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A Year Later: Robert

It’s me again, with ya Dream Daddy fanfiction. I can’t be stopped. 

Robert x Dadsona

light cursing, reference to alcohol abuse and depression

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It’s a warm night. Probably the warmest yet, this year. But, then again, it’s only just now really getting into summer.

“Damien’s hanging out in the graveyard again.”

I look over at Robert who’s peering down at the city through his binoculars. I smirk at him a little even though I know he can’t see me.

“You are so obsessed with him, lately.”

“I think he’s a vampire. 99% certain.” He scans the city some more. Not totally sure what he’s looking for, but he’ll tell me when he finds it.

“I’ll just text Mary. ‘Hey. Is your brother a vampire?’”

“She’s a vampire, too, obviously. Undead siblings wandering the night, seducing young men. Taking them back to their lair where they feed on them for sustenance, draining their body dry. Then they bathe in their blood and offer them up as sacrifices to their dark lord.”

“Wouldn’t they need to bathe in their victim’s blood before draining them dry?”

“How dare you expect internal consistency in my conspiracy theories.” Robert lowers his binoculars. “What did you manage to come up with?”

I turn my hands out to show him my shapely hunk of wood. It’s still pretty chunky and malformed, but it actually resembles a panda.

“Adorable,” he says flatly. He pulls a flask from inside his jacket and takes a big ol’ gulp. It’s not booze. Soda, probably. Maybe sweet tea.

At first he just started cutting back, and was doing a pretty good job of stopping after one or two glasses. The smoking began falling off, too, soon after. Then he started taking anti-depressants, and he took the recommendations not to drink while on them very seriously. There are still bad days where he’ll feed the dog and water his plant like usual but forget to eat himself. They’re becoming less and less though, and every day things are a little better. A little easier. A little more manageable. I’m very proud of where he’s brought himself.

“I talked to Val. She said Amanda’s doing really well at that summer job she got her. Like a fish to water.”

“Yeah. I was a little nervous about letting her go live in the big city, but Val offering her extra room helped. That was really nice of them.”

“Desiree’s coming with her when she brings Amanda back.” Robert looks down at his thumb as it fiddles with the knob that changes the focus of the lenses.

“This’ll be the first time you’ve mey her, right?”


The sounds of the night creep in and around us, settling into place. He brings the binoculars back up to his eyes. After a minute, he hits me in the arm a little.

“Roll out. The mission is a go.” He hops down out of the tailgate of the truck and heads to the driver’s side.

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shy-angel-tail  asked:

What stuff do you use? To make ur bittys?

Polymer clay, wire, paint, glaze, sculpting and wire tools, fabrics and sewing materials, gorilla glue, charms, gel pens, colored pencils and other various things. Lots of doo-dads and whatnots

I have several shelving units full of materials
pro tip

for those loop alarms that people are wondering about:

  • stop what you’re doing
  • go to the nearest hobby lobby
  • walk ur pretty lil ass to the floral section and lift a pair of wire cutters (those bitches are used to cut anything from fake stems to heavy sculpting wire to crafting wire)
  • conceal literally anywhere bc security is lax af and at every location i’ve been to, there are like 7 cameras for the whole store and 5 of them are on the registers

I went in to ask the associates if there was anything they carried that could cut wire that was about the size of a hair tie (pony tail holder, elastic, hair rubber whatever the fuck you call them) and they said the wire cutters over in the floral section were perfect because they can pretty much cut anything you want.

double check with your store and its associates to make sure that what they carry is the same as or up to par with what i lifted, otherwise you’ll probably end up getting regular crafting ones for thin wires.

*****this was for people asking about my methods and what i planned to do. if you have a method that works for you just fine, stick with it. why ruin a good thing? also, make sure the lil shit won’t scream at you when you cut the wire, and remember to be careful with it after you’re done. happy days*****


Sharon gives an excellent description of the process.

From @sharon_g_pottery - Real time carving of a flower. This clay is hard-leather-hard, cold to the touch. After I throw it, I let it set up on plaster for several days -covered in plastic- to make sure it has a consistent wetness throughout. After I trim, I comb, and then carve each flower with a round, wire sculpting tool. A cup takes about 15 min.
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What's in a Sculpture? It's SO Much More than Clay....

I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for a while now.  It’s not because I feel the need to defend or explain my prices.  In fact, a majority of the people I talk to about pricing find me to be very reasonable.  However, there is still the popular public view of “wow, that costs XXX dollars?  It’s just just a wad of clay and paint!!"  or “You should just make art for the love of it!  Money shouldn’t matter!”  Freelance artists need a paycheck just like the rest of the workforce.  Just because a person enjoys their job does not mean they should not be fairly compensated for it.  Art isn’t cheap and neither is working for yourself.  There are a lot of aspects that come into play that you may not have thought of.

When you pay an artist to create an original work of art for you, you are paying for a lot more than simply the materials used to create a piece.  I have created this breakdown of costs, both monetary(material) and time based, to demonstrate just how much work goes into a single commissioned sculpture that I  produce for a client.  It also gives an idea of costs that I need to cover to complete a project.  I have only included costs of items that I "use up” during production.  It doesn’t include upkeep/replacement of tools, equipment, cameras, work surfaces, etc.

Quote and Consult

* Reviewing project proposal
* Determining sculpture cost
* Developing ideas with client
* Light research, especially if client isn’t sure what they want
* Invoicing

—Time Costs : .5-1 hour (this is before I have any payment)—


* PayPal takes 2.9% + 30 cents right off the bat.  I do NOT upcharge the client to cover the fee, including shipping payment
* After PayPal, I put 30% towards taxes since I am self-employed
* I also pay my own monthly benefits (health/dental/life)

—Monetary Costs : Over ⅓ of the commission cost is spent at this point, before work has even begun—

Research and Pre Production

* Gather reference images through web search
* Print out reference sheets including client-provided refs as well as additional material found via search
* Concept sketches and/or Photoshop Mock Ups showing layout ideas, in some instances
* Create armature layout using reference images

Monetary Costs : printer paper and ink, tracing paper Time Costs : 1-2 hours—


Monetary Costs : armature wire, wood base, foil, wire mesh, apoxie sculpt Time Costs : .5 to 1.5 hours—

*Sculpting (clay build up, refining, detailing)
—Monetary Costs : avg. 1 lb/sculpey per project, apoxie sculpt, super glue/epoxy, rubbing alcohol Time Costs : 6-15 hours+ —

*Sanding and Finishing
—Monetary Costs : sandpaper, steel wool, primer Time Costs : 2-5 hours+—

—Monetary Costs : paint, brushes, paper towels, pearl ex, varnish Time Costs : 2-10 hours+—

* Client changes
—Time Costs : 1-2 hours—

(includes taking photos as well as editing and arranging for client)

* 3 set of progress photos during the creation of the piece
* Final photography

—Time Costs : 2-4 hours—

Shipping and Packing

* Packing and boxing
—Monetary Costs : bubble wrap, packing peanuts, quality boxes Time Costs : 1-2 hours—

* Weighing, Shipping Quote, Invoicing and Label
—Monetary Costs : shipping label Time Costs : .5 hours—

A lot of these things may sound small or insignificant, but you would be surprised how fast they add up.  I normally have 2-3 commissions in progress at any given time.  And that’s not my entire day.  I also spend a better part of a day on e-mail and social media, packing/shipping books and casts, sculpting for molds, creating molds, prepping and painting casts, creating sculptures for auction, preparing marketing materials, keeping up with website updates and fixes, research for future projects and shows, and the list goes on.

I hope this post gives non-artists bit of insight into the world of commissioned art and freelance artist.  And I hope this gives artists the confidence in themselves to charge a price for their work that is fair to BOTH sides.  I see so many artists that undercharge.  Your art and your time are worth it.


Maximus WIP

I’m still working on his mane but I’m slowly making progress. I’ve also started working on his tail. His front right hoof is still unfinished, it is just a lump of clay that I put there to cover the wire. No special reason for that or anything, he just looked a bit odd with a hook instead of a hoof.
For more WIP pictures click here

The Scorch Trials - Videos/Audios Masterpost

Check out all the videos related to the second movie of the trilogy, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. *Constantly updated

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Trailers: Official Trailer;  Official Trailer 2


  • Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Behind The Scenes - The Story | Joblo Movie Trailer
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  • MTV Fandom Awards Exclusive Sneak Peek
  • ‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ Official Clip - Thomas is interrogated by Janson
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  • Surrounded

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Iris Musicia's Grand Horn Tutorial

The #1 question I was asked at Katuscon was “how did you make your horns?”  Because there’s no short answer to this (and I want to be thorough) I thought I’d make a tutorial.  Here is how to make large, realistic-looking horns that would be excellent for the Grand Highblood, but I decided to use on Gamzee because why the heck not, and there’s no reason you couldn’t use these for Kurloz as well.

I made mine and Cyrus’s horns this way, so it’s able to work for a difficult set of horns like Tav’s.

This method can be adapted for Condesce or Handmaid horns as well.  Basically, any large or weirdly-shaped horns!

Also includes how to attach them because whenever I read horn tutorials that didn’t tell you how to attach them, it would piss me off.  These horns were difficult to attach and I don’t want to piss you guys off or leave you with horns and no way to wear them.

Image heavy and a long post, so it’s under a cut.


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Reblogging helps me and my work so if you like this please do :)

Avi Kaplan sculpt update :) since you wanted to know in advance thebeautyandthatbass, here is what he looks like right now.

Basic paint layers and some details have been filled in, it’s much neater than Mitch’s paint job because I finally managed to get some detail brushes (that’s one of the brushes in the last photo)

He actually looks like him! Even his side profile :) his face was the most difficult to sculpt. Got wires coming out from the back of his head, they’re kind of bendable so they can be moved around.

Hope you all like it. :)

Also bigblueberrybear is sickly, send her loads of Avi pics to help her feel better while she’s recovering :)


Dancing Fairy Stainless Steel Wire Sculptures by Artist Robin Wight UK

I love the work of this artist, the attention to detail is outstanding. Robin Wight even pays attention to detail not visible to the naked eye by burying a stone heart at the core of each sculpture providing a unique soulful essence. Each piece of stainless steel wire is masterfully sculpted, flawlessly showing the chosen action and movement of the mythical creature. I look forward to future work from this artist.


Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy WIP

I’ve obviously still got a lot to do but these will be for sale when they are finished! :) I’ll put the price, size and everything on my for sale page when they’re done. There will be a seperate post ofcourse with pictures of the finished sculptures later.
Also a small update on Maximus, I’ve made his saddle bags and stirrups and there are only a few details left to do before baking him again. He’s the biggest of all the sculptures I’ve made so far, so I’m pretty excited about finishing him! :)


Amigurumi Illidan Stormrage

This is a custom design I made as a birthday present for a friend that loves World of Warcraft! This was one of the most extensive ami’s I’ve made to date! I used a lot of different techniques on this little one, with some new ones to use on future creations! 

His wings were a challenge but I’m thrilled with how they came out. They’re actually made from sculpted wire with felt glued around it for stability. This was also one of my first ami’s with long hair that I’m really happy with, especially his “ponytail” A first for me was painting onto yarn, which I did for his chest details and loin cloth. His warglaives were made of felt, which was glued to a loop to go around his arms to make them removable. 

This is one of the hardest projects I’ve had, but I love how he came out, and challenges always push me to learn new techniques I wouldn’t have thought of before. I’m very proud of this little Illidan! 


A simplified pattern of my Illidan design is now available for purchase in my Etsy shop