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Tale, Ibizan Hound, LIC Dog Park, Long Island City, NY • “She was born during a solar eclipse and was actually born dead. Ten minutes later she came back to life. Her mother was wire-haired and her father was short haired. She’s very mellow, very contemplative. There are only seven Ibizan Hounds in New York City – she’s the only female that I know of.”

Songs about school shootings

•"Get out the way" by Mother, Mother
•"Wires" by The Neighbourhood
•"A Rush of Blood To The Head" by Coldplay
•"Jeremy" by Pearl Jam
•"I hate Mondays" by The Boomtown rats
•"Cotton" by Bones
•"Take This Down" by Jesse Rutherford
•"The Reflecting God" by Marilyn Manson
•"The Nobodies" by Marilyn Manson
•"Rampage" by Nicole Dollanganger
•pumped up kicks (Lmao)
•"Lonely Boy Goes to a Rave" by Teen Suicide
•"Library" by Julia Brown
•"Oh Well" by G-Eazy
•"Pigs" by Tyler, The Creator
• “Yonkers” by Tyler, The Creator
•"Lividity" by Nicole Dollanganger
•"Swan" by Nicole Dollanganger
•"Creek Blues" by Nicole Dollanganger [Kip Kinkel]
•"Executioner" by Nicole Dollanganger [Dylan Roof]
•"Hurt Everything" by Elvis Depressedly [gun shots in background]
•"Hero" by Superchic
•"Hell and you" by Amigo The Devil
•"grim reaper" by Teen Suicide
•"youth of a nation" by P.O.D
•"Cassie" by Flyleaf
•"Leave me Alone" by The Crüxshadows
•"strength through music" by Amanda Palmer (RLLY SAD MUSIC VIDEO)
•"White America" by Eminem
•"Bad Rep" by Dark Loctus
•"I’m back" by Eminem
•"Columind" by Filter
•"Mastermind" by MSI
•"Kill Everyone" by Hollywood Undead
•"Bully" by Three Days Grace?
•"Hallway Homocide" - The Orwells
•"Lividity" - Nicole Dollanganger
•"Swan" - Nicole Dollanganger
•"The Homecoming Queen has got a gun" - Julie brown

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I remember the khr fandom went through a weird time where most tyl!tsuna designs had a weird rat tail along with his spiky hair and I was just so confused as to where they even got that from

the fucking…STRINGY MULLET……….

i’m pretty sure it came from mukuro; it was the most popular tsuna ship in japan at the time, and fanartists in the west took cribnotes from pixiv trends

but mukuro had a mullet because his hair had grown a lot while he was in pickle jail and he just trimmed it so he could tie his hair up in the iconic tuft (and realistically speaking, with that tuft and fringe, mukuro’s hair is roughly shoulder-length to begin with). when daemon possessed him his hair was long as fuck too. he didn’t intentionally grow it out like that, he just doesn’t want to cut it all off, god knows why

otherwise i think people just dont really get how hair works? like, mukuro’s hair is very limp and thin. if your hair is volumnous, thick, and frizzy enough to have rounded spike tufts like tsuna’s, it’ll have a lot of mass unless its thinned out or ironed. his ponytail would HAVE to be a giant spiky poof


Have a long post.

I’ve been engrossed in Pokemon Moon and this is my team humanized!  From top to bottom is Orpheus (Lunala), Fontanye (Primarina), Cheval (Mudsdale), Aedus (Toucannon), Bijou (Alolan Raichu), and Olga (Tsareena). They’re Regency inspired.

More info about them below the cut. Prepare for long text and world building-ish.

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I just need more Omegaverse's headcanons T///T

I got yo back.

  • When Viktor and Yuuri mate, Yuuri becomes clingier than previously. He’s very dependant on his mate, as it Viktor, who hates having to be apart from his omega.
  • Yuuri is a very motherly person, and instantly takes a motherly role in Yurio’s life when he is in Japan. Even Yuuri’s parents know that he is wired to be a mothering person.
  • Despite not having much of a presence publically, children tend to flock to Yuuri whenever they feel scared or threatened. Viktor is convinced it is because he gives off a kind and caring aura.
  • Viktor, on the other hand, has a huge public presence, and alphas, betas and omegas alike find themselves drawn to him, much to Yuuri’s dismay.
  • After mating, Viktor is always there to help build Yuuri’s nest, offering all of his personal items should Yuuri need it.
  • Yuuri is always shy when inviting Viktor into his nest, but he loves their nest cuddles more than anything.
  • When Viktor first brings up the topic of starting a family, Yuuri is more hesitant than he expects, what being a naturally maternal character. It turns out that Yuuri thinks he’s not worthy to bear the children of the Viktor Nikiforov but Viktor says that he’s the only one worthy, and that if he were to have children, it’d be with Yuuri alone.

Is that good? I can always do more~ ;)

The Sound of Silence - Part 2

This is a continuation of ‘The Sound of Silence - part 1′

‘Aunt Amy- where are we going?’ Zola asked in her innocent voice. Amelia was carrying Ellis in one arm, holding Bailey’s hand in the other, with Zola trotting alongside her. They made their way along the dreary hospital corridors.

’ To see your mommy’. Amelia answered.

’ To see mommy?! ’ Zola exclaimed excitedly, causing Amelia to cringe internally and whisper ‘shhhhh’ to shut her niece up.

This was the first time since Meredith’s attack a week ago Amelia had seen Zola back to her old cheerful self. Zola missed her mother, the only parent she had left, and made no secret about it. The whole week- Zola had been asking Amelia nonstop when will her mother be coming back- and every time Amelia answered patiently that her mother was still sick in the hospital and had to get better first before she could bring them to see her.
Meanwhile, Bailey was also asking for his mother, although not as frequently as his elder sister. Even little Ellis was feeling the effect of her mother’s absence- turning into a cranky little baby when she was usually such a happy, bubbly little baby. She was refusing her feeds much to Amelia’s dismay.
So when Nelson and Callie informed her that Meredith had been stable enough to be downgraded from the ICU to the normal room- she heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, she could bring the children to see their mother.
The past week had been rather trying for her- making her second guess ever having children of her own in the future. Everyday, after a long day’s work, Amelia had to drop by daycare to pick the Shepherd kids up and bring them home. Maggie would pick Zola up from kindergarten and drop her off in the daycare to join her siblings in the afternoon, so it was Amelia’s  
job to pick them up in the evening.

Amelia politely knocked on the door of room 412 before entering with the children in tow. To her pleasant surprise, Meredith was already wide awake, sitting up on her bed, both arms in casts.
She looked much better than the last time she saw her in ICU yesterday.

‘Mommy!’ Zola cried, running immediately over to her mother, almost tripping over a wire in the process.

’ Careful Zola!’ Amelia cried out.

Meredith smiled as Zola ran over to her and hugged her tight, ignoring the many wires connecting her to the monitors.

’ Mommy, I missed you’ Zola said , still wrapping her arms around her mother’s frail form.

’ I missed you too Zola.’ Meredith croaked . Her voice was still hoarse from being intubated for 5 days. ’ You and your brother and sister’.

“ Mommy, why do you sound like that?’ Zola asked.

’ Mommy is sick Zola.’ Amelia explained. ’ She hasn’t used her voice for a long time, that’s why she sounds different.’

’ Mommy, why are your arms like that?’ Zola asked, pointing at Meredith’s arm casts.

Amelia was about to answer her niece’s question, but Meredith beat her to it. 'Mommy had a booboo , Zo.’ Meredith answered this time. ’ Mummy’s arms are wrapped like that so that they can heal faster.’

’ Does it hurt, mommy?’ Zola asked, gently stroking the cast at Meredith’s right arm.

’ Only when I move it, Zo. ’ Meredith smiled meekly at her eldest daughter.

It was wearing her out- she had to muster all the energy she had to speak- but she would do it for her children.

Amelia and Meredith finally exchanged glances.

Amelia was still unsure of what exactly to say to her sister in law, so she pushed her nephew forward.

’ Bailey- don’t you miss your mommy? Go over to say hi to her- com'on’ she gave her nephew a gentle nudge on the shoulder.

The little boy was hesitant at first, looking up at his aunt for affirmation, before finally toddling over to his mother’s bedside. The monitors beside the bed and the wires hooked to his mother  frightened him.

’ Come here Bailey. Come to mommy’ said Meredith.

’ Mommy I missed you’ said Bailey, finally overcoming his initial shyness towards his mother.

’ I missed you too, Bails. Have you been a good boy for mommy?’ Meredith smiled down at her only son. She really wished she could reach down to hug him.

Amelia finally walked over to Meredith’s bedside , carrying little Ellis in her arms. The little girl reached both her arms out towards her mother, unaware of the fact that her mother was unable to carry her at the moment.

Amelia, noticing the little girl’s gesture, quickly carried her to the head of her mother’s bed, near enough so that Meredith could kiss her on the forehead.

’ Mommy missed you too, Ellie’ said Meredith. Ellie babbled in reply.

’ Thank you’ Meredith said to Amelia finally. ’ Thank you for bringing them over to see me. Thank you for taking good care of them.’

’ It isn’t a problem at all.’ Amelia said. ’ They’re my nieces and nephew after all.’

Meredith smiled at her sister in law. She was so grateful that Amelia still stepped up and took care of her children for the past week when she was in the ICU, despite them both not being in good terms before the incident.

’ I’m sorry’ Meredith half whispered. ’ I’m sorry for treating you badly before this and chasing you out of the house. I shouldn’t have. I overreacted.’

’ It’s ok- it’s in the past now’ Amelia replied. ’ I’m sorry too for being such a bitch towards you, pardon my language. ’

Both women chuckled before Amelia said ’ I forgive you’

’ I forgive you too’ Meredith croaked back.

With Meredith’s voice starting to break, Amelia felt that it was time to let Meredith have some rest.


’ Wow- tonight is the first night for the past week Zola fell asleep without asking about her mother’ Amelia said as she took a seat next to Owen in the kitchen counter. He had been paying visits to the house to help out with the kids whenever Maggie wasn’t around .

’ Even Ellie fell asleep right after her feed without fussing’ she added.

’ And Bailey actually has his pajamas on tonight’ Owen chuckled in response.

’ What are you looking at?’ Amelia asked, gesturing at the magazine in front of Owen.

Owen looked sheepish, like he was suddenly being cast in the spotlight. He didn’t have time to look through the magazine during other times, and he didn’t expect her to come out of Zola’s room so soon.

” Oh… I was just looking for a place to stay ’ said Owen simply. The tone in which he said it
was as if he had been commenting on the weather.

’ Oh? So you’re moving out of the trailer?’ Amelia asked, with a hurt tone in her voice.
Somehow, Owen’s future plans didn’t include her anymore, and that hurt very much.

’ I’m planning to sell it’ he said.

’ You’re planning to sell the trailer? And you never bother to tell me?’ Amelia’s voice was now raising.  ’ You don’t tell me about what happened between you and Riggs- fine….but now you’re moving out of your trailer- the trailer which I had been staying in together with you for the past couple of months … and you never bothered to let me know?! Well, luckily Meredith retracted her statement of kicking me out of her house or else I would be homeless. What a way to find out!!’
Amelia hissed in anger.

’ Shhh…. You’ll wake the kids… I was planning on telling you after I find the perfect house.’

’ Oh… After you find the perfect house for you and your future wife to stay in?’ Amelia asked. ’ And your future children? You’ve actually found the woman of your dreams already?! So this is it? We’re over. ’

Just then, a wail emitted from the baby monitor.

’ I’ll go and get her’ Amelia said, walking towards Ellie’s nursery. ’ And by the time I come back out here… I want you gone’.

Owen stayed rooted to his spot as Amelia made her way to the nursery.

Soon, he could hear the sweet and gentle sound of Amelia singing a lullaby to Ellie.

He quietly tiptoed over to the nursery, and the sight that greeted him made his heart melt.

Amelia was slowly rocking Ellie back and forth in her arms and singing ’ Rock A Bye Baby’ to The baby. There was no doubt in his mind that she was the woman of his dreams- he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. He could already picture her rocking their own baby in a nursery and singing to her.

He cleared his throat to make his presence at the doorway known.

Amelia looked up at him, and her gentle expression slowly turned into an angry one.

’ I thought I asked you to leave ’ she hissed, making sure not to wake the baby.

Owen ignored her anger instead and walked slowly over to her.

’ I was actually looking for a place for both of us to stay.’  he said softly.

When she looked up at him, silently prodding him further, he continued……’ I now realize that you are the woman of my dreams, Amelia. I was looking for a place where we could settle down together, maybe raise children together….’ He could sense her tensing at his last few words, ’ I mean if you want to…..’ His voice trailed off. He suddenly realized that he was making the mistake of assuming she wanted to be with him.

’ Well why didn’t you tell me this earlier? Instead you go looking for houses on your own..’ said Amelia, as she put Ellie gently back down in her crib.

’ I wanted to surprise you. I was planning to find the right house and then blindfold you and bring you over to the house to surprise you. But I guess it isn’t a surprise anymore.’

Amelia slowly walked over to Owen, staring at him with her deep blue eyes, which he hoped their future children would inherit.

’ You want us to move in together? She confirmed with him.

’ Yes’ he answered firmly but softly so as not to wake the baby up.

After pausing for a brief moment- Amelia smiled, showing her dimples and took Owen’s hand to lead him to the kitchen counter where the real estate magazine was still lying open.

’ Let’s look at houses together and pick one we both like.’

The future seems bright once more.

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