wiping it back and forth

Use a Hair Donut to Clean Makeup Brushes

Washing your makeup brushes after every use can be a nightmare and whilst spot cleaning is great it can be just as time consuming as deep cleaning. That’s why when I discovered this temporary brush cleaning hack for eyeshadows and the like I felt extremely relieved.

Step 1. Take your dry, dirty makeup brush (this will not work with brushes used with cream or liquid products)

Step 2. Select a hair donut (I prefer to use ones designed for little girls hair because they’re smaller and often lighter coloured allowing you to see the product being removed)

Step 3. Secure the hair donut onto your thumb and gently wipe the bristles of the makeup brush back and forth on the donut (because hair donuts are porous they absorb makeup pigments extremely well)

Step 4. Enjoy your clean makeup brush!

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Kelly waddled under the large oak tree. “Dada,” she managed and pointed up with a giggle. Gibbs smiled and picked her up.
“You wanna climb?”
“Dada!” Kelly gurgled and took his cheeks. “Dada, dada.”
“Maybe someday.” Gibbs chuckled and kissed her chubby cheek.

“Is it almost done, Daddy?” Kelly rocked on her feet and toes and feet and toes, back and forth, back and forth.
Gibbs wiped off his forehead. “The base is. The floor.”
“When can I go up?”
“Soon, but only when I finish.” Gibbs kissed her head, smiling. Kelly hugged him tightly.
“I’ll miss you, daddy.”
“I’ll miss you more, Kelly.” He kissed his daughter in the head. “I’ll finish it when I get back.”

He never finished it.
What was the point if Kelly wasn’t there?

Imagine Connor Tasting His First Cupcake

     “What is it?” Connor asked, turning the pastry around in his hand.

    “It’s a cupcake.” She said as she stifled a laugh. She still couldn’t believe he hadn’t ever had a cupcake before.

    “A what?” He asked, looking up at her with a confused expression.

She rolled her eyes, “It’s good. Taste it!” She pushed the cupcake towards him causing it to bump against his mouth, leaving frosting sticking to his top lip.

    “Y/N…” He growled as he lifted his free hand to wipe it off. She quickly grabbed his wrist and shook her finger back and forth before she pointed to her mouth signaling him to taste it. This time he rolled his eyes at her but obeyed; running his tongue along his lip, licking up the frosting. His eyes widened and his face lit up like an unsupervised kid in a candy store.

    “Good?” She asked, smiling like an idiot and trying not to laugh at his reaction. It was quite cute though, and she would never forget it; the moment Connor tasted his first cupcake. He nodded excitedly as he took a large bite. Frosting stuck to the tip of his nose now.  She giggled at him before turning around to grab him a napkin but once she turned around he had already devoured his cupcake.

    “Can I have another?” He begged, shoving away the cloth as he wiped the frosting off with his finger and stuck it in his mouth.

    She chuckled, “No, Connor. You’re not an experienced cupcaker.” He gave her the most intense death stare she had ever seen, but it was also the cutest since he still had frosting lingering in the corners of his mouth and on his nose. She shook her head as she crossed her arms, “No.”

    He stuck his bottom lip out in a pout, “But Y/N.”

    She pursed her lips for a moment while she thought about it, “Fine.” Connor’s face immediately lit up again, a huge smile spread across it now, “But… If you get sick, I’m not dealing with it.” 

Pressing her lips together in a hard line, Ella pulled out from underneath the car. A coat of slick oil covering her clothes as she stared up, wide eyed towards the other person speaking. It seemed they wanted their opinion well known on the subject. “Like I already told you, I’m fixing this baby up and then I’m gonna do it.” Lightly shrugging a shoulder, she used her legs as leverage to roll back and forth on the little cart, wiping her palms clean on her pants. “What’s decided is well, decided duh.” Leaning up, she removes her shirt with ease before tossing it aside. “Hand me that jacket would ya?”

exquisite-rose answered your questionI know I’m probably the only one who cares, but I…

I agree with zaxal — very rarely is anything as black and white, and I definitely think they’re switches; however, still going with zaxal’s hc, Carlton definitely tends to be more need-to-please subby in my eyes.

It just makes so much for sense for it to go back and forth. 

*wipes away happy tear* See, I knew there was a reason I loved you fellow Squaddies. I’m not alone in wanting a more subby Lassiter thank god. I mean, it’s even canon that Lassie would basically do anything to please his partner (the one-night stand that ends up being Marlowe’s parole officer basically says he’s a god in bed too), so if Shawn really wanted something Lassie would aim to please if Shawn asked for it. But then, Shawn doesn’t always ask, he just wants to do things, and if he actually wanted to be in control Lassie would probably fight it despite enjoying it the whole way.

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Levi, Hanji, and a Shitty Flower

Title: Levi, Hanji, and a Shitty Flower
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Drama / Humor / Romance - ish
Rating: T

Levihan Week Day 1: Beauty 

Levi stopped, boots squeaking on shiny linoleum. His chest rose and fell, evidence of a barely concealed pant. Wide eyes belied a face otherwise wiped clear of expression. Blinking, they flicked back and forth: looking from her face, to her body cocooned in blankets, and finally, back to her face again.

Something was wrong.

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