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53 andreil for the prompt thingy???

53: “Darling, stop.” 

They’re in the chilly fluorescent produce section, Neil steering the cart and Andrew catching it whenever he finds chocolate-covered berries or cartons of blended sugary juice to add to the pile. Neil’s got his old jersey conspicuously clashing with their new team’s red sweats, a dark bandana twisted up in his hair. It’s almost closing, and everything feels a bit cool and loose like no one’s really supposed to be awake.

When Neil’s busy bagging carrots Andrew gets his arms folded over the handle of the shopping cart, this stupid black t-shirt all stretched out at the neck, wire-framed glasses perched on his nose, mouth flat. Neil’s sort of fond of Andrew wearing his glasses in public, and he finds himself walking backwards in front of the cart as it’s pushed, openly watching him. Andrew picks the pace up just enough to bump heavily into his shins.

Neil smiles, looping his fingers through his end of the cart so they each have a side, rolling lopsidedly towards the opening of an aisle.

“Stop making things difficult.”

“Let me drive the cart.”

Andrew regards him, fair eyebrows raised. “You’re a control freak.”

Neil laughs, startled. “You let three people total drive your car. You wouldn’t even let Sir or King in our bed for the first three months we had them. You bartered for my secrets when we met, Andrew. ”

“And?” Andrew asks, examining a box of cake mix.

“I don’t think you should be talking about controlling personalities.”

Andrew ignores him, tossing the box in the cart and pushing it back towards Neil. “Go get your diet plan shit.”

Neil makes a face. “It’s our diet plan.”

“I am not willfully drinking skimmed milk.” Andrew crosses to the bags of jumbo marshmallows and Neil pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I’ll put it in your hot chocolate.”

“You’ll die,” Andrew says simply.

Neil jostles the cart into Andrew’s side, and he drops the marshmallows back on the shelf, unimpressed. “Meet me at the front in five. I’m getting actual food to sustain actual people.”

Andrew shrugs and turns to wander out of the aisle, dragging the cart the wrong way behind him.

Neil coughs so he doesn’t laugh, senselessly thrilled. He jogs back towards the meat section, threading through coolers and displays until he finds the turkey bacon and lean chicken breasts that they live on. He’s frowning at an especially lifeless beige cut of fish when he’s wrenched around by the arm.

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A quick Clexa AU fic list as requested by anon

This is rather chaotic as I’ve put it together real quick and I’ve plenty favorites - I might add more as I remember or as I go through my reading (some are finished, some are on-going). For now though …

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The Meaning of Love

Summary: Phil Lester is an intern at the British Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Neko – an organisation that focuses on rescuing abandoned or mistreated neko and rehabilitating them for re-adoption. He can’t say he fully agrees with the way many neko are treated, but in a world where they have no rights Phil has to agree that being someones pet is the best option for them. Then neko #504 is brought into the shelter and Phil finally realises just how alike humans and neko are.

Genre: Angst, fluff, a little smut, lots and lots of feels

Word count: 17,260

Warning: Mentions of past physical/sexual abuse

Notes: I got a couple of prompts asking for a neko!dan fic so I started writing one and this monster happened. I ended up writing and editing all this in less than three days and honestly, I’m proud of this.

You can also read on AO3 here.

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Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter
Warnings: swearing, alcohol
I can’t deny this was totally inspired by @sappypotter :)

Draco could hear the muffled voices through the thick, wooden door of his dorm. He was planning on staying in bed all night, but the voices from the common room kept getting louder and louder, and it was doubtable that Draco would get any sleep.

When he was sure of hearing Pansy’s cackling laugh from the next room, he finally decided to just go and join them. 

A small silence fell over everyone when the blonde boy entered. Draco quickly scanned the room, which consisted of: Blaise Zabini, who wore the usual smirk on his lips, but seemed truly surprised to see Draco; Pansy, short hair tickling her neck, her chin tilted up with her usual demeanor; Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, whose legs were tangled together affectionately, his arm hung loosely over her shoulders.

And last of the bunch, who probably looked the most out of place next to Draco himself, was none other than Harry Potter, who pushed his wire-framed glasses half an inch up his nose as he stared at Draco, along with everyone else.

They all sat in a circle on the floor of the Slytherin common room, which wasn’t rare, ever since McGonagall implemented the new house unity rules for their eighth year. Draco sucked in a breath and regretted coming out of his room.

He just wished Potter would stop staring at him. It made him want to fidget.

“Well, look who decided to join us!” Pansy said, and Draco could tell alone from the tone of her voice that she was a little drunk. It wasn’t until then that he noticed the bottle of firewhiskey in the center of the circle, and all of the plastic cups scattered around the five of them.

When Draco didn’t respond, Blaise said, “Are you gonna sit, Malfoy? Or stand there and continue to stare at us all night?”

Clearing his throat, Draco nodded and muttered,”Yeah, I’ll sit.” He then proceeded to plop down where the biggest gap was, which just happened to be in between Pansy and Harry.

“Well, pour him a drink, Blaise,” prompted Pansy, as Blaise was refilling his own cup. But before Blaise took out a new cup for Draco, Harry blurted, “He can have mine. I’m done for the night.”

Draco turned to look at the curly-haired boy, who was holding out his half-filled cup of firewhiskey, almost like a peace offering. Harry’s glasses had fallen back down his nose, and it took a lot of willpower for Draco not to lean over and adjust them himself.

He tried to think of some witty insult about Potter drugging him, but Draco couldn’t even think straight when his pale fingers brushed against Harry’s warm ones, through the exchanging of the cup.

“Oh,” he mumbled, avoiding eye contact. “Thanks.”

Draco turned back to face everyone, and he could practically feel Pansy’s stare digging into his skin. When he finally looked in her direction, she raised an eyebrow at him, her dark purple lips upturned into a suspicious smile.

She knew his secret. There was no getting past his best friend.

Draco took a big sip of the firewhiskey.

HIs eyes roamed around the room, which happened to be vacant saved for the six of them on the floor. Not many Hogwarts students returned the year after the war, and the majority of the ones that did weren’t very social.

Blaise began rambling about something Draco had no interest in, so he zoned out, his fingers wrapped tightly around his cup of alcohol that had previously belonged to Harry Potter.

What a weird turn of events his life had spiraled into. Less than a year ago, Draco was sure he was going to die in the Room of Requirement, when it was completely engulfed in hot flames during the battle.

He truly thought his life was over, but Harry Potter, dirt-streaked and sweat-stained, swooped in on a broomstick and carried Draco to safety.

And ever since that horrid day, Draco hadn’t been able to completely wipe Potter’s face from his mind.

The only sounds present were the fire crackling in the fireplace and Blaise’s smooth voice, rambling on about Merlin knows what. Draco practically jumped a foot into the air when he felt a hand on his left arm.

“Sorry,” Harry whispered, flicking something onto the carpet with the hand that had just grazed Draco. “You had a thread on your sweater.”

Trying to remain calm and ignore the heart palpitations inside his chest, Draco cleared his throat and mumbled, “It’s okay. Thanks.”

Was it a sin that, after that, all he wanted that night was for Harry to touch him again?


Within a matter of hours, the night had unraveled into an unnerving game of Truth or Dare. 

After about five minutes, Ron had ended up without a shirt and Pansy had already shared a very detailed account of her last date with a girl she’d been seeing. Draco’s blood felt as if it were boiling with anxiety under his skin, and he wished he could just rewind the past couple of hours and retreat back to his warm bed. 

But he couldn’t escape. “Truth or dare, Draco?” Pansy’s voice rang, dripping in sugar and venom.

The alcohol was blurring Draco’s thoughts slightly, but he was still very aware of the close proximity in which Harry was sitting, cross-legged, next to him.

He thought he had dodged a bullet when he answered, “Dare.” He didn’t want to deal with facing his secrets head on in front of everyone.

Pansy’s lips curled upward into a grin, and Draco’s stomach did flips. “I dare you to kiss the most attractive person in the room.”


Everyone else hummed a collective, “Ooooh,” as Draco was forced to face this challenge (which he had never signed up for in the first place).

In attempts to play it safe, Draco moved toward his right - toward Pansy, whom he had always thought of to be nice to look at. But mostly because he hoped she would just help him out with the situation at hand.

It didn’t work, because Pansy leaned backward and Blaise blurted out, “Oh please, Draco, we all know you’re about as straight as the sky is red.”

Ron snickered, and Draco saw Hermione try to hide her smile as well, as she buried her face into Ron’s sweater. He shot them a look with daggers in his eyes before waiting for a reaction from Harry, which never came.

It was at this precise moment that Draco decided to down the rest of the firewhiskey in his cup, as the rest of the eighth-years stared him down. Draco needed as much courage he could possible get if he was going to do what he was about to do.

In one swift movement, Draco threw his empty plastic cup to the floor, scooped Harry Potter’s face into his hands, and kissed him hard on the mouth.

Harry was taken aback, naturally, and Draco felt the brunette’s whole body go rigid. Draco just kissed him harder, because he knew this may be his only chance - he’s never have the right confidence to do this again.

Draco was finally about to pull away, when Harry seemed to regain control of his body and began to kiss him back.

Draco felt like melting right then and there, and he probably would have if it weren’t for the fact that Harry’s face was sitting in his hands. The golden boy’s own hands made their way to Draco’s blonde hair, and it felt like…

Heaven. That was the only word Draco could think of as the two boys moved their lips against one another’s. He wasn’t even religious, but that’s exactly what it felt like to Draco - heaven.

It was sloppy, and wet, and utterly wonderful.

When it was finally over, they pulled away and just stared at each other, for what felt like a lifetime.

The common room was dead silent, as Pansy, Blaise, Hermione, and Ron stared in complete surprise and fascination. Draco had nearly forgotten he had an audience - no, they, had an audience.

Draco wasn’t sure any of them would ever speak again until Blaise finally whispered, “Damn,” his voice sounding low and raspy.

That’s when Draco finally ripped his eyes from Harry’s and looked around at the spectators, who stared back looking quite dumbfounded.

No one had probably ever expected none other than Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy to bump lips, let alone be in the same room and not at each other’s throats.

When Draco looked back at Harry and his forest-green eyes, he was met with Potter’s crooked yet beautiful grin staring him in the face.

Things had changed - Draco could feel it in the air, and certainly in the tingle of his lips. He smiled back at the curly-haired boy. Draco was ready for a change.


So y’know that weird glass decoration that drunk!Sherlock was checking out at the Mayfly Man’s place during the stag night?

It’s totally in his hospital room in TLD.

In the background, by the window. I don’t think you ever see it much closer than in this screencap (apologies for my literal cell phone pictures of screens), but it looks exactly the same, down to the black metal/wire frame that suspends the glass over the base.

Sorry for tagging people that don’t know me (Hi, I’m new!), but I follow you and think you’re awesome! Don’t have many followers myself, so just wondering if this has been noticed before… @jenna221b @inevitably-johnlocked @theelephantglassintheroom @marcespot @teaandqueerbaiting


I mentioned my guinea pig Cappy a minute ago, I finally found some pictures of her! This was from when I was in 7th grade, I think she was a couple years old in this picture and she lived all the way through my junior year of high school, so she lived to be about 7 or 8! She was already big here, and she grew more in the couple years after this picture was taken, so she was pretty huge by guinea pig standards ^^;

The pink thing is a leash we had for her when we took her outside just to keep track of her, idk why we bothered though bc she never went far lol

(Disregard 7th Grade Me, I’m gonna roast myself in the tags)

Hogwarts! Jeonghan

anon requested: “hello hello! i really loved reading your hogwarts aus;; can i request a jeonghan one?? ty if you do this! <3”

@willowtree8 requested: “Hey love your writing. Especially the hogwarts au’s, so could you make a Jeonghan Hogwarts Au for me. And could you make the s/o a raveclaw, if it’s not to much to ask. Thanks so much!”

anon requested: “Can I please request a hogwarts jeonghan au! 💚✨”

  •  fifth year Slytherin
  • also a prefect with Joshua and Seungcheol
  • he was surprised when he found out he got selected as a prefect
  • but no one else was
  • Jeonghan tends to mother everyone
  • “Yah! Eat your food!”
  • “Don’t skip meals or I’ll give you detention.”
  • “If you don’t sleep, you’ll end up napping in classes, and miss vital information.”
  • “Hey just because I nap in class doesn’t mean you can!!! Your education is important!!!”
  • knows almost everyone’s names
  • don’t even be surprised if you walk by him in the halls
  • “Your robes are a bit crooked, here.” he’ll call you by name and fix it for you before waving goodbye
  • usually seen sitting under some tree with a first year or other younger students
  • giving them advice and counseling sessions
  • and because of this also knows all the latest gossip at Hogwarts
  • “Did you hear about the first year that got kicked out for trying to set the whomping willow on fire?”
  • “I heard the professor from muggle studies is dating!”
  • “There’s supposed to be a prank planned for the potions master by some of the older students, don’t get caught in the crossfire" 
  • absolutely adores Ravenclaw’s first year, Chan
  • always following Chan to make sure he eats and babies him a lot
  • "Chan, who’s baby are you?”
  • babies all of his friends though
  • “Seokmin, don’t read books upside down while walking, you’ll get a headache or run into a pillar, again.”
  • “Seungcheol, you should sit straight and not slouch or you’ll complain about back pains after quidditch practice.”
  • “Minghao, just cuz you think you’re cool, doesn’t mean it’s cool to not eat lunch.”
  • “Get your butt over here and explain yourself before I hex it out of you.”
  • suffice to say, may use his prefect powers a bit too much
  • “But professor, he was trying to prank a first year, I just used my powers as a prefect to get a bit of revenge. It was totally called for!!!!”
  • pranks everyone a lot too
  • “Jeonghan!!!”
  • “Yeeeeessss?”
  • “Why is my hw flying away from me?”
  • “I may or may not have cast a spell on it.” //evil giggling//
  • “But you’re a prefect!”
  • “Which is why you won’t tell the professor or else I’ll give you detention!”
  • even with all the pranking though
  • everyone knows they can go to Jeonghan for advice
  • literally the best second mother to everyone ever
  • always listening to students talk about friend drama
  • or stress problems
  • or schoolwork complaints
  • and never refuses to ignore someone who needs help
  • which is probably why all the teachers still tolerate him sending himself a howler every year around Christmas just so everyone can hear him singing Christmas songs all across the hall
  • his voice is freaking angelic anyway so no one complains
  • he's friends with everyone too
  • one time you’re sitting in the library
  • with your charms paper in front of you trying not to fall asleep on top of it
  • and you see Jeonghan walk in with Joshua
  • and Joshua leaves after a bit
  • leaving Jeonghan alone
  • now if you haven’t been living under a rock in the forbidden forest
  • you knew Jeonghan
  • literally all of Hogwarts knows Jeonghan and his friend group
  • the 13 boys from all four houses that were the best of friends
  • and so you were curious why he was alone in the library
  • you watched as he settled his stuff down on a desk and started writing a paper
  • you’re a fourth year ravenclaw so you don’t really have any classes with him
  • you’ve just kind of seen him around helping everyone
  • and you think he’s super sweet for trying to help everyone
  • but now that you’re looking at him from across the library
  • you notice he’s really cute too
  • the way his round wire-framed silver glasses sat neatly and gracefully on the bridge of his nose
  • the way his hair framed his forehead in a half heart shape
  • the way he set his chin on his fist to write his paper
  • you smiled at the sight, he was seriously good-looking
  • sighing, ‘outta my league too’ you thought to yourself
  • you went on to continue writing your paper
  • a little while later you finished
  • and get up about to leave
  • when you notice a frown on his face as he stares up at a bookshelf
  • you hear him audibly sigh a few times
  • and scratch his head angrily
  • so what the heck
  • you and whatever nonexistent confidence
  • you walked over and set your things down gently across from him
  • “Hey Jeonghan, are you ok?”
  • he looks up at you in surprise
  • “I’m y/n,” you say sheepishly forgetting that he probably doesn’t know you even though you always hear about him from everyone else
  • “No I know, you’re f/n’s friend, she talked about you once when you guys had that fight.”
  • “She did?”
  • “Yea, she was crying and asking how to tell you she was sorry and stuff” he said, “she even showed me a picture” he laughed
  • “Wow, well…” you’re speechless
  • the famous counselor Jeonghan knows you???
  • “I’m glad you guys made up.” He said smiling
  • “I’m just glad you made her feel better, it was just a misunderstanding.”
  • he gave another small smile before the frown returned to his face and he buried his face in his hands
  • “Well I just…” you start nervously, “I just wanted to ask if you’re ok. Usually you’re always helping everyone and it seems like there’s something wrong so, just know if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.” you say finally nodding slowly
  • you watch as the tiniest of smiles reappears on Jeonghan’s face
  • “That’s really nice of you to offer.”
  • you wait to see if he elaborates
  • “I’ve just been a bit tired lately, with studying for the O.W.L.’s and whatnot.”
  • you nod making reassuring eye contact with him
  • “My scores in transfiguration aren’t the best right now, but since I’m kind of the one everyone looks to for help when they’re stressed, I try really hard not to let the others know when I’m worried myself.” he said puffing his cheeks a bit
  • you stared at him for a bit
  • Jeonghan must genuinely care so much for everyone if he went to the point of sitting by himself in the library just to make sure his friends weren’t worried
  • “Well, I’m not sure if I’m any help as a fourth year” you say timidly, “but my best subject is transfiguration, and I have older siblings who show me stuff all the time. Let me see what you’re having trouble with.”
  • he looks at you a bit skeptically before turning the textbook he was reading around for you to see
  • it’s a diagram of the vanishing spell, a transfiguration spell that will most likely be on the O.W.L.’s
  • you smile up at Jeonghan
  • “Hey I know this one really well! My brother showed me ages ago.”
  • “Really? I’m struggling with it a lot, but I guess it must be easy for a Ravenclaw.” he smiled
  • your breath caught a bit as you felt your heart race a bit at his smile
  • you thought that Jeonghan’s smile was the best thing in the world
  • and you wanted to make sure he kept smiling since he made everyone around him as happy as he could
  • the boy was everyone’s saving grace from a bad day or bad moods in general
  • Hogwart’s own fallen angel
  • so you steeled your nerves and gathered up some more courage
  • “Let’s meet tomorrow, I’ll definitely help you.” you say confidently
  • “Why would you go through that trouble.” he frowned again making your heart ache
  • “Because you help everyone around here, it’s about time we repaid the favor.”
  • so you meet him out on the grounds the next day and you can tell he’s pretty nervous
  • but you’re pretty confident and you have like five bottles of butter beer and pumpkin juice lined up next to a few bowls of water you set up on the ground
  • “Rules are simple, for every vanishing spell you do perfectly, I’ll treat you to a free drink!” you call laughing
  • you notice he lightens up and starts smiling with you
  • the both of you work the afternoon away
  • you helping him with wand technique
  • and when he gets it perfectly for the first time
  • in a moment of screaming elated excitement
  • he turns to you with the biggest grin on his face as he hugs you
  • and promptly realizes what he did
  • and you both turn pink and start blushing as you pull away
  • but PROGRESS!!!!
  • you’re so happy he finally did it and he’s super thankful too
  • in the end he has it down
  • and you both just sit watching the sunset while sipping your bottles of pumpkin juice
  • “Who needs a vanishing spell when you can just drink the delicious drink, right?” you giggle raising your bottle for a toast
  • and as Jeonghan returns it with a gentle clink of his bottle to yours
  • you sigh contentedly proud you could be of some help
  • the next few weeks you don’t see Jeonghan around that much
  • for obvious reasons of course
  • you’re both a year apart and in different houses
  • but whenever you do see him in the hallways he gives you a big grin and literally runs up to you to give you a hug
  • or yell and jump around with you because he did well on his transfiguration exam
  • and although you don’t see him as much as you want to
  • you’re really happy to see him smiling again
  • an angel’s smile
  • you’re walking into charms one day when Wonwoo comes up to you
  • shaking his head in disbelief as he hands you a letter
  • “Honestly, making me a delivery owl, I thought I had more respect to my name than this” he joked and laughed giving you a smile
  • you open it and read it
  • “Thanks for all your help y/n, to celebrate I’m buying you butter beer at Hogsmeade, oh and I told Wonwoo not to leave you alone until you said yes.”
  • you look up at Wonwoo, a huge smile on your face
  • “Sorry you got put up to this” you laugh
  • “He doesn’t stop glowing about you now, never seen hyung so happy about anyone,” Wonwoo shakes his head while laughing, “So to save me some time, just say yes?”
  • “Of course, haha thank you Mr. owl.”
  • “I don’t get paid in owl treats for this you know.”
  • and when the weekend rolls by you’re super excited
  • and you put on your best outfit
  • even though you think you’re crazy
  • not like it was a date or anything, just a fifth year thanking you for helping him out in a class
  • but you couldn’t help the smile that crept up your face as you walked into Hogsmeade
  • to see Jeonghan there with a small bouquet of flowers
  • and freaking Joshua and Seungcheol laughing their asses off at Jeonghan before he turned around to threaten to smack them with the flowers
  • “Here.” he said smiling nervously before giving them to you
  • “Aww they’re so pretty thank you.” you laugh taking them into your arms
  • “I just can’t thank you enough, y/n.” he stands a bit awkwardly before Seungcheol comes up behind the two of you
  • “Not to be blunt and all… but I’m going to go practice quidditch. And leave the two of you alone. Yea.” Seungcheol laughs and you can literally see Jeonghan shooting lasers at Seungcheol with his eyes
  • oh but the best part
  • freaking Hong Jisoo
  • walks up to the two of you
  • with this sly af smile on his face
  • “Hey y/n, I’m going to take off too. You see, Jeonghan shoved me into a broom closet once because I had a crush on this person, and it must have worked because we’re dating now, but I still haven’t completely forgiven Jeonghan, and so I thought now would be a great time….”
  • “Shua I swear if you-”
  • “Take this as a metaphorical broom closet and I apologize profusely.”
  • Joshua gives you a sheepish smile before Seungcheol gives you a gentle push, causing you to trip before Jeonghan catches you in his arms
  • and legit Seungcheol and Joshua running away laughing
  • the both of you still blushing as he’s still holding you in his arms
  • “So….”
  • “So I’m just going to be honest and admit I wanted to ask you out on a date properly, but it seems my friends may have ruined the surprise.” Jeonghan chuckled
  • you stare at him in shock
  • “Wait you like me?”
  • “Yea.”
  • “Really?”
  • “I said yes already y/n keep up.” he laughed and tousled your hair lightly
  • “I-”
  • “It’s ok if you don't like me back, it’s just you made me feel like I could take time for myself and be worried and not have to hide anything. It’s was really nice.”
  • “No I like you, too, like a lot.” you laughed
  • “That’s actually perfect I was just pretending you not liking me back was ok, but I literally was freaking out on the inside so much thank you.”
  • and you both collapse into a fit of giggles in the middle of Hogsmeade blushing but happy
  • “So you’ll be my girlfriend?”
  • “Of course.”
  • and literally anyone seeing the two of you together would literally die from the cuteness how could they not
  • everyone
  • all the students  calling you and Jeonghan their parents
  • “Look it’s my mom and dad, aren’t they such goals ;,,,,)”
  • as you guys walk around the school grounds hand in hand, giggling together
  • he’d randomly stop walking just to hold you in his arms a bit
  • “Shut it Seungkwan!”
  • and everyone going to you and Jeonghan for relationship advice now too
  • “We don’t ever fight you can trust our advice.”
  • “What the heck, Jeonghan you’re always arguing with me.”
  • “Ok got me there.”
  • like the two of you going around calling yourselves cupids and matchmakers
  • “Look at us, aren’t we the cutest couple you’ve ever seen?”
  • and legit being the silliest couple ever around valentines day
  • bewitching miniature statues of cupid to go around pelting people with chocolates and paper arrows
  • and giving each other high fives as the cupids start attacking Seungcheol
  • “Nah I think they’ve got the right idea.”
  • definitely the fallen angel couple with your pranks on one side and lovey dovey advice on the other
  • “Honest;y we’re a blessing to this school.”
  • “Which is why we’re stuck cleaning up all these paper arrows the cupids shot everyone?”
  • “Hey detention is more fun with two people!”
  • “What angel gets detention?”
  • “Your boyfriend does, now shh and get the broom.”

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noodle-bird  asked:

Hello lovely! How about a pynch au fic where Ronan and Adam meet when the fire alarms for their apartment building go off and everyone has to evacuate to the parking lot?

hey there!!! i am so sorry this is so late, and i don’t really have an excuse other than that life’s been incredibly busy – with good things, mostly, so that’s a plus at least. three notes: 1. this is definitely not a drabble of a couple hundred words, because i’m apparently terrible at keeping my own resolutions… but at the same time, 2. it’s also not a complete fic; it kinda feels like the start of one, and maybe i’ll write that au someday, but i decided to let this go for now or i would never fill your prompt, ack ^^;;; finally, 3. this is unbeta’d, so any mistakes (whether in the english or in general knowledge about american stuff) are exclusively mine. hope you enjoy!! <3

Adam didn’t need this. With midterms looming so close, and the opening shift at the coffee shop the following morning at ass o’clock, he was really looking forward to going over his chemistry notes one more time and then getting an early night. Instead, he had been forced out of his tiny flat and down four flights of stairs by a blaring siren.

Adam really didn’t need this.

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The Librarian's Assistant

I’d spent two years trying to get a job at the library on campus. I’d talked to the admission offices, the Gentry, the Education Board, the librarians, only to come up with nothing. I was, apparently, unqualified, which I thought was untrue. I’d worked for years as a librarian assistant over multiple summers. I was getting my major in Library Science. I even befriended some Fair Folk and their friends with my knowledge on books. Still, nothing. That is, until the main staff of human librarians disappeared. That was when the packet of paperwork was sent my way. 

“Hello?” I called out when I entered the library before my first class. “I’m here for the librarian job?”

“Good morning, Ms. Ellis.”

I turned to see the most beautiful woman in the world. Black hair, creamy coffee colored skin, and golden eyes that seemed to stare into my very soul. I was floored. I sputtered out some sort of response, to which she smiled. I melted. 

“I see you have your papers,” she said. “I’m truly sorry for the delay in you joining us. If I was in charge, you would have been a member of staff on your first day. There was definitely enough evidence for it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you not remember? You’re one of the only students I’ve seen find her book within two minutes of being here, and finding your way out again. This library chose you, as it did us many years ago.”


I looked around to suddenly notice four more women walking around the library. One of them smiled and waved. I returned a smile, then turned back to the librarian. 

“We’re always here. You’ve spoken to a few of us over your time here.”

“Yes, I remember. I just have a question, though. The main office said only non-humans worked here after the human ones disappeared.”

“Oh, those old crows doesn’t keep up with anything nowadays. The librarians either chose to stop working here, or switched to our side.”

I remained confused. 

“Walk with me, Ellis. My name is Ina, by they way. You see, we librarians are all of different backgrounds. I, for example, am a Siren. I found the sea was not my calling, and found this place. Some of the librarians felt being a human was not their calling, so they became various creatures. Most choose to become a member of the Fae, or something of that nature. You’re not required to do the same, but you may choose this path when the time is right.”

“I thought humans weren’t able to do that. I asked the Gentry about it.”

“The librarians are a special case. Here, this way.”

She led me to an elevator. We got in, and pressed the button for the 18th floor. I continued to be surprised by how many stories could fit in a small buildings. I asked Ina about it.

“You mean…you’ve always known?”

“Well, yeah. Isn’t that common knowledge?”

“Only those with The Sight, non-human decent, or a relative of one of the original builders of the library can see the other floors. Do you have The Sight?”

“I don’t know. I mean, I can see Faes pretty well, but a lot of people can. Before you ask, I don’t know about my ancestry. I’m adopted, never knew my birth family.”

The elevator doors opened. Ina talked me over to the main desk. Behind the wood was a large man reading a small book. He looked up when we walked over. 

“Matthias,” Ina said. “I need a scan on our potential employee.”

The man, Matthias, took off his wire-framed glasses and stared at me with almost completely white eyes. He leaned back in his chair a minute later, as if considering something.

“What?” I asked. “What is it?”

“Ellis, right? It seems you have quite a bit of Fae heritage. I’m surprised you’re not showing signs of the Fae.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you’re officially part of the team,” Ina said, looping an arm around my shoulders. “Welcome, Ellis of the Fae, to your new job.”

(I don’t know if I’ll continue this or not, but man was it fun to write! If whoever reads this wants me to continue, let me know with replies, I guess? I’ve never submitted anything to this universe before, so let me know if I got something wrong)


anonymous asked:

Who needs alcohol when we have sleep deprivation?

This is either a Baby AU fic OR:

A college AU based during The Finals Week When Yuuri Lost His Mind, i.e. the week that Yuuri Katsuki drank three carafes of coffee, saw God, was told the meaning of Existence by God (and then forgot it, because he didn’t write it down), passed out on the floor of his dorm room, woke up three hours later, turned in a seventeen-page history paper on the Russian Revolution, realized he forgot to edit out the expletives in the paper (Let’s hear it for Everyone’s Favorite Evil Mystic, MOTHERFUCKING RASPUTIN) ran halfway across campus in nothing but pajama pants and a tee-shirt that said WORLD’S OKAYEST BROTHER (In December. In Michigan) and banged on the door of The World’s Most Beautiful Grad Student, Viktor Nikiforov, until Viktor answered the door in pajama pants wearing a pair of wire-frame glasses, and convinced Viktor Nikiforov, World’s Most Beautiful Grad Student, to delete the submission from the dropbox, but only after he and Viktor tongue ferociously in the mudroom of the townhouse Viktor is renting.

The Finals Week Yuuri Lost His Mind becomes kind of a legend on campus. 

Finally Free, Part 3 - Drake x Louisa (PG-13)

The traitor has been found, the mysteries have been solved, and now Drake and Louisa are free to be together in the way they’ve always dreamt about. Leaving the courts behind, they run away to Drake’s cabin in the mountains to begin their lives together.

*In this fic, Drake speaks a little bit of Greek (the language I HC to be spoken in Cordonia given it’s proximity to the Greek Isles). I apologize if I made any mistakes with those words. All errors are mine - and a little bit Google Translate’s.

**Thank you a thousand times over to everyone who read, commented on, and reblogged these stories. I really loved writing this little series and I’m so happy people seem to have enjoyed it! 

Read Part 1 Here

Read Part 2 Here (NSFW)

Originally posted by frolicingintheforest

Louisa wakes up to find golden early morning light streaming into the bedroom. She yawns and stretches, cringing slightly at the delicious soreness of her muscles. The night before begins to filter back into her mind. Drake. A slow smile creeps onto her face as she remembers the look in his eyes as he’d made love to her, so intensely focused on her. She swears she can still feel his hands, his lips on every part of her body. And then she remembers the words he’d spoken in the afterglow, voice low and husky murmuring in her ear.

I love you, Louisa.

The two of them had been so careful not to stay those words before now. An unspoken agreement to keep that step, those words inside until they were truly free to act upon them. Then, last night…finally, finally hearing him say he loves her as they held each other close.…Louisa buries her face in her pillow to smother the happy laughter that bubbles up at the memory. He loves me. We’re free, we’re together, and he loves me.

Suddenly, she realizes they’re not tangled up together the way they had been when they had fallen asleep. Drake’s arm is no longer looped around her waist. His face isn’t pressed against the crook of her neck. Panic sets Louisa’s heart racing. No, no, her mind reels, wondering if it had been a dream that her lovestruck mind had conjured up.

Rolling over hastily, she breathes out a sigh relief and flops back onto the bed. Still here. Not a dream. She presses a hand over her thundering heart and turns her head to study the man beside her. Lying on his back, one arm thrown above his head, Drake lies spread eagle across the bed, one leg hanging out from under the quilt. His longish hair is mussed and his mouth hangs open as he snores softly. Louisa bites her lip against a giggle. He’s usually so serious, playing it cool and jaded. She likes seeing him like this. A warm feeling infuses her just watching him. He’s relaxed, all his hard edges melted away by sleep and their newfound intimacy.

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Hey! I wrote a thing! 

Vacationland! (Read on ao3)

Pairing: nurseydex
Words: ~3600
Summary: Derek and Dex end up spending a week together. Alone. In Maine. At a lake house. This leads to some important conversations about relationships. 


Derek was sitting on the edge of a dock on a lake in Maine wondering what the fuck happened in his life to bring him here. Well, actually he knew exactly what brought him here. He had mentioned casually in the Haus one day near the end of the semester than his parents were planning on going to Italy for a week for their anniversary, and, while he was invited along, he opted not to go so his moms could enjoy the vacation as a couple.

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I find it utterly fascinating and downright delightful that even though in canon Gansey is depicted as:

(1) wearing his contact lenses much more than his glasses in public (implied bc Blue was taken by surprise in TRB when she first saw him in glasses at least a month after she joined the crew)

(2) owning nearly invisible wire-frame glasses that somehow manage to go unnoticed the first time Blue sees him wear them (despite the fact that his prescription is definitely close to -8.00 and his eyes would look noticeably smaller than usual when he has his glasses on)

-the collective image of him in the fanbase skews heavily towards Gansey who always wears chunky-framed hipster glasses because his history nerd hipster game is just too strong for us to see anything else. Gansey is such a hipster that we can’t help but depict him according to the #aesthetic and I think that’s beautiful.

since i can’t seem to stop cranking out pynch oneshots this week have another one (with a side of bluesy because why not):

It may have started as a joke, but Adam’s not laughing now.

It’s been a few months since everything happened. Some things (Blue finally being able to kiss Gansey) have been easier to adapt to than others (Noah’s disappearance, Ronan and Adam finding themselves co-parenting a half-goat girl) but they’re making it work.

Truly, Adam’s biggest problem at the moment is trying to decide if he wants to keep one or both of his jobs over the summer to save up for any college expenses not covered by his (very, very generous) full-ride scholarship.

And Ronan’s current outfit. That’s definitely jumped to the top of Adam’s list of problems.

Henry had decided they needed more fun in their lives and that it was time they acted like the teenagers they are before September rolls around and everyone goes their separate ways (well, Henry, Blue and Gansey are going one way and Adam and Ronan are going two other ways but the point still stands).

His lease for the Litchfield house is up at the end of June and he decides to have one last blow out party to celebrate.

But not just any party.

A costume party.

“You do know it’s fucking June, right?” Ronan had muttered when Henry had burst into Monmouth carrying streamers and cans of glittery spray paint.

“That I do, Lynch. Which is why it’s a costume party and not a Halloween party.” Henry had said with a grin.

And that was that.

Now it’s the morning of the party and Adam’s having a hard time keeping his mouth shut as he sprawls out on the bed and watches his boyfriend get ready. Ronan, pissy about dressing up (“It’s a costume party Lynch I think you can chill out on the whole ‘I don’t lie’ thing in this particular case”) had decided that if he was going to be forced to be someone else for the night, then naturally it would be at Gansey’s expense.

One orange polo shirt and a pair of pressed khaki shorts later and Adam is having a crisis. He’s never really been into Gansey’s particular aesthetic (neither had Blue, actually, which Adam privately finds hilarious) but there’s something about Ronan wearing his signature items that’s doing something to him.

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if anyones done this already sorry

but like

what if papyrus is nearsighted

and that’s why he had trouble differentiating Frisk and the rock

and why he didn’t see them behind the lamp

and he gets these rectangular wire frame glasses and uses magic to hold them up and wears them while cooking and sometimes forgets he’s wearing them and it’s really cute

maybe im slow on the draw but it popped in my head

pipe dreams (part two)

pairing: reader x yoongi

summary: you’re the girl yoongi left behind to pursue his music career. flash forward seven years, and you’re a lawyer representing a company suing bighit for copyright infringement. what happens when yoongi is still harboring feelings for you?

⏎previous chapter // next chapter✏︎

a/n: i felt a surge of inspiration for a poet!yoongi au but i also remembered this series so now i’m writing this part :) honestly, yoongi is an endless muse for me. also, let’s just pretend that opposing lawyers question defendants in this way blah blah you know the whole deal on “I don’t know how the legal system fucking works in explicit detail”  

Originally posted by yoongichii


The universe must be playing some kind of cruel joke on you.

Your breath catches in your throat as Min Yoongi takes a seat. You blink rapidly, unsure of if the sight of your ex-boyfriend was a figment of your imagination. Maybe you were so tired that you were having hallucinations.


This Yoongi was real, and sitting down at the same table you were seated at.

How long had it been since you’d even seen Yoongi, let alone been in a room with him? It has to have been at least five years since you’d snuck glimpses of him playing basketball by the river.

Time has done wonders for him, and you can only hope he thinks the same of you. His hair is dyed a grey tone, falling in wispy strands slightly above his eyes.

He’s wearing all black, layering a long sleeve underneath a short sleeve. His style preference for black seems to have remained intact throughout the years.

Something different that jumps out at you is the row of piercings on his ears. Small silver hoops adorn his ears, and you bite your lip as you take them into account. That was something you’d always found insanely attractive; Jaebum had had them in his college years, too.

You soon realize Yoongi has detected your staring. His eyes widen at the sight of you, something frantic appearing in his eyes, only to quickly subside again.

Clearing your throat, you collect yourself and wait for everyone’s attention to land on you.

“H-hello, everyone.” You mentally curse at yourself for stuttering. “My name is Y/N Y/L/N. I’m the attorney representing TF Entertainment in the case ‘TF Entertainment v. BigHit Entertainment’. I’m not going to say it’s a pleasure to meet you because I’m sure you don’t feel that way as you’re tangled up in a lawsuit right now. So let’s skip those formalities and just move on to my questioning. I’m simply going to ask you to identify yourselves and then briefly question your roles so that I can determine who I will need to meet with again.”

You look pointedly at Jinyoung, who is seated next to you in the first spot along the table. He hands you a crisp paper with the names of the group members and songwriters present at the moment.

Jinyoung looks the part of a lawyer, one hundred percent. If you had to guess what profession he was, you would’ve guessed lawyer. The way he carries himself can only be described as refined and polished. He’s adorned in a charcoal grey suit and silver wire-framed glasses, and it seems as if he wears dress shirts and loafers even on his days off. All in all, he exudes confidence and sophistication.

Briefly scanning the list, you begin by questioning the songwriters, determining that they all require further examination.

Moving on to the group members, you pause as you read the first name to yourself.

Min Yoongi.

Deciding to delay the discomfort for as long as possible, you skip to the next name inked on the page.

“Park Jimin?”

“Yes?” Jimin gives you a genuinely sweet smile, catching you off guard. Each person before him has regarded you with a sense of defiance or apathy. You were, indeed, the enemy here.

“What role did you play in the creative process?”

He details what he did, and you cast him as a minor role in the disputed situation, crossing him off the list.

Kim Taehyung, Kim Seokjin, Jeon Jungkook, and Jung Hoseok are excused from further questioning. The only member thus far that has been labeled as a major role is Kim Namjoon.

Tapping your foot nervously, you gulp before reading the last name.

“Which one of you is Min Yoongi?” He’s the only person left unidentified in the room, so the question is meaningless.

Flicking his hand up, he gives you a dull stare, remaining silent.

Doing your best not to look flustered, you interrogate him.

“My briefings state that you played a heavy role in the creative process. Is that correct?”

Yoongi nods again, not uttering a word in response.

“Correct?” You repeat, cocking an eyebrow as you look daringly into his eyes.

“Yes.” He finally says firmly.

“So you were the one directly involved with this particular stolen melody and the lyrics? You claimed them as your own, I mean.”

His jaw clenches, and you can see his knuckles turning white as he strengthens his grip on the side of the table.

“I didn’t steal jack shit.” Yoongi mumbles under his breath, but it doesn’t escape your notice.

“Excuse me?” You turn your head to look at Jinyoung, who looks exacerbated. “Mr. Park, are you going to sit back and allow your client to speak to me like this?”

“Mr. Min, please answer the question and remain civil. No one is accusing you of anything.” Jinyoung folds his hands together on the table, warning Yoongi.

“At least not just yet.” You say spitefully. “Well, Min Yoongi, I’m going to have to arrange for further questioning.”

Closing your folder, you stand up swiftly, smoothing your skirt down.

“I’ll look forward to seeing some of you again when we meet again for further questions. If not, well…I’ll see you in court.”

And with that, you spin on your heel and leave the conference room first. On your way out, you stop by the bathroom. You touch up on your makeup, feeling rather accomplished as things had gone according to the game plan despite the surprise of seeing Yoongi. You’re off for the rest of the day and Joy has made plans for your friend group to come over to her place tonight.

Pulling your phone out, you type a quick text to Joy as you’re walking out of the restroom to let her know you’re finished with work.

Out of the corner of your eye, you notice someone is leaning against the wall.

Jumping a little, you feel your heart stops beating when you recognize it’s Yoongi. One foot is propped nonchalantly against the wall and his arms are crossed over his chest as he smirks at you.

“Do you need something, Mr. Min?” You quickly plaster your professional front on again.

“Mr. Min now, is it?” He pushes himself off the wall. “You never called me that when we were dating. I didn’t know you were into that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Perhaps you have the wrong person.” You make an effort to leave, but he pulls you back by the wrist.

“Y/N Y/L/N. How could I forget you? You look virtually the same, but you’ve grown more beautiful, if that was even possible.”

You don’t respond, looking down at your shoes and trying to conceal the lump in your throat.

“I see you fulfilled your dreams of becoming a lawyer. Congratulations.” He continues.

“T-Thank you.” You mutter. “You too.”

“You didn’t know I was going to be here today, huh? Not a fan of BTS, I’m assuming. I’m going to forgive the fact that you blatantly accused just me of stealing someone else’s work when you know that I would never do such a thing. Just like you, I have too much pride. I thought you knew that, Y/N.” His subversive insult stings as you feel old wounds opening again.

“I didn’t know you were in BTS. I never head your name or Gloss anywhere, so I thought you didn’t make it.” You state plainly, trying to dodge an argument. It seems to be effective as his expression dulls down slightly, eyes softening into something friendlier.

“Yeah, well I don’t go by Gloss anymore. My stage name is Suga now. Or Agust D.”

Oh. You had definitely heard those names before, and you guess you had just never made the connection.

“Okay, great, congratulations. Listen. You can’t tell anyone we used to date. I just started handling my own cases at this new firm and this is only my second case. I can’t afford to lose it just because I used to date one of the accused in high school for fuck’s sakes.” You whisper forcefully.

“Don’t worry, babe. I can keep a secret.” Yoongi winks playfully.

Flinching, you blurt out, “Don’t call me that.” The word has been ruined forever by one Im Jaebum.

Yoongi’s eyes widen, rather shaken by your sharp response, but he doesn’t protest.

“Listen, it’d be nice to catch up sometime, don’t you think? For the sake of old times. Do you still have the same number?” Yoongi wipes his palms on his pants, gazing genuinely into your eyes.

You nod before you can think twice about it.

No, Y/N. This is crossing the line. You can’t meet up with Yoongi. It’s incredibly unprofessional.

However, another part of you is curious to know what Yoongi has been up to these past years. Besides, it can’t hurt if no one knows it happens.

Yoongi is practically beaming at your agreement. “Okay, so I’ll text you tonight or something. If that’s okay with you?”
“Sure.” You purse your lips. “I have somewhere to be, so I’m going to head out now. See you.”

“Bye, Y/N. It was nice seeing you today. I’m glad.”

Yoongi’s words echo in your head as you travel to Joy’s apartment.

He’s glad? Your relationship hadn’t exactly ended in the friendliest manner. Perhaps Yoongi understands that it was puppy love. That’s what it was, right? Puppy love?

If he was willing to put the past behind, you would do the same. After all, you were both adults now, and working together in a sense. Maybe it was for the best that you started with a clean slate.

Knocking on Joy’s door, your shoulder slump as you feel yourself deflating as a result of tiredness.

“Finally, you’re here. I’ve been bored out of my mind. No one else has come yet.” Joy pouts, pulling you in hurriedly.

You kick your shoes off, plopping yourself on her couch exasperatedly.

“So how was it? Did you meet Bangtan? Were they as dreamy as they seem?” Joy is squealing like a teenage girl. She had practically cyber stalked them once she found out you were taking on their plagiarism case, claiming it was “research” for your benefit as she scrolled through endless photos of the group. Instead of giving you useful information, she’d just screamed to you over the phone about how hot they were after a sleepless night of binging their music videos and dance practices.

“This case is all over the news, by the way. I bet you’re going to get a kickass raise if you win this!” She adds.

“Joy…” You groan, stuffing your face into a pillow. “Yoongi is in Bangtan.”

Joy almost falls out of the armchair she’s perched in.


Biting your lip, you look up, nodding.

“Fuck.” She mutters. “Which one is he?”

“Suga.” You crinkle your nose.

“WHAT?” Joy is yelling again. You shush at her, motioning for her to calm down. She doesn’t listen, instead screaming again. “Min Suga is your Min Yoongi? Your high school ex, first love, Min Yoongi?”

You close your eyes, wincing at the loud volume of her voice.

“He’s so amazing, Y/N! How did you not know your ex-boyfriend was in Bangtan? They’re fucking huge! Do you live under a rock? And damn, that boy is COOL. He’s so talented and writes music and produces!” Joy rambles.

“No way, Joy. He can’t be that famous. Name one song I know that he’s produced.”

“That Suran song you were obsessed with.” Joy gives you a knowing look.

Your jaw drops.

“No way.” You had listen to that song on repeat for weeks, prompting Joy to threaten to never speak to you again if you played that song one more time in her presence.

“Yes way.”

You’re still processing this when the doorbell rings, and Joy gets up to let them in.

“I brought wine!” Mark holds up a few bottles of wine, looking victorious.

Wendy and Kyungsoo follow closely behind, clutching boxes of pizza tightly against themselves.

“Wow, nothing like the sophisticated beverage of wine to pair with cheap, greasy pizza.” Wendy sighs, plopping her box down on the table.

“Hey, you gotta get what you can out of life.” Kyungsoo declares, giving you a smile in greeting.

You all gathers around Joy’s dining table, where she already has glasses and plates set up.

“Bon appetit, everyone.” Joy proclaims, and you all dig in.

Moaning as you take your first bite of pizza, you close your eyes.

“No matter how much money I make, how is pizza is still the best food money can buy?”

Kyungsoo laughs as he pours you a glass of wine. You thank him, swirling it around before you take a small sip.

“How’s work?” He makes small talk with you.

“Tiring, but going well for the most part. How about you?”

“Fine. Just preparing for a comeback, so I’ve been doing dance practices day and night, and you know how I feel about dancing.” Kyungsoo grimaces.

“Not your favorite pastime, I know.” You giggle. A thought suddenly crosses your mind. Kyungsoo was an idol. He probably knew Yoongi, right?

“Say, Kyungsoo, do you happen to know Suga?” You blurt out the question, mentally face palming as you see his expression shift.

Kyungsoo raises an eyebrow at you over his glass of wine. “Since when are you a Bangtan fan?”

“No, it’s nothing. I just wanted to know because I’m working on that case, remember?” You direct his suspicions elsewhere.

“Oh. I don’t know him well, but some of my members are pretty close with a couple of the BTS boys. Suga seems to keep to himself for the most part but I’ve heard good things about him. He’s really passionate about his music and he definitely works his ass off.” Kyungsoo explains. “Why so interested in him in particular, though? Anything I should know?”

“No, it’s nothing.” You deflect his question abruptly, lying through your teeth. “Just thought he might be difficult to work with or something based off of first impressions.”

Kyungsoo seems to accept this explanation, letting the issue slide.

“There’s this charity gala I’m going to this weekend, and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me.” He poses casually.

You furrow your brow. Was Kyungsoo asking you out right now?

He seems to notice your reluctance and quickly adds, “Woah, woah, hold your horses. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I’m not asking you out if that’s what you’re thinking right now.”

You let out a deep breath. “Phew. I was starting to think maybe you had a little crush on me or something, D.O.” You tease, jutting your elbow out at him playfully.

“No offense, Y/N, but I would never.” He sticks his tongue out in feigned disgust. “That’d be like dating my sister.”

“Wow, Kyungsoo. It hurts to be friendzoned, I know, but sisterzoned? How will I ever go on?” You place a hand over your heart, pretending to be devastated by his words.

He laughs, taking a huge bite of his pizza.

“So are you down or not?” His voice is muffled by the food in his mouth, eyes peering innocently at you.

“Sure, I’m in. I’ve never been to one of those. It could be fun, right?” You shrug.

“Yeah, it’ll be nice not to go alone for once. All the members always make fun of me for going alone, so I thought it’d be a nice change to bring someone this time around.” Kyungsoo crinkles his nose cutely.

Your phone buzzes in your pocket and you briefly consider ignoring it before you remember that Yoongi had promised to text you. Your heart is racing in your chest and you feel as if you’ve been transported back to high school again.

Quickly, you hold a short conversation with him over text message, making plans to go get coffee tomorrow to catch up. If you had spent any longer on your phone, Joy would’ve definitely complained and asked a million questions about who was so important that you were ignoring your friends.

When you look up again, Kyungsoo is laughing with Wendy over something stupid she’d done at work today, and Mark and Joy are fighting over what movie to watch.

“Let’s watch Star Wars.” Mark shoves a DVD at Joy.

“No! It doesn’t make sense to watch that because literally none of us have seen the other movies before. We can’t just watch something because you want to, Mark.” Joy hisses. The wine seems to have taken its effect on them, as the small issue is escalating to an unnecessary degree.

“Guys, let’s calm down.” You step in, pushing them away from each other. Their protests die down eventually, until you speak again.

“I’m deciding what movie. And it’s this one.” Waving a DVD around, you declare this.

Immediately, the ruckus arises again.

“What?” Joy spits.

“No, Y/N, no one likes that stupid comedy!”


You’re late.

In fact, you’re incredibly, unbelievably late.

You had made plans with Yoongi to meet at 9am, but you woke up at 8:45, forgetting to set an alarm after collapsing in your bed due to one too many glasses of wine at Joy’s last night.

Scrambling to look presentable, it took you twenty minutes to get ready and you’d shot a text over to Yoongi, apologizing for being late. You told him you’d be ten minutes late, but what should have been a five minute cab ride is quickly turning into ten. Traffic is acting up for some odd reason and you hit all the red lights, as it always seems to happen when you’re running late for something important.

Opting to pay your driver and hopping out prematurely, you run the rest of the way to the coffee shop, panting and breaking out into a light sweat as a result. Cursing under your breath, you pull the doors open to the cafe, cool air-conditioned air rushing to bring you slight relief. If you were Yoongi, you would’ve left by now. It seemed as if you didn’t value him enough to try to rebuild a friendship after all these years.

Eyes darting around the room brusquely, you locate him in the farthest corner of the room, adorned in a black baseball cap and printed button up. His eyes are glued to the table, fingers tapping along to the song playing in the coffee shop. Once you get closer, he looks up at you amusedly, taking in your flustered appearance.

“I’m so, so sorry, Yoongi. There was traffic, and I overslept. I was drinking last night, I’m so sorry—“

Yoongi cuts you off. “It’s fine, Y/N. I’ll forgive you this once.” He smirks teasingly at you, and relief floods through your body. He pushes a drink towards you, gesturing for you to take a sip.

“Oh, thank you so much!” You fumble around in your purse for money, but realize you only have your credit card after paying the driver with the remainder of your cash. “I’ll pay you back! I don’t have cash right now, but I’ll buy you food sometime or something, I promise. God, I’m a mess right now.” You rest your forehead in your palm, exhaling loudly.

Yoongi pulls at your forearm, causing your head to slip from its position resting against your hand.

“It’s fine, Y/N. Calm down. Are you nervous around me?”

You swear your heart flutters faintly when you feel his fingers digging lightly into your skin.

“A-a little, I guess.” You admit sheepishly. “It’s just been so long since I’ve seen you.”

“I missed you.” He blurts out accidentally, avoiding eye contact as he awkward rubs the back of his head, pretending to adjust his cap.

“I missed you, too.” You twirl your straw around, blushing.

Yoongi looks back at you surprisedly, a proud smile blooming on his face.

“So tell me, Y/N. What have you been up to in the past few years?”

You tell him everything. It all spills out of your mouth so eloquently, as if you’d rehearsed these stories of what life was like without him, as if you’d been waiting to tell him what he’d missed out on.

“How about you?” You conclude.

“Well, I trained for a bit and then we debuted a few years later. It’s been a wild ride, honestly, and it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, it’s rarely ever been easy.” He sighs. “But it’s been worth it, I can tell you that. Sleep is something I’d willingly give up for my dream, you know? I love what I do, and I wake up every morning unsure if it’s all real.”

You find a lot of truth in that, his words resonating with you as you feel the same way about how your own career has progressed thus far.

“Can I ask you something?” Yoongi nods in response your question. “Why did you change your stage name to Suga?”

“I didn’t choose it myself, but I thought it was pretty decent so I just went with it. When your boss says to change your name, you do it. He claims it’s because I’m sweet and pale.” Yoongi seems embarrassed by this.

“That’s cute.” You coo reassuringly.

“I’m not exactly going for a cute image, Y/N.” He gives you a knowing look.

“Well you are cute. You’ve always been cute. You can only pretend for so much of the time.” You tease, looking into his eyes.

It feels like time stops for a moment, and the two of you sit there silently, simply smiling at one another. Yoongi has so much warmth in his eyes, something sentimental twinkling beneath the surface. Your mind still hasn’t wrapped itself around this whole situation. Here he was again, Min Yoongi. Sitting in front of you, holding you by your wrist, buying you coffee…

Holding you by your wrist.

Yoongi’s hand is still gently wrapped around your lower arm, encasing it as your hands rest on the tabletop. Suddenly feeling hyperaware of his touch, you wiggle around in your seat, feeling a rush of blood go to your face.

“I missed your blushing. That’s always been my favorite color. The hue your cheeks turn even when I do the smallest thing.” Yoongi’s voice is huskier than before, as if he’s holding something back.

You’re wordless, biting your lip as you keep your gaze focused on his hand around your wrist.

“Tell me, Y/N. I’ve been wondering something this whole time. Did you ever blush like this for anyone else?” He pauses. “Have you been seeing someone else?” Yoongi looks bashful, although his words come out somewhat confidently.

You grimace at the thought of Jaebum.

“There was someone else for awhile. For about a year or so. But not anymore.”

Yoongi purses his lips at your revelation.

“Actually, I already knew that.” He confesses. “I would always see when you posted pictures with him.”

“Ah, you did?” You breathe out.

“It really hurt to see that you’d moved on. And with someone I had never seen before, someone you’d known for way less time than you’d known me. It was like every time he commented ‘You’re so pretty’ or ‘I love you’ he was mocking me, laughing at me.”

You don’t say anything so Yoongi continues.

“You don’t know how many times I was ready to press ‘call’. How many times I would scroll through your likes and look at each guy’s profile. How many times I thought about how much prettier you had gotten. Hell, I even wrote a song about it. I thought you would’ve heard it, that you would’ve known I was in Bangtan, but that was kind of cocky of me to assume. I guess I wanted to show you up, to prove you wrong. That was what I had engrained in my mind the whole time I was training. Yet, we’ve had so much success and I still didn’t feel right, because I realized that I don’t want to show you up. I want you to be by my side, to come along for the ride.” A rush of words explodes from Yoongi’s mouth, and he grimaces afterwards, peering up at you shyly through his lashes.

Frozen, you absorb his words bit by bit. He seems to be waiting for you to say something back to him.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to support you. I thought about our last fight over and over again. I couldn’t sleep for weeks, tossing and turning over what I should’ve said. We were so young back then, and I was so stupid to let you go without a fight. I’m sorry, Yoongi. You deserved so much better.” Subconsciously, you allow your head to fall downwards again, frowning as you feel intense regret wash over you instantaneously.

A sudden cold sensation meets your skin. Yoongi’s fingers are on you, pushing your chin up as he cups your face in his hands.

“Look at me, Y/N. I didn’t fight for you either. I felt so lost for so long, so awfully lonely. After you were gone, I realized I didn’t have anyone to confide in. You were my anchor.”

Trembling uncontrollably, you allow your eyes to trickle towards his. His face is set in pure determination. His eyes are endlessly deep, swirling with emotions.

Your trance is broken by the jarring sound of your phone vibrating on the wooden table. Simultaneously, the both of you look towards your lit-up screen.

Do Kyungsoo is calling.

Biting your lip in frustration, you glance apologetically at Yoongi.

“Sorry, I’ll call him back later. It’s probably nothing important.” You shrug it off.

“No, we should probably get going anyways. I have to be back in the studio soon, so we should take that as a wake-up call. I’ll walk you out.” Yoongi flashes a reassuring smile at you, grabbing his wallet off of the table. Nodding, you follow him out of the cafe.

The two of you stand rather awkwardly next to the street, and Yoongi’s fingers are tapping incessantly against his thighs, a telltale sign that he’s nervous.

Hesitantly, he looks at you. “I really needed today. Thank you.”

Pulling you into a hug, his voice is muffled.

“I’m glad you’re in my life again, Y/N.”

Speechless, you nod gently against him, feeling jittery at his confession. He pulls back slightly, and tugs his cap off of his head.

“Your hair is a mess.” You laugh, trying to smooth strands of his hair down.

“I can’t kiss you with that dumb hat on.”

Your eyes widen, and before you know it, Yoongi’s lips are softly pressed against yours. Your body heats up in a way it hasn’t in so long. The feeling is familiar yet foreign all at once. It takes a few seconds for you to grow accustomed to the sensation again, just like slowly remembering the words to a song you used to love.

It’s only when you’re both rendered thoroughly breathless that Yoongi breaks the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours as he pants. His eyes are frantically searching yours for something, a hint that you were okay with that kiss. As hard as you try to, you can’t help but feel a grin break out onto your face as you blush a deep shade of pink.

“There’s that pretty color again.” Yoongi’s breath is hot against your face, and he pushes away from you again, hand seeking yours. You’re speechless, still breathing heavily and basking in the tingling that had spread throughout your body.

“Go to work, Min Yoongi. I’ll see you around.” You tease, stepping away from him. More seriously, you add in a small voice, “I enjoyed today.”

A grin identical to yours manifests itself on Yoongi’s features as he shoves his hat back on and reluctantly tugs his hand away from yours, turning to hail a cab for you before embracing you one last time, letting you leave on the one condition that the two of you would do this again soon.

You press your back into the crinkly leather of the cab, sighing deeply.

Yoongi is back.

This reality hits hard.

Hand reaching up to brush your lips, you hold a smile back as you recall the warmth that seeped through your body at his kiss. Swarming storms of butterflies, stamping herds of buffalo running through your stomach, wreaking havoc. You felt like you had felt when you first fell in love with Min Yoongi all those years ago.

Trust Yoongi to reappear and ruin the pace you had set so neatly for your life.

Can you let yourself fall back into the abyss that is loving Min Yoongi?

You know that if you let yourself become involved with him again it would eat you whole. There was no telling how deeply you can love Yoongi, if there is a limit at all.


You have worked so hard to build this career for yourself. You can’t let yourself ruin it all by becoming attached to the same man who had left you in ruins before.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me, right?


a/n: okay so shit is gonna get super real in the next part. i hope u liked my description of jinyoung; he honestly is so fuckin polished and sophisticated all the time, i have mad respect for him. he’s such a cutie pie. also can u see my baseball cap yoongi kink here??