Elemental raceway (open) (wir) (atla)

There was a new game that had just been plugged into an empty socket in game central station.
The flashing sign above the port read, elemental raceway.
The game seemed quiet, no gamers had come out of it for a while.
But then a small girl comes out. She looks a lot like Vanellope Von Scweetz, but she was dressed differently. She was wearing red and black Oriental clothing.
She looks around for some one that looks trust worth. She spots you, and she decides to walk over “hello. May I ask where I am?”

the new diwrecktory is ready for action!

I recently noticed that there were no active directories for the Wreck-It Ralph RP and askblog community. The only existing one I know of seems to be inactive, and it’s covered in dead links and deactivated blogs, which gives off the impression that the fandom is dead.

That’s why I’d like to start up a brand-new, all-inclusive, regularly-updated directory. Hopefully, this blog can help roleplayers discover one another, as well as prove that this community still has some life in it!

You can help out by reblogging this post, submitting your blog URLs in the askbox, and reporting any dead links on this blog in the future. (Also I might just add people who reblog this to the directory, too? Just leave a note in the tags, and I will see it)

Feel free to ask me any questions, and thanks for your help!

Open rp (wir)

Chiburo was sitting on a bench in GCS. She wore a pink meido maid-like dress. Smaller than a sugar rush racer but bigger than a pac-man pellet. Her hair was short curly and golden, plus to top it off. She had a big pink bow.

She looked lonely, no one else was sitting next to her. She was hugging her knees, with her face buried in her legs. Trying to keep her crying quiet

                     “What  brings  you  here,  neighbor?”

                                            [Fix-it Felix, Jr. RP]

                                             [cross-over friendly]
[multi-fandom friendly]
                                                            [modern AU friendly]

                        —{niceland}–{arcade rules}—{quarter alert!}—

  Racers of Berk’s outlet was full again.

  A new game, that was sort of a mix between Tapper’s and those cooking games you’d find on the internet for free, now took the place that Racers of Berk had, almost in insult to the racers that had lived there.

  It was called Bar Rush. Uncreative, but suitable.

  Tapper’s itself had been migrated to the museum section, making it inconvenient to reach- making Bar Rush the new go-to place for people looking for somewhere to hang out. The menu had far more variety, that’s for sure, and a few patrons dared say the milkshakes were better.

  There were three bartenders, three playable characters with their own quirks. And one of these bartenders was Penny McKay.

  Welcome to Dragonsbreath Bar & Grill.

...Well THAT's a Weird Feeling! (Open)

“Okay, so there’s this….racer I just spotted for the first time EVER, right..?” Shuffling her feet she rolls her eyes and stuffs her hands into her pockets. “He made me feel weird. Like, almost how I feel about King Candy, only…….DIFFERENT…” She pauses and shrugs frustrated. “..it’s weird, whatever.” Malte huffs and waves a hand. “I’ve got racing to think about!”

[ Random Starter: open! ]

It must’ve been past closing time at the arcade. It was the same everyday. One or two characters would wander into Game Central Station, then suddenly they’d be pouring in by the dozens. The little orange creature was just as used to this as he was seeing them walk past him and his unplugged comrades without so much as a second glance – unless of course they were one of his friends from the old days, but even then the exchange of pleasantries was rather brief.

At least during after hours Q*Bert was free to explore as he pleased. After all, despite the Station being the only safe haven for him since his game was pulled, it was a really boring.

He blinked as he saw a few people boarding the train that led to Tapper’s. He hopped in, feeling he could use a drink himself. It didn’t take long for someone to nearly sit on him by accident, had he not barked at them at the last minute, “*Hey! Watch it!*

Not that they could understand. Jeez. Some people…