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Missed Masterpiece

Don’t get me wrong, I love the masterpiece series and I’m glad WOTC is msking them, but I feel like they missed some pretty big ones;

Sensei’s Divining Top
Umezawa’s Jitte
Mox Diamond
Lion’s Eye Diamond
Tangle Wire
Winter Orb
Caged Sun

I hope they get around making them since they’re very big format staples and some have very limited printings. What are some cards you guys feel like they shouldve made?

Grima …

“ It was Grima who brought radical modernity to jewels at a time when demure bows, birds and blooms were the style of the day. His designs still influence the look of contemporary jewellery. Rough, organic shapes in gold mimicking sheer faces of rock, galaxies or writhing organisms set with shards of precious stones in exciting colours - his creations shook the jewellery world” (Jewellery Editor)

Image details:
Grima brooch in yellow gold textured wire, set with marquise citrines and diamonds, 1969; Grima cuff in yellow gold framing a 328ct quartz with Venus hair inclusions, 1973; Grima cabochon mandarin garnet ring set in yellow gold textured wire and diamonds, 2004; Grima ring with an orange sapphire weighing 6.40ct, set in yellow gold and diamonds, 1993.

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