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Humans are wird. Delayed grief

Zanzue looked at human-Marius. The young human looked stern and grim and he did not shed a tear looking at the coffins of his parents.

When zanzues elders had decided to let humans foster Zanzue and ze younger potlings there had been outraged and disbelief.
But Zanzue had loved living with the humans, even if they were a bit wird and did strange things like bedtime stories and hugging. It was nice and ze liked it.

When the extremists attacked they were all unprepared. All but the humans. While the older humans fought the attackers, young human-Marius gathered all the potlings and fled into the woods.

When night came he found shelter and build a fire. When zanzues younger potlings where frightened and crying, he told them wonderful stories of princes and princesses who overcame all obstacles. Fairytales he called them. He sang songs about love and being safe. Even Zanzue felt better even though ze knew just how much danger they were in.

When they finally reached the city human-Marius guided the authorities back to the human settlement and when the extremists where caught, he testified in court. Then he arranged the funeral for his parents and all the other humans since no one knew the human funeral costumes.

Zanzue was very concerned. Normally humans were very emotional but not human-Marius. He was like stone, so cold and quiet.

All the elders had discussed what to to with the young human, who had lost so much and still saved Zanzue and the younger potlings. Who had bought them to safety and made the young potlings feel safe even in the mist of danger.

Zanzues elders told the authorities that they would care for human-Marius. So after the funeral they all went home.

Later that night Zanzue woke up to a terrible sound. It sounded like loneliness and pain. Like someone who had lost everything and didn’t know how to carry on.

The sound came from human-Marius room and ze found the young human crouched on the floor of the room. His whole body shook and water streamed down his face.

At first Zanzue didn’t know what to do, but then ze remembered the songs of hope and the hugs the humans had given ze.
So ze held human-Marius close and hummed quietly until the young human finally fell a sleep.

Then they all knew. Humans mourn deeply but they can push the feeling aside for the sake of others.

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anonymous asked:

I think that MC never left the island in the first place and deigo think he knows her and MC all her memories are just facts like knowing teachers and staff and the wird thing is that deigo Idol only shows us the future not the past.

Yo Anon,

This is a really solid theory! You should write a meta on it.

Yeah. This explains why Diego doesn’t have a flashback and why MC’s only connections are Diego.

Also, something weird that I noticed about MC and Diego when they were reminiscing. They talk about watching The Avengers on the field. From what I remember the HSS-Choices Universe doesn’t have the avengers. They have The Revengers.

Add this to Diego’s dossier that called him “adaptable” and it seems our boy is pretty easily manipulated.

Now. Something else interesting? What are the implications of this? We all know The Endless (the MC of the future) made the idols. So she DELIBERATELY chose to excluded Diego’s memories of the past.

Why? Is The Endless in on it? Or is this further proof that The Endless is trying to manipulate our character?

Thanks for the ask! If you have any response to this or a different thought, I’d love to hear it.

Was lange währt wird endlich gut.

Good things come to those who wait.

It’s been almost one and a half year since I made this post.
And finally, after working and unravelling it severeal times for I’d only a limited amount of yarn, I finished this small place mat, or wathever you may call it.

Thanks again @lenny9987 for the patterns, eventually I can show you the picture you asked for here.