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Last batch of pictures from the “Scarecrow Village”, where inhabitants have replaced the people who left town with hundreds of human-sized dolls (see previous two posts).

One thing I found a bit creepy (apart from the doll people themselves) was what you see in the one colour picture here. At the edge of the forest they had three tiny buildings with hobbit-sized doors. All three where surrounded by fences and barbed wire. No information about what they were for was posted anywhere,,,


Welp, I got the hard part done. The torso and pelvis is why I procrastinated, very tricky. Still didn’t get it perfect, but it’s better than last time. Tried adding string as an experiment, might add clay to bulk it up, or leave as is. One of the neck spikes fell off, but I can glue that back on with liquid clay or super glue.
Arms and legs should be easy hopefully. Hands and feet shouldn’t be too hard, and I’ll be able to replace the hands later if I want. The head is going to be the hardest part.

I went to this shadow puppet play the other day, and it was really impressive/inspirational. The stage was just a sheet with a light projected onto it a bunch of silk flowers were on the floor. The actual puppetry was really great, it was dreamlike and fuzzy and kept panning to different characters and shapes.. I forgot about using silhouettes for storytelling and I’m considering (2) new mediums because I sort of want to delve into storytelling and motion works. One is stopmotion, because I have my wire armature dolls which I am creating. The second is shadow puppetry.

Anyway also I really want to get a projector. It could be used for shadow puppet light projection, but I also really want one so I can make one of the walls in my apartment a perpetual projection of a live nature cam or something. So that I can essentially live in a constantly changing forest and watch creatures come and leave and whatnot.. This sounds like the best way to watch nature cams, I think.

I am a shadow… The true self… I love you all so much… Won’t you give me your love too?

Given the protagonists are a blank state, I had A LOT of ideas I wanted to shove into this Shadow. I really wanted to keep Orpheus’ harp in some form, plus I thought it’d be a fun play on FeMC “playing” people and ties into the red strings of fate, more directly invoked by her red-brown hair. It’s actually supposed to extend into the background of the battle stage, suspending limp shadow-dolls in Gekkoukan uniforms (think the girls holding up Shadow Chie) from the ceiling, literally tying them to her in her hunger.

The main body of the Shadow is a golden wire mannequin with a doll’s head, symbolising her emptiness and the need to fill it by dressing up (or being dressed up) as whoever you want. I tried to emulate the canon shadow arcana masks, but eventually settled on drawing from Nyx Avatar’s face. During her idle stance, she alternates between holding the mask in front of her face and away. Whether this is an influence of Pharos …

Another concept I really wanted to show was “Death’s bride”. Losing her parents so young affected her deeply. As much as she wants people to stay with her, she also thinks that them leaving is inevitable, and so she will always be alone. This uncertainty of control over her fate manifests in this armless mannequin, caressed by the arms of Death which play her strings, leaving her autonomy ambiguous.

And finally I wanted to muscle in something based on Eurydice, hence snakes on the harp.

Nooo! Don’t leave me alone!

(Inspired by personashadows!)

all the days are dead too soon. today i wore a sign around my neck: KILL WHAT YOU CANNOT SAVE. today my brother renamed every bone in his body: bestiary, wire doll, soldier’s boot. my skin in the sun will always sour, a fact i try to keep to myself. what’s that smell? my sister asks, but we ignore her. i tell her it’s today, dying too soon. my favorite book when i was little was Black Beauty. i cried over that horse, then wrote my first poem. people always ask me why all my poems are about captivity and i say i have dreams where all my bones are jarred out of their mouths. i tell them the first Chinese woman in america was kept inside a box. what a dream, they say. some of my friends own horses named after their fathers: washington, irving, samuel. in another dream i am riding their horse inside a box and the horse is sweating blood like in a Chinese myth, myths where i am tall as a tree and i have a flower instead of a tongue. i am riding the horse to a planet we named from a distance, a planet rising like a belly sincere with breath. but then the horse gets tired and falls. i am so tired. i am so tired. i am so tired, it is saying. the horse tells me to KILL WHAT YOU CANNOT SAVE, then lies down at my feet. i know what my friends choose to save. i know what kind of flesh can be loved and what kind of flesh can be weighed. it is so easy to cry over horses, gentle beasts. my hunger is a scream in a stranger’s mouth. my name is roadkill on tar, burning like an omen. every day my aunt asks, don’t you want to be a mother? i tell her i’m just trying not to be a moth, attracted to the things that burn me. i tell her i just want a fake lawn, something too beautiful to be real.

i am so tired, kristin chang

(aka this poem is too long…….also i thought i was clever bc of the mother/moth wordplay and wow i need to sleep)

a playlist of all your favourite girl bands

neon jungle LOUDER // destiny’s child SAY MY NAME // fifth harmony WORTH IT // haim  THE WIRE // the pussycat dolls I DON’T NEED A MAN // 2ne1 HATE YOU // litte mix MOVE // spice girls SAY YOU’LL BE THERE //  girls generation MR TAXI //  t.a.t.u ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID // the saturdays WHAT ABOUT US // dixie chicks NOT READY TO MAKE NICE // listen

Beaded doll: Harry Potter

For this week, I have a doll I never actually planned to make, but as I was going through my collection of “practice heads” (doll heads I made when I first started making bead dolls in order to figure out the best head shape/hairline etc.) to see which ones I turn into whole dolls since unraveling them all seemed like a waste of time, I found that I had made one with green eyes and a black hair base, and I figured it would make a nice Harry Potter. So here he is :) 

The glasses, BTW, are proof of the reason why my very few attempts at wirework never went very far…


Materials: 11° and 15° TOHO and MIYUKI seed beads, round beads, felting wool, craft wire

Size: approx. 2.6 inches/6.5 centimetres


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