wire chandelier

  • Misty: How’re we going to get rid of Team Rocket? Ash, would you like to go first to get your useless ideas out of the way first?
  • Ash: Why thank you, Misty. Off the top of my head, I’d go reindeer stampede, astronaut attack, barbed-wire chandelier, photo shop, poisonous sushi.
  • Brock: When you said photo shop did you mean use Photoshop to create an incriminating picture?
  • Ash: No. I meant we build an actual photo shop, or a chain of photo shops. We each manage one. We let time pass. Eventually, Team Rocket has to have their film developed. They comes in, we all hop out, yell "Surprise!” and we beat them to death with pool cues.
  • Robin: How’re we going to get rid of Jinx? Beast Boy, would you like to go first to get your useless ideas out of the way first?
  • Beast Boy: Why thank you, Richard. Off the top of my head, I’d go reindeer stampede, astronaut attack, barbed-wire chandelier, photo shop, poisonous sushi.
  • Raven: When you said photo shop did you mean use Photoshop to create an incriminating picture?
  • Beast Boy: No. I meant we build an actual photo shop, or a chain of photo shops. We each manage one. We let time pass. Eventually, Jinx has to have her film developed. She comes in, we all hop out, yell "Surprise!” and we beat her to death with pool cues.
BTS as Kingsman (Namjoon)

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-Okay let me just say TOTAL KING. A WHOLE LEADER. KING ARTHUR. Best leader of all agents. Codename: Arthur

-Basically runs it all like nobody does anything unless he knows about it

-SUPER SUPER UNORGANIZED but things get done and that’s all that matters

-Like ‘yikes i just deleted everything we had on a wanted drug cartel but its okay because i think i have some handwritten notes on my desk somehwere??”

-Will only go out into the field if absolutely necessary because one time he accidentaly blew up a whole building but its fine now

-Everyone just trusts that his instincts are right and 9/10 times they are

-‘Lancelot you have to jump off the skyscraper in the next 4 seconds otherwise you’re dead’ Lancelot: ‘k *jumps*’ NO QUESTIONS ASKED

-His favorite gadgets are the fancy glasses that transmit things and the watch equipped with easy to use weapons and can hack into anything with a microchip because they’re easy.

-The one time he goes out on a mission its because the king himself requested it

-The king calls upon the kingsmen team because his wife and daughters have been kidnapped and are being held hostage and he doesnt trust his guards anymore

-Namjoon makes it his personal mission to escort the queen and princesses out of whatever situation they’re in.

-Other kingsmen are always eager to see arthur in action and THEyre always in for a treat

-Everyone always makes the boys like super good shots and acrobatic and flexible and good at fighting but i have a headcanon that namjoon really freaking sucks at all of it.


-Aims gun for heads but hits a shoulder instead and fuck does that hurt

-Like now the enemy is worried about their limp ass arm and namjoon takes his chances and charges at this guy whos definitely not expecting it and suddenly hes out cold!!!!


-Or maybe namjoon aims for a target a bit too far from him and he absolutely misses but the bullet ricochet’s off a piece of metal and goes straight through the wiring keeping the chandelier hanging from the ceiling so the chandelier falls and takes out 3 guys instead of the original target and wow what luck!!?!?!

-Namjoon accidentally drops his fancy glasses and he bends down to pick them up just as someone tries to shoot him from behind and he just unknowingly saved himself

-While the other agents take out the rest of the enemies namjoon sets off to find the queen and princesses but there are so many halls and doors that he just kinda starts whistling and calling gently kind of like you would for a dog and suddenly

-‘Are you looking for your lost pet?’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

-IT IS YOU A WHOLE PRINCESS gun in hand and the bottom half of your really expensive dress literally gone because its not good for ass kicking??

-Hes so confused and like how did you get out? Where is the rest of your dress? Why are you so beautiful and intimidating with a gun in your hand?

-You’re just kind of like ‘i helped my sister and mom escape through the vents and then some guys were looking for trouble but instead i gave them hell’ and namjoon is positive hes fallen in love

-Then hes like if you could defend yourself how did you even get captured?/

-BUT SUDDENLY YOURE POINTING the GUN at him and he slowly puts his hands up and hes apologizing profusely because he didnt mean to offend you and pls dont kill him

-When he hears the gun go off hes waiting for pain but it never comes and when he opens his eyes and youre walking away he barely has time to register that YOU just saved HIS life because there was an enemy behind him and wow you have a NICE ASS

-‘Stop staring at my ass’

-He turns so red and suddenly he has no idea what an ass is and wow the color of these walls are nice- oh wait thats blood nevermind

-Some more enemies with guns show up and namjoon tries to think on his toes so he tries to use the stun option on his watch but instead of hitting an enemy he HIT THE CIRCUIT BREAKER AND EVERYTHING IS SO DARK dammit namjoon

-Your gun is now useless since you cant see but namjoon still has his fancy glasses on which means night vision so he literally sweeps you off your feet and makes a run for it

-Like youre a little shocked at first because one minute youre on your feet and the next minute all you can hear is rapid breathing and your hand is on his muscular chest and he picked you up so effortlessly wow what aftershave is this because it smells like heaven and WOW me too lol

-Literally not even thirty seconds after the two of you make it out the whole building goes up in flames thanks to the sparks coming out of the circuit breaker and the other agents are just standing there like ‘not again’

-After exiting the building the two of you find the queen and other princess with the rest of the agents and you burst into what namjoon assumes are fake tears as you begin going on about how you were so scared and he saved your life and the queen is so thankful for him lol

-The agents get all three of you safely back to the palace where the king makes sure that the real story is covered up so that the kingsmen aren’t exposed but the agents are nowhere to be seen like one minute theyre there and the next poof gone

-2 WEEKS LATER theres like a ball and your just chillin and mingling and  eating and dancing but you cant help but feel like someone is watching you or following you or wtf leave me alone

-BUT WAIT THERES MORE the literal fucker named namjoon is standing there in a suit looking like a whole meal and youre positive youve just fallen in love because DAMN PAPI LOOK AT YOU IN tHAT FITTED SUIT.

-Like fuck whatever prince your parents have lined up for you because you want THAT fine specimen and nobody is going to take that away from you.

-He walks up to you with a smirk on his face and your heart is racing because HOLY SHIT HE SO CLOSE TO YOU AND THIS TIME HES NOT TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE

-You expect some kind of romantic ass gesture

-He just asks you one very important question

-‘Can you teach me how to shoot a gun?’

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  • Fitz: How’re we going to get rid of Fintan? Keefe, would you like to go first to get your useless ideas out of the way?
  • Keefe: Why thank you, Wonderboy. Off the top of my head, I’d go alicorn stampede, flaredon attack, barbed-wire chandelier, photo shop, poisonous mallowmelt.
  • Sophie: When you said photo shop did you mean use Photoshop to create an incriminating picture?
  • Keefe: No. I meant we build an actual photo shop, or a chain of photo shops. We each manage one. We let time pass. Eventually, Fintan has to have his pathfinder updated. He comes in, we all hop out, yell "Surprise!” and we beat him to death with pool cues.
  • Dr. Cox: How're we going to get rid of Maddox? Would you [Janitor] like to go first to get your useless ideas out of the way first?
  • Janitor: Why thank you, Perry. Off the top of my head, I'd go reindeer stampede, astronaut attack, barbed-wire chandelier, photo shop, poisonous sushi.
  • Dr. cox: When you said photo shop did you mean use Photoshop to create an incriminating picture?
  • Janitor: No. I meant we build an actual photo shop, or a chain of photo shops. We each manage one. We let time pass. Eventually, Maddox has to have her film developed. She comes in, we all hop out, yell "Surprise!" and we beat her to death with pool cues.

Did you know there really WAS a chandelier that crashed during a performance inside the Paris Opera House in 1896? This was one of the many strange occurences that inspired Gaston Leroux to write the story of The Phantom of the Opera. Here is a translation of the article depicting the horrid, yet mysteriously occurring scene that convinced the world there really was an opera ghost.


Article from Le Figaro, dated Thursday 21st May 1896

“A terrible accident occurred yesterday evening, at the Opera, during the performance of Helle. It was exactly three minutes to nine in the evening. The first act was ending. Mme Caron had just sung an encore, when a tremendous noise was heard. At the same time, a bright light appeared, like a flash of lightning and a cloud of dust rose from the top of the room to the flies. 

First, the explosion was believed to be some anarchist attack. Spectators rushed to the exit doors. But with admirable coolness, Delmas, Mme. Caron and chorus members who were on the stage remained in place, hoping by their calm to reassure the public. They succeeded to calm the spectators in the pit (orchestra) and on the first two tiers. But, above, at the fourth level amphitheatere which was nearest to the supposed explosion, the panic was considerable. The spectators were jostling each other even trying to climb over the balustrade to jump into the pit. Police officer Guida, no 158 of the ninth arrondissement, Brigadier Grimaldi of the municipal guards, the two guards Levesque and Durand, and the caretaker of the auditorium, M. Vallerand, prevented them and guided them to the exit door. Thanks to them no new accident occurred.

Meanwhile, M. Lapissida, stage manager of the Opera had very calmly withdrawn the personnel from the stage. After that he said to the public that they had nothing to fear, and then brought down the curtain. 

The evacuation of the amphitheatre (Jennie’s comment: the fourth level of balconies facing the stage) took no more than two or three minutes, and once this was completed, the wounded were taken care of, for there people who had been injured. First it was found that five or six people complained only of bruises and severe concussion. They could leave the room to receive medical treatment. Hopes were rising that the consequences of the accident had not been too severe, when cries attracted the attention of one of municipal guards. He retraced his steps and found a woman under a beam/girder. It was Mme. Senot, grocer, who lived at Rue de l’Arcade no 12. She had been injured in the leg and the right eye from the breaking of the beam/girder, under which she was trapped. 

At the same time, a young girl, her face all covered with blood, began crying for her mother, who she said was under the rubble. The search revealed the horribly mutilated corpse of an elderly woman lying in a hole in the floor of the gallery, covered by blocks of cast iron.
It was the woman that the young girl was crying out for, Mme. Chomette, aged fifty-six, a concierge at 12 Impasse Briare, 7 Rue Rochechouart. 

While officers were searching to see if there were any other bodies, a fire was seen to have started in the roof. The firemen on duty, promptly assisted by the firemen from Rue Blanche soon overcome the fire. 

Until now, no one knew what had happened and the cause of the accident. By removing the body of Mme Chomette *TEXT MISSING* (probably “on s’en”) this was discovered. It had been caused *TEXT MISSING* (prob: “par la chute”) by the fall of one of the counterweights of *TEXT MISSING* (probably ‘chandelier’). 

*TEXT MISSING* in the central hall is supported by eight iron wires, each one the thickness of a wrist, and each attached to a counterweight weighing about 700 kilos. Each counterweight weighs this much so that if one or several of the wires break, the chandelier will stay suspended.

Now apparently, along one of these wires, running in a flue or shaft, was a cable for the electric light. Probably through wear and tear, a contact between the wire and the electric cable started a fire, and this fierce spark melted the wire holding the counterweight. 

The huge mass, tumbled through the shaft, first smashing through the ceiling, then the floor of the fifth gallery, fortunately in a place where no one was sitting, and finally crushed seats 11 and 13 of fourth gallery occupied by Mme. Chomette and her daughter. It even demolished the parquet floor underneath them before it stopped. 

It was also the fall of the counterweight that pulled the circuit breaker, and caused the outbreak of fire. 

Mme. Chomette’s skull was completely crushed, her right hand and leg torn apart. Her body was carried on a stretcher by municipal guards preceded by the doorkeeper with his lantern to the Opera stop/station (for carriages), where a town ambulance waited, to drive her home.

Her daughter, who works in a restaurant (“bouillon” in the article also means broth, but in this context it’s a simple restaurant catering for the masses) was injured in the face, but her condition is not serious. 

Sitting beside these two ladies, in seats number 7 and 9, were M. Guillaume Murvoy and one of his friends. M. Murvoy received a severe electric shock and fainted. He complained of severe pain in his right leg. When he regained consciousness, his friend had disappeared. 

The other injured people, as we have said, had only contusions.

The news of this accident and the arrival of the undertakers (“pompes”) , called upon from all sides, had caused great emotion. The public were exaggerating the seriousness of what was already being called a catastrophe. A large crowd besieged the outskirts of the Opera and M. Nadeaud, peace officer of the district, had to organize a special group to deal with it. The crowd did not disperse until an hour later, when was learned that the accident was less severe and certainly less comprehensive/general than previously thought. 

M. Lepine, Head of the Police, accompanied by M. Gaillot, director of the municipal police, arrived at half past nine. M. Lepine learned the facts from Mr. Martin, Commissioner of the “police de service” (Jennie’s comment: am not perfectly sure about the meaning of this term, it may mean “police on duty” or possibly “police particularly attached to the Opera”. All input welcome). He himself examined the place where the accident occurred to verify the causes.

By order, M. Martin went at eleven o’clock in the evening to M. Atthalin, the public prosecutor, to inform him of the event that had occurred.

While awaiting the legal orders that must come, M. Girard, the head of the municipal Laboratories carried out a technical examination. The investigation was not yet finished at midnight, when we left the Opera. 

New details tomorrow, if there are any.

Georges Grison”

The Fandom Games (Part 1)

“This year, you’re dealing with experienced killers.” Haymitch stands on front of the screen, remote pointed. “Why our esteemed President Snow chose these people, I have no idea why. They’re not even from the districts at all. And to top it all off, there’s an extra 24 tributes, like the last quarter quell.”

I glanced at Peeta worriedly. Not from the districts? “What do you mean?” I turned back to Haymitch, my mind whirling. Was District Twelve the only one sending in a pair of tributes this year? 

“Watch. It’s no good.” With a press of a button the screen came on.

“Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton. They say they’re from a place called Chicago.” He shoots us a look. “If I didn’t know better, i would say that they’re your Cato and Clove for this year.”  A girl, about 16 or 17 years, with long brown hair. There’s a shot of her throwing knives at human-shaped targets that reminded me sickeningly of Clove. A boy, about 18 years old, in hand-to-hand combat with someone else. The boy easily overpowered his opponent and won within four seconds.

”They sure do remind me of them.” Peeta mutters. I swallow loudly and wave Haymitch on. “Who’s next?”

“Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson. Now, this is where things start to get… interesting.” The girl with long blonde hair and strange grey eyes easily taking down targets with a bronze knife, reminding me of Cato. I swallowed the bile in my throat and forced myself to acknowledge the next one. The boy had jet black hair and sea green eyes, and there was a shot of him swimming. He quite literally jetted across the waters as if he could control them, and when he emerged on land, he seemed quite dry.

“He could give Finnick Odair a run for his money.” I say dryly. Haymitch barks out a humorless laugh before clicking on the remote again.

“Teresa and Thomas. These ones are strange - no last names, no one knows where they’re from.” The two of them were a pair - they ran through a deadly obstacle course that looked like a giant maze, pausing only to use long wooden spears to kill ugly creatures that looked cross between a mechanical spider and a black ugly worm. Their ease in escaping-though terror was clear on their faces - reminded me too much of Foxface. I rested my head on Peeta’s shoulder. Haymitch took our silence as a cue to move on.

“Clarissa Morgenstern and Jace Herondale. Some would say…” Haymitch pauses, looking as if he couldn’t quite believe what he was about to say. “… that they’re not human.”

Peeta scoffs, but it comes out as a nervous gasp. “W-what?” I glance up at Haymitch, brows furrowed. The Capitol had advanced technology, that I knew - but something otherworldly was completely new to me.

Haymitch pointed at the screen. “Watch.” The girl held up what looked like a glowing pen and drew on her skin. As she drew, swirling black lines seemed to spiral from the tip. When she finished drawing, she dissapeared. I stared at the screen, wondering if she had just turned invisible. The boy held two glowing swords, and he lept from a table to a thin wire to a chandelier while fighting hordes of what i could only describe as vampires. His jumps were impossibly high-ten, twenty, even thirty meters. 

“Who are they?” Peeta demanded, his face pale. “How will we kill them? They’ll best us in five seconds, tops.” 

Haymitch shrugged. “Make allies. It’s the best way.”

“They’re not human. They’re supernatural.” I blurted out. And looking at them, no matter how impossible it seemed, it was obvious. Percy-i think that was his name-seemed to control the waves. Clary had turned herself invisible. Jace had impossible speed and strength. “We can’t win.” I felt impossibly small, in the face of this obvious death. What a show it must be for the Capitol this year.

Haymitch, at a loss for words for once, opened and closed his mouth as he tried to say something. Finally, he gave up and continued. “These two are a bit more normal, though i wouldn’t underestimate them. Susan and Peter Pevensie. Siblings. Like Cashmere and Gloss.” The girl-about 17- had a bow and arrows. Too similar to me. Her skills in archery were matched to mine, if not better. As we watched, she killed three armored men, and then pulled an arrow from her quiver and threw it at another man, killing him. The boy-18 years old, i guessed- held a sword, easily besting a crowd of ten, fifteen armored men at once. At least they seemed a bit more normal-but they were still powerful, to say the least.

“Hermoine Granger and Harry Potter.” The two of them were holding sticks, running through a very damaged castle. I was about to laugh about it when they pointed the sticks and two jets of red lights flew from the tip and blasted a few hooded people away. My jaw dropped open. Magic. But that was impossible. Beside me, i could hear Peeta stuttering. 

“Th - that’s not possible.” He stammered, “Magic isn’t real. This is just a television.” I find myself holding onto his hand, my knuckles white. He’s holding on just as tightly, anxiety getting the better of him.

Haymitch cut him off. “Snow’s up to something. I don’t know what, i just know that he’s up to something, and with these tributes this year, he’s determined to see you dead.”

And he seemed darn close to doing it. How would I kill the girl who could turn invisible? The boy who controlled water? The two magicians?

“Sadie and Carter Kane.” The girl pointed at a pair of locked doors and spoke some gibberish. Egyptian hieroglyphics glowed where she pointed, and the doors blasted apart. The boy was holding a curved sword, and as he charged forward, he glowed and lifted off the the ground, encased in a glowing avatar with the head of a falcon.

At this point I was near vomiting . This was too much. Too much. But there was more. I swallowed hard and took a few deep breaths. Prim. Gale. My mother. I have to survive. For them. I glance up at Peeta. For him.

“These ones don’t have names. They’re just called Numbers Six and Four.” Invisibility, telekinesis, resistance to fire, super speed and strength, flashing hands. Too much.

I closed my eyes and ignored the flashing screen. I can hear Peeta’s heartbeat as I rest my head near his chest as he slumps on the sofa..

“Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate.” I opened my eyes and saw the girl swirling her hands, creating a storm. I closed my eyes again after seeing hers-one eye was green, the other was yellow. I didn’t care if I missed out on the boy - i didn’t want to see any more.

“Lena Haloway and Alex Sheathes.” They were a bit more normal. Vicious with the knives, through. I breathed a small sigh of relief and felt sick almost immediately. I was feeling relieved there would be easier people to kill. The games were changing me.

“And last, but not least, of the first batch, excluding you two, of course, is Jem and Tessa.” 

[Summary-Translation] Kakashi Hiden : Thunder in the Frozen Sky (氷天の雷) Part 03/03

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*Special Thanks* :

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- xnightrainx / Yuuraran-neesama for the Thai→English translation of some parts in chapter 13, Epilogue and helping my writing X3


Kakashi Hiden : Hyouten no Ikazuchi Chapter 11 - Epilogue

Japanese-English translation: irregulars-daradara 



(Thai version is also available. -> เวอร์ชันภาษาไทยมีนะคะ ใครอยากได้ ติดต่อได้หลังไมค์ค่ะแต่รอหน่อยเพราะไฟล์เดี้ยงไปแล้วค่ะ ทำใหม่อยู่ ท่านที่ขอมารอหน่อยนะคะ พรากกกกกกกก)


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