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Which Defender and co. Do you think Ward would like the most to the least and why? Other than Danny of course.

*makes giant heart eyes* I’m so excited for Defenders. Your question made me so happy.

I think Ward would dislike ALL of them initially, because he’s a prickly little sourpuss until you get past the mental minefields, subconscious barbed wire, and emotional lava moats.

I think Ward and Jessica would butt heads. Constantly. Unendingly. But. They would bond over their shared exasperation of stupid people.

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Ward would definitely be uncomfortable around Matt, because he can see (pun intended) right through Ward’s sarcasm and snark. It would unnerve him, even if he didn’t know the extent of Matt’s powers.

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And Luke is just such a cool, laid-back dude that no one can dislike, Ward would probably be most at ease around him. Especially because Luke is so genuine and honest.

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And now that Ward pretty much adores Danny, I want to see them interacting again soooo badly.

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