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plot inspiration: the panic in needle park or Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo  or the cliché of the abuse of heroin, how to love a broken guy, etc. 

Kiss his spine and his eyelids. Hold his face between your hands as if he’s made of crystal, ready to break.

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Alright, I'm trying not to complain or anything but I'm a huge fan of Wreck-It Ralph. I haven't gotten anything new related to this movie in years. Yet Frozen fans are complaining? They have FOUR limited edition dolls! WIR only has one!

Oh man, I know. Say this stuff all you want. Literally, so many stans, not fans, stans, are complaining because they don’t have a billion more merch and dolls. I can barely find any for my favorites! Hunchback? NOPE. Big Hero 6? Depending on the store, NOPE. Treasure Planet? FUCK NO.

It’s ridiculous. They are spoon fed merch and yet they complain when they supposed don’t get enough? I would love to see how they react to having a situation like Hunchback, Wreck-It Ralph, of Treasure Planet. They wouldn’t make it without their millionth edition of a fucking book with all of the screenshots of the film. I have seen so many damn Frozen dolls everywhere. There’s a section at my local Kohl’s that’s just Frozen because no one gives a shit about that merch anymore, but Disney still makes it or else the Frozen stans will make a fuss, and when they make a fuss it is a big fuss.

I’m so done with them acting as if they are entitled to have even more merch just because they think that a movie earning a lot of money = it being good. You know what else made money? The Last Airbender, Battlefield Earth, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and so many more. Guess what? Content equals quality, not quantity. And if Disney wants to start making more money, and not having a surplus of leftover merch, maybe they should start paying attention to the films that are becoming cult classics.