned forward in his seat, to try and get a glimpse of what was inside. All he could make out were large objects and electrical wires.

“I wonder what’s inside it.” Eric said aloud, as he turned his neck & the van grew smaller and smaller as Dylan’s car continued to drive by.

“You wanna take a look?” Dylan asked.

Eric turned to face him fully and gave him a quizzical look. “You want to just waltz up to a van in the middle of no where and see what’s in it?”

Dylan shrugged, “I don’t see why not.”

Eric grinned massively making Dylan chuckle, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Soon Dylan’s car was pulling into an unfamiliar driveway before pulling out & turning around. Then they were well on their way to cause some mischief.

Dylan pulled his car to a stop ten feet away from the van, before turning to Eric.

“What’s the plan baby?”

 “I think I saw some electrical wires in the front seat. So if there are wires, then there must be more electrical equipment. We need wires for the propane bombs, and timers. I could make use of the other stuff if it’s worth anything.” 

A few moments passed before Eric waved his index finger in an up & downward motion at Dylan as he spoke. “The trick to stealing is to just take it like you own it, so we just gotta walk up to the van like we own it, open it, & take the stuff out like its our damn job.” Eric ended his full proof plan with a snap of his fingers. Satisfied with the quality of what he had concocted in a short amount of time. 

Dylan playfully snapped his fingers back at Eric and said, “Except, we don’t have the keys.”

Eric chuckled while waving his hands dismissively, “Oh Dylan, you sweet boy. We don’t need keys.” Drawling out the last sentence as if it was obvious.

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How To Make Victoria's Secret Angel Wings

Who hasn’t wished they could feel like a Victoria’s Secret model at least once? It’s your time to shine with your own very sexy angel wings! Whether for photoshoots or cosplay, this method of making feathery wings can be changed according to your costume’s needs. Create your own with the following list of items:

  • 12 gauge wire
  • Chicken wire
  • Felt
  • Duct tape
  • Feathers
  • Satin-esque fabric [optional]
  • Elastic [optional]

For the feathers, I used ostrich feathers. They’re perfect for a really fluffy, angelic look. They can be pretty pricey, so feel free to substitute with other types. The feathers, felt, duct tape, and fabric should all match the color scheme of the wings you’re making. For mine, I just made everything white.

Start by getting your wire and shaping it into the general shape of your desired wings. This will be the main frame that holds everything together. Keep in mind that while using long feathers like ostrich feathers, the final shape and size of your wings will be a good bit larger than the wire frame since the feathers will be sticking out a few inches off the edges.

See the little triangle-shaped bit in the middle connecting the two wing shapes? To make sure your wings don’t flop around or pivot while you’re wearing them, it’s necessary to have a back brace that’s more than just a simple bar going across.

Next, you’ll be covering the frame with the chicken wire. Cut it out around the shape of the wire and then down and outwards in the shape of the wings you want. Make sure to fold the edges of the chicken wire around your main wire frame a few times so it’s really sturdy. Try not to leave any pointy bits - they could poke through later and cause problems.

Time to add your support bar. This is just another piece of the 12 gauge wire. Cut off a piece that’s a little too long, then fold the extra length around the main wire frame so it stays in place really well. Use some of your duct tape to wrap around it several times so it’s extra strong.

Using duct tape, tape around the edges of the chicken wire by folding a lengthwise piece in half. It should stick to itself through the holes in the chicken wire relatively well. This is just added protection against the chicken wire poking through, so it’s mostly optional.

Now glue on your felt. Cut out the correct shape around each wing, but be sure to have an extra inch or two of fabric around the edges. You will need two pieces per wing, with four in total. Get the two felt pieces so they’re covering all the chicken wire, and glue the overlapped edges together. Hot glue works well for this. 

Now it’s time for the fun part - the feathers! Start off by laying them out in the pattern you want before committing to gluing them down. It looks best to have one central point that all the feathers point to; in this case, it’s the inner corner of each wing. You’ll want to be sure you can’t see any of the felt through your feathers by laying them in an overlapping pattern. 

When you’re ready to glue them down, start with the feathers on the outermost edges. The ostrich feathers I used were 10-12", and I had the longest ones on the edges to make the wings look even fluffier. Most natural feathers have a slight curve. When choosing how to place your feathers, pay attention to the curve of each feather. To best cover the felt, I placed them so they curved downwards. I would glue a few here and there with the curve going upwards, to add to the fluffy effect.

Now it’s time to move on to the straps. Measure and cut a piece of thin elastic. Make sure it’s tight enough to hold your wings on. For the fabric, I used a satin-esque kind with a subtle shine, but feel free to use whatever you think will complement your wings best. Simply cut a rectangular piece about twice as long as your elastic, and sew the edges together inside out. Leave the two ends open so you can thread your elastic through later. Next, flip it inside out, thread your elastic through, loop it around the frame of your wings, and sew the ends together. To give a more finished edge, I hot glued the ends of the straps inside the felt so they wouldn’t be seen. 

Ta-da! Nice looking straps to keep everything in place.

*Note: If you’re going to strapless wings, you will need to make the frame of your wings so that it can be stuck inside of a corset or whatever article of clothing you’d be using to hold them up.

Next, add some sparkles and glitter! I simply got some iridescent glitter and tiny rhinestones for a subtle shimmery effect. 

You’ve probably noticed that the edges of the wings have some major felt showing through. Not cool. Cover it up by lining the visible edges with either more feathers, or feather boas. I recommend the maribou feather boas because they blend in well.

Last, you’ll want to do something about that ugly support bar. You can either add more chicken wire and felt, and glue some feathers on to hide it. Or do something creative with it. For mine, I got some holographic vinyl and hot glued the pieces together with the ugly parts facing inward where no one will see them.

Now put them on, and go out to your favorite sci-fi convention or lingerie photoshoot and have some fun!