wire road

(4/6) “My last tour was in Afghanistan. That was the bad one. One day we were on a foot patrol, and we were using a metal detector to sweep the road for IEDs. I was a staff sergeant but I’d temporarily taken over as platoon sergeant, so this was really the first time I’d been in a position of leadership. We came across a copper wire stretched over the road and traced it back to some explosives. While we waited for the disposal team, we came under fire. It was an ambush. I thought I’d remember my training but instead I just froze. I messed it up. I was supposed to return fire, flank, and keep good radio communication. But all I felt was horror and I froze. I just got pinned down and bullets were kicking up dust around me and I was just waiting to take one in the head and die. All that training and drilling meant nothing. One of my soldiers got hit by an RPG and was severely injured. I was supposed to be the one in charge, but I froze and did nothing. When the firing subsided, we grabbed our injured man and started driving back down the road. I’ll never forget seeing the villagers laughing at us while we drove away.”