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Sweet Dreams **

Request- Hi! Could u do a Bucky imagine where the reader is Tony’s daughter and she had a wet dream about Bucky and tells Wanda and Nat about it and the boys hear the conversation and Tony gets all protective and all? You can choose the final!!I love your blog btw♡ from @awesomebrokenangelworldus-blog

Bucky Barnes X Stark!Reader

Word Count: 1763

Warnings: There’s a wet dream! that’s pretty NSFW.

A/N: Hello! I’m sorry this took a while! I hope this is alright!! Please let me know :) xo 

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anonymous asked:

13, 14, and 19 with Reddie pretty please!!!!!

fictional kiss prompts | ACCEPTING

13. following the kiss with a series of kisses down the neck

Richie had actually got a home gaming console, which meant that Eddie was going to have to do everything in his power to get Richie away from them. He never thought that he would be jealous of a game.

So as Richie was trying to defeat the boss, Eddie slipped closer towards Richie. He let his hand touch Richie’s arm, which Richie moved his arm away quickly.

His eyebrows furrowed as he sat on his knees, pressing a kiss on his cheek.

“Babe.” Eddie muttered against Richie’s ear, wanting him to pay attention to him, not the game.

All that came as a response was a small grunt, no words to it. Eddie knew he had to get a bit more extreme. Grabbing the controller, he moved it out of Richie’s hands as he straddled his boyfriend’s lap.

“Eds, what the fu-” But before Richie’s sentence was over, Eddie’s lips were on his. His fingers gripped tightly at his hair as he felt Eddie’s tongue running along his bottom lip.

Kisses started to travel down from his lips, towards his neck. Soft kisses peppered along his soft skin. A tug of his hair nearly drove Richie over the edge, Eddie’s lips moving to make a mark on Richie’s neck.

14. starting with a kiss meant to be gentle, ending up in passion

Drive in movies were always Richie’s favorite thing, he got to spend time with all the losers and he got to be out of his house. So when Stan pulled up in front of his house with Eddie and Bill. Bill took up the front seat while Eddie was sitting in the back. Richie was thrilled. He grabbed his sweatshirt, shoving his wallet and cigarettes into the pocket.

He walked up to the car and got into the back, sliding next to Eddie, giving him a wink. Once they got to the drive in, he paid for him and Eddie. The snacks and drinks were on Eddie and they were soon, sitting cuddled up against each other.

Eddie was trying to focus on the movie, but Richie had other plans. Richie’s hand snaked up Eddie’s thigh as he nuzzled his nose against Eddie’s chin. Richie’s warm breath was pressed against Eddie’s neck.

“Richie… Not now.” Eddie whispered towards the other male, planting a soft kiss against his boyfriend’s lips.

Once Eddie pulled away, Richie was pushing Eddie down against the backseats of Stan’s car. Eddie’s small squeal was covered up by Richie’s lips.

Hands slipping along Eddie’s sides, Richie hovered over him, trying to cover any sounds that slipped out of Eddie’s mouth. But before he could kiss Eddie again, a small moan slipped out of Eddie’s lips, causing Stan to turn around.

“Can you two not have sex in the back of my car?” He asked in an irritated tone as he shook his head.

19. kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing 

Eddie was pacing back and forth in Richie’s bedroom. His hands wiping against his pant legs as he was trying to catch his breath. Eddie had finally told his mother that he was gay and her first reaction was to send him away.

Richie’s house was the only place that Eddie could think of going to. His feet never moved so fast in his entire life. His hands fidgeting with his fanny pack as he shook his head, trying to think of any words to say to his boyfriend.

“Are you going to tell me what the fuck is going on, Eds?” Richie asked as he looked towards the smaller male as he saw Eddie shaking his head vigorously, just pacing in his bedroom.

Richie got up from his bed, standing in Eddie’s way so he couldn’t pace. He grabbed Eddie’s face and pressed his lips against the others. Eddie’s body reacted quickly, at first, tensing up. Then once Richie continued to kiss him, Eddie’s body relaxed.

Eddie’s thoughts floated away when he was in Richie’s hands. His mother was nothing but a spot in the back of his mind.

Sticks and Stones- Part One (Loki x Any!Reader Angst)

Summary: You’re made to be Loki’s babysitter during the course of events that take place in the first Avengers movie. Little does Fury know you and him had a bit of history.

Warnings: Mentions of Death, Cursing

Word Count: 1404

You sighed, today just hadn’t been your day. You were working with the Avengers and you all had managed to do was get the god of Mischief locked inside of a clear prison cell. That was pretty much the only good thing that had happened all day. When you got the call from Fury saying that he needed you to hop on an airship with the Avengers, you didn’t think much of it, you had worked with some of them before. You were friends with Clint and Natasha, you had met Thor thanks to the fact that you were Asgardian and his childhood friend. You had worked with Tony on several different occasions, and the Captain and Bruce seemed nice enough. You were prepared to be working with them and helping in any way you could, but that’s not what happened. After Loki’s outburst that was aimed at Natasha, Fury looked at you and told you to go and watch him. You rolled your eyes at him before complying. That’s where you were heading now, you didn’t mind being with Loki, in fact, you quite enjoyed the trickster’s company. You just didn’t want to get caught. Loki had this effect on you, it wasn’t a spell or anything. You had feelings for him, and he for you. As you made it to Loki’s holding cell, he stood up and smiled at you, “Ah finally, they send the person that I actually want to see.”

You laughed a bit, “They only sent me because of how rude you were to Nat.”

His smile turned into a smirk, “That’s why I did it.”

“Bullshit Loki, you just like pissing people off,” You said, crossing your arms playfully.

“Oh, language (Y/N),” Loki said matching your stance.

“Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit,” You said teasingly.

“Wow, I can’t believe you would disobey me like that.”

“You’re the one trap inside the glass box ass-hat.”

Loki faked being hurt by your words, he knew you were kidding around, “Ow I’m hurt by your words… They hurt so much more than that time you threw stones at my head.”

“Hey! We were kids and you threw me in the river! You deserved it!”

“What about the time I sabotaged your date with that cheating piece of trash and you stabbed me through the shoulder with a stick.”

You sighed, “First of all that was a staff, not a stick… but I do admit I might have overreacted on that one…”

“Yeah tell me about it, I had a hole in my shoulder,” Loki said with a laugh.

“Shut up,” You said with a laugh as well.

“I kinda wish we could go back to that,” You said looking down at the ground.

“What? To when you almost killed me?” He joked, still being playful.

“No you moron,” Loki suddenly changed his demeanor to match your now serious one, “I wish we could go back to when things were simpler… When we were running around Asgard causing minor mayhem.”

Loki put his hand on the glass, “I wish we could do that… but we could do almost that… You could join me and we could cause major mayhem here in Midgard.”

You sighed, “You know I can’t do that Loki.”

“And why not? When we were kids you loved causing trouble.”

“Exactly, ‘when we were kids’ is the key phrase there.”

“Wait… You’re actually going to let S.H.I.E.L.D. and my brother have their way? You’re not going to let me out of here?”

You let out a dry laugh, “Let you out? You’ve got be joking Loki. I’ve been living on Midgard and protecting it for years. You actually think that I would let you out of here so you could go and destroy this world?”

Loki backed away from the glass, “Yes, that is what I thought would happen. You could rule beside me, my love. It’s what we’ve always wanted, a world where no one could tell ‘no you can’t do that’.”

You let out a long sigh, moving close to the glass and looking him dead in the eye, “I love you Loki, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give to make you a free man, but as long as you have the crazy idea of taking over Earth running around in your head I’m afraid there is nothing I can do,” You said honestly before turning to leave.

Loki’s jaw set, he looked like he was going to burst, “Worthless excuse for a partner,” He mumbled under his breath.

You froze, “What the hell did you just say to me frost-bite?”

“Oh nothing, just that you’re a worthless excuse for a partner,” He said flatly, his face emotionless.

“Oh yeah? It’s not like you’re much better, you hardly ever think of anyone, but yourself!” You glared at him.

“You think you’re better than me? Please on our home world you’re nothing, but a lowly soldier’s child!” Loki spat, “Your father’s life was replaceable to my father and being the crybaby that you’ve always been, you ran away, through the Bifrost when he died… to Earth… where you’re considered a warrior, whereas on Asgard you’re worth nothing,” Loki seethed, “You’re so insecure and pathetic you had to come to the world of mortals to feel valid!” You could hear the venom in his voice, he meant every word.

You were both silent as you stared at your shoes, suddenly finding them very interesting as the pain in your chest grew. You could feel your heart breaking, your eyes starting to fill with water. You looked him dead in the face as the tears began to leave your eyes and roll down your face, “Sticks and stones may have broken your bones when we were kids, but your words… they hurt…” You turned away from him and walked out of the room. You headed back to the lab, everyone was arguing loudly until the first pair of eyes landed on you.

It was Thor, “(Y/N)… What happened?”

No words left your mouth, you just ran over to him, hugging him tightly around the waist. Thor had always been like an older brother to you, and he cared about you dearly. He was the only one who knew that you and Loki had been seeing each other. He wrapped his arms around you, you were pretty small compared to him, “Loki…”

He let out a sigh, all the Avengers and Fury were shocked. You were one of the strongest, toughest, agents S.H.I.E.L.D. had to offer and Loki had said something to make you openly sob. Thor looked to the others, who all looked beyond pissed. Thor pulled back, “I’m going-”

Suddenly the giant ship lurched, “What now?” Fury asked.

Everything else seemed to happen fast. Everyone started to rush around, your blurry vision kept you from seeing everything, but you could hear all the commotion going on around you and you could feel the plane swing back and forth. You wiped your eyes, you were a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and the proud child of an Asgardian warrior, you had to get it together. You left the lab and the first thing you did was going to check and see if Loki was still in his cell, unfortunately, he wasn’t. Thor was now inside the cell, his hammer outside, and Loki was standing free with a smirk on his face. If that had been all, you would have gotten it together and kept him busy until someone could come and help you, or you could get Thor out, but… Agent Coulson, a man you had worked with several times, lied dead on the ground. You wanted to scream out and cry, but you didn’t, you brooded in silence, “What? Cat got your tongue (Y/N)?” Loki teased.

When you looked up at him, there wasn’t love in your eyes, nor were there tears, only raging fire. You stuck your hand out, and Thor’s hammer flew towards you.You took it in your hand, it was as light as a feather. Loki suddenly looked terrified and Thor looked stunned, “How did you do that?!” Loki asked, fear clearly dripping from his voice.

“I guess I’m worthy, unlike you, you arrogant ass,” You seethed, “You killed a good agent and a friend, I will show you no mercy Loki of Asgard.”

- - -

Part Two: https://imaginethatstarlord.tumblr.com/post/167595238387/sticks-and-stones-part-two-loki-x-anyreader

Save Me [Part 1]

Originally posted by jengkook

hi! can i please request a kind of angsty vampire!au scenario with jungkook where he’s a vampire who has an interest in you and you have feelings for him, but he sleeps around with other human girls as well and when you start to get tired of it you cut off communication with him and avoid him so he tries to get you back through sweet gestures and staying with you instead of going around? sorry this is like one run on sentence omg. thank you, and i love your writing~ 

Warnings: Graphic violence, blood mention, death mention

You flitted through the stack of papers on your desk, fingers carding through them in a panic as the ringing of your phone blared through the silence of the office.

”Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You muttered in a frustrated mantra, needing to find that contract before your boss lifted her lazy ass out of her cushioned chair and came to rip your head off.

”What’s going on, beautiful?” A familiar voice spoke directly into your ear and you jumped with a high squeal, your hands slipping over the file you’d been flipping through. You hissed as you felt the edge of the thick paper slice the tip of your index finger, your face puckering in pain as you sucked it into your mouth, the metallic taste of blood hitting your tongue.

“I don’t have time to talk right now, Jungkook.” You mumbled around the digit, soothing the throbbing cut by suckling fervently.

Normally, you’d rather punch yourself in the head than pass up an opportunity to chat up your boss’ newly hired head assistant, but now was not the time. You had about five minutes before you risked losing your job. Jungkook cleared his throat, straightening up into a standing position and taking a couple of steps back from you.

“What, uh–What are you looking for?” He asked in a voice that seemed an octave or two deeper than his normal tone.

“Sunyoung needs the contract from the Hyatae deal.” You spoke in a rush, yanking your finger out of your mouth with a wet ‘pop’ once the frustration of sorting through papers with only one hand got the best of you.

“Mm,” He hummed and through your peripheral vision you could see him shift. “This one?”

Jungkook held the paper out in front of you, blocking your vision with bold black print. Your eyes moved over the underlined words on the very top of the page, and when you realized it was in fact the paper you were looking for, you snatched it out of his hand and bounced excitedly from foot to foot.

“Thank you!” You squealed. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh my God, I could kiss you right now, Jungkook. You’re amazing!”

He laughed at your excitement, tucking his hands into the pockets of his slacks and lifting his shoulders in a nonchalant shrug. “It’s nothing. I wouldn’t object to a kiss, though.”

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Accidents Happen {Reader Insert}

Imagine: A young Serpent needs refuge. Her first thought is an old friend, but when a redhead hottie opens the door, her plans are quick to change.

Summary: {Y/N} comes from the other side of the tracks, from a rough and broken home. In the spur of the moment, an accident happens and she’s left scared and vulnerable. She turns to an old friend, Jughead Jones. But it seems he’s quite preoccupied. Instead, she comes face to face with the famous Archie Andrews. Who knew good boys could make such good company?

Request?: No, another random thought that just had to be voiced. I mean, c’mon, Archiekins deserves all the love.

Word Count: 2078

Taglist: Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in anything.

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, credit to the user that made it. The Riverdale characters and storyline are also not mine, credit to the writers and producers.

A/N: When I first started writing this little oneshot, I honestly wasn’t too sure as to where I wanted it to go. But, I am very happy with how this turned out. Do let me know what you think! And of course, my ask box is open for any requests that you might have! Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

Originally posted by storycrackimagines

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anonymous asked:

Could u write Dex dealing w anxiety n Nursey helping him? Literally anything pls im not having a great day tbh. No pressure though

“Okay, okay, okay, okay,” Dex whispers to himself, pacing back and forth in the room, wiping his sweaty hands on the thighs of his jeans.

“Yo, Dexy!” Nursey yells as he yanks open the door. Dex freezes in place, and his face must show some sort of existential dread because Nursey’s easy smile melts into a grimace at best as he gingerly steps inside the door and closes it softly. “Uh, you okay, dude?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good,” Dex nods, probably a little too hard. “I just - I have to kind of psych myself up before kegsters.”

“Psych yourself up?” Nursey repeats as Dex resumes his pacing.

“Social anxiety’s a bitch, dude,” Dex shrugs. “There’s going to be, like, a shit ton of people in the Haus and about two thirds of them are going to be strangers to me. That’s… I gotta prepare myself for that.”

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I lost our baby

Request: #13…?  

Could I have 13 for the drabble thing? Thanks!

So basically this is #13 from the Drabble challenge

Summary: You and Peter have been spending most of your days at the avengers tower after the birth of your baby girl. You leave Peter to supervise her for one minute, and you could’ve predicted what happened next.

! y/d/n= your daughters name !

I wanted to make this happy and funny. Hopefully you guys like it!!! Also made this a Peterxreader. If you’d like a Tomxreader let me know! <3 

Originally posted by gounderoos

After announcing your pregnancy you couldn’t tell who was more excited, Peter or the rest of the avengers. They always looked after you and treated you like a baby sister, so naturally they were protective of you. But once your pregnancy became public knowledge, it was as if you couldn’t go to the bathroom without someone holding your hand. You didn’t entirely mind it, you loved having the extra help as the months went by. You certainly love the extra help now that the baby was here and you single-handedly could never do it all. Peter is always there to help of course, it was his job, and his priority. He lived up to the ‘father’ name quite greatly.

      Recently the two of you had been living in the avengers tower with the rest of the gang. You loved it. You were enjoying the company and your baby girl, now 4 months old was loving all the attention. Natasha and Tony spent every moment of their spare time with y/d/n. They loved her as if she were their own. 

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Ivar x Reader/OC “Possessive”

I honestly don’t ever know what to name my stories. Anywho please send me requests.

“Ivar!” you yelled as you made your way over to him. Your smile beaming with happiness.

“Y/n what are you doing here?” Ivar asked as he saw you walk into the forge.

“I came to bring you lunch,” you answered as you shook the basket of goodies you had packed.

He smiled as he made his way over crawling to the back where there was a table and three chairs.

You walked over and placed the food out as you hummed to yourself.

“Y/n,” Ivar called out as he stared at you.

“hm?” you asked as you smiled his way.

“You don’t have to do this. Why do you do this?” he suddenly asked as you sat down across from him.

“Because I want to,” you answered.

Ivar scoffed.

“Its true, you’re too focused on other matter to ever really notice that I actually enjoy spending time with you. As a matter of fact, I like you a lot. Wow, I guess I am confessing now. But anyways I am not going to wait for an answer because I don’t believe in that type of pride. I like you because I do. I am me and I won’t change that and if you don’t feel the same way that is completely fine,” You began to babble.

“You like me?” Ivar asked with a dark chuckle, “what can you find desirable in a cripple?” he asked with anger as he slammed his hand against the table.

“Don’t pull that excuse at me Ivar. You are better than that and you should expect more from ME!” you answered angrily.

“What difference does it make?!” he yelled slamming the food down to the ground.

“you’re so damn stubborn and so full of self-loathing that you miss the fact that someone can actually love you. Ivar wakeup, I am y/n, not Margarete, not Sigurd, I am none of those people. You Ivar are the most amazing man I have ever met. You know your only flaw in life is the fact that you can’t see how special you are. How great you are going to be. But I guess no matter what I say you are never going to believe me.” You sighed in defeat as you began to pick up the scattered plates and cups. Your eyes gathering tears, your mouth feeling full of lead.

“Y/n,” Ivar called from his spot. You ignored him and continued picking up the stuff. You couldn’t look at him. If you did you knew you would cry.

“Y/n!” Ivar yelled, “for the love of Odin! Look at me women!” he screamed as he pulled your arm up to look up at him. Your noses almost touching your eyes gazed into his beautiful blue orbs that could almost hypnotize you.

He stared at your crystal filled hazel eyes as a lone tear began to trickle down your face and down your lips. His thumb wiped your red lips back and forth.

“Don’t look at me like that,” you whispered.

“Like what?” he asked.

“You are not allowed to look at me like you actually see me. If you do I will fall and I will break,” you answered.

He breathed in deeply as if to suppress his hidden urges as he suddenly pulled you into a death grip hug. You froze arms loosely hanging as he held on to you as if you would disappear.

“I wish I could be better for you,” he whispered.

“If I had a thousand lives I would always choose you,” you answered as he pulled back and looked at you before pulling you into a searing kiss.

When you pulled apart you had found yourself on Ivar’s lap, his hands digging into your waist and hair. Your hand had snacked into his hair and one had gripped his shirt.

As you took a large gulp of air so your lungs could breathe you realized Ivar was staring at with such an intense stare you felt your breath caught in your throat.

“Why did you do that?” you asked quietly looking down.

“I’ve tried so hard to ignore the fact that there might be a small chance that you actually felt something towards me. I told myself you deserve better. But now that I have you I will warn you. You can try to run or hide but I will always find you. I’ll give you a chance to end it here, but if you choose this,” his hands made the motion of between the two of you, “then know that you will forever be mine. I am possessive and not a nice person. I will be harsh and nasty at times but I will always put you above all else.”

You smiled as you cupped his face, “You maybe harsh and jaded, and rough around the edges but you are the sweetest person I have ever met. You may be possessive but so am I. Hi! Can you see me? I’m right here in front of you. Doesn’t that mean something? The people who want to leave you will leave. But those that stay will always be by your side. I will always be by your side.”

You gave him a sweet kiss before breaking it off far too quickly for Ivar’s liking as he suddenly pinched your thigh.

“Hey!” you shouted.

He smiled, “Oh little dove, did that scare you.”

You glared.

“Run little dove before I catch you and when I do you aren’t getting away ever again,” Ivar said with a possessive smile.

You giggled as you jumped off his lap and began to ran out of the forge.

Surfer Boy (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “can you do an imagine based on ethans tweet “@ethandolan: Haha gray just texted and was like yo my face is so red I just saw a cute girl what do I do” 😌”
Word Count: 1,337
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is cute :’) Thank you for requesting, my dear anon. Hope you like it. xx

“People have a weird tendency of not cleaning up after themselves.” Your friend, and also your boss, pointed out as she carried in four glasses behind the bar, placing them by the counter so she could wash them.

You laughed, watching her pull a face before returning to wring out a dishrag. Your friend had always been an impulsive one, so it didn’t even surprise you when she had come home one day, claiming that she bought the small tiki bar on the beach, not far from where you lived.

It had turned out to be a smashing hit, everybody buying their cool drinks and their occasional cocktail to clench their thirst. You being the good, bored friend you were, you had offered yourself to work behind the bar. It wasn’t all too bad, you got plenty of Vitamin D, got drinks for free and got to watch a lot of hot guys who went to catch a wave or sat by the bar, sipping on their drinks under the scorching L.A sun.

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Vocabulary Lessons

A/N: I can’t remember who I saw post about needing some sweet Sam fics, but that’s what got me to thinking about this one. Then, I stumbled upon a list of beautiful words in the English language, and it was like it was meant to be. And the result of that pairing is this little one shot. Hope you love it, and as usual, all feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Let me know if you wanted to be added or removed from my tag list. 

Warnings: Fluffy, fluff; mild language; mentions of sexiness and nudity

Word Count: 1300-ish


“What the hell are you muttering about this early in the morning, Sam Winchester?” Y/N grumbled sleepily and wiggled deeper under the covers, snuggling back against him as she did so.

“You heard me,” he chuckled softly, wrapping his arm around her tightly and kissing the back of her head. “You are a somnambulist.”

She sighed lazily, smiling but never opening her eyes. Leave it to her nerdy Sam to spring a vocabulary lesson on her at the crack ass of dawn. “You’re a somna-whatever-the-ist,” she muttered back weakly, not having a clue what the silly word even meant.

He snorted in amusement at the pitiful comeback. “You are almost as bad as Dean in the witty comeback department, Y/N.” 

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Hold Me (Part 5) Richie x Reader

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

Author’s note: I hope you guys enjoy this!! Let me know if I should continue with this series!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6

Reader’s pov:

It felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Maybe that’s why I was crumbling, everything with Richie, school, Georgie’s death, the added stress after what happened over the summer. It was all catching up with me.  

After school I managed to avoid the losers and the bowers gang as I walked to the quarry. It was my favorite place, I always went there when I needed a break from life. I sat on the ground, letting my feet hang over the edge. I pull out a pack of cigarettes, placing one between my lips as I look for a lighter.

I took a long drag, letting it calm myself. I knew it wasn’t something I should be doing but I didn’t care. I picked up the nasty habit rather quick. Luckily I was able to hide it from those around me, knowing I would get lectured about how unhealthy it was and how it would eventually kill me. Richie continued staring at unsuspecting girls, then he would sneak in through my window with flowers or kiss me and whisper sweet nothings to me.

I let out a sigh, I hated the way he made me feel, like I was nothing to him but at the same time something. When I get home, we can do it again and again. Just thinking about it made my heart ache and my eyes tear.

“Y/N?” A voice came from behind me.

I glanced over my shoulder to see Stan walking over.

“Fuck.” I muttered to myself.

“What are you doing here? You smoke?” Stan began interrogating.

“I’m thinking about shit.” I answered, wiping the tears off my face.

Stan sat besides me with a look of concern across his face.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this.” I pleaded holding up the lit cigarette between my fingers.

“Ok.” Stan nodded. “I assume you know they are bad for you so I won’t bother scolding you.”

“Thanks.” I said, taking another drag.

“So what’s wrong?” He asked after a few moments of silence.

“What isn’t wrong?” I said, looking down at my hands.

“Everyone has been worried about you lately.” He responded. “Especially Richie, he’s been asking if we knew what was going on.”

I sighed at the mention of Richie, sure he was so worried about me. What a load of bullshit. Maybe it will help if I talk about it, I just don’t want him running back to everyone blabbing about it all.

“Promise me this stays between us?” I sighed, putting out the cigarette.


“Richie has been staying with me for the past 2 weeks. He came to my house with a black eye, I took him in and we talked. Long story short, h-he kissed me and told me he loved me.” I looked at the ground. “We aren’t together or anything, but I watch him gawk at other girls all day and when he comes to my house at night he acts like we’re a couple and he wasn’t just drooling over anything that walks.”

Stan listened intently as I just let it out. I wipe the tears again with the shaky hand.

“This going back and forth bullshit, it feels like I’m getting my heart broken everyday, over and over again. I can’t take it much longer.”

“Why don’t you talk to him about it?” Stan suggested.

“I didn’t want to bother him with it, I knew he was having a hard time dealing with what happened.” I answered, careful of what I said.

I knew Stan also had a rough time coping, everyone did really. Stan nodded, understanding.

“I’m not condoning what he’s doing, but I don’t think he’s even realizing he’s hurting you.” He explained. “I think you should just talk to him.”

Stan tried his best to help, I’ll admit I do feel a little better talking about it with someone but I was still stuck in this situation. I thanked him for his help before getting up to walk home. He offered to walk me home but I just needed to be alone.


Richie stayed the night again but I when I woke up he was gone. I got ready for school like always. He probably just went home to get more clothes or something.

The school day was uneventful, I sat at lunch with everyone else. Stan must’ve stayed true to his promise as nobody interrogated me about smoking or Richie. Richie was staring like usual, I let out a sigh of frustration.

“Richie, close your mouth. You’re gunna catch flies.” Stan commented.

I couldn’t help but smirk. Richie closed his mouth, not before flashing his middle finger at Stan. It wasn’t long before his beautiful brown eyes gazed at another girl. I couldn’t just sit here watching this anymore.

“I uh, gotta go grab some books out of my locker. See you guys later.”  

Stan shot a glance in my direction before I left. The halls were quiet, I walked to my locker in silence. I just had to make it through one more class, I couldn’t cry yet, not yet.

“Y/N?” Richie asked.

Shit, I mentally calmed myself down as much as I could. I worried about what Stan had told him, I just hoped it was about the cigarettes and not about Richie but knowing Stan, it would be the latter.

“I need to talk to you.” His voice was serious and filled with concern.

Yearning for More

This is for @trexrambling‘s Daring Drabbles - but I did break your 500 word rule, I’m so sorry, but it HAD to be longer. You’ll thank me - I hope!
Challenge: Y for Yearning, John Winchester
Word Count: 1250
Characters: John x Reader, Sam and Dean for a moment
Warnings: SMUT without a plot! NSFW aesthetic under the cut (made by @jayankles)
A/N: I wanna thank @manawhaat @codenameruby @feelmyroarrrr @ohmychuckitssamanddean @grace-for-sale and @papawinchxster for spamming me with gifs when I was stuck; y’all made this happen. Also, thanks Mana and Grace for talking John through with me!
If you’re not 18+ please do not read further. This is not for you.

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anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you've done this before but can I request the RFA reacting to MC crying herself to sleep? Like, they come home quite late and they can hear their sobs nearby? I love your works so take your time!

Awww anonny this request is so sad but sweet, I absolutely love it! Thank you very much for the kind words and I’m very appreciative of your patience!! Now let’s see our RFA crew comfort us when the tears are flowing!! ^^


  • Yoosung was relieved to come home after a long day of work at the veterinarian clinic
  • He typically doesn’t come home so late but he had to perform an emergency operation on a puppy and was ready to cuddle the night away with you
  • As he walked through the front door, Yoosung took off his jacket cautiously as he heard some strange muffled noise coming from your shared bedroom
  • He quietly opened the door to find you crying your eyes out in bed
  • Yoosung rushes over to your side and carefully sits you up as he wraps his arms around you, with you nuzzling your head into his shoulder
  • He softly shushes you while stroking your hair as he whispers sweet words to you
  • “It’s alright MC, I’m here for you and I always will be. Sometimes it’s best to cry so please, never be afraid to do so when I’m around. I love you so much MC, no matter what’s going on that’ll never change.”
  • Once you start to calm down, Yoosung gently lays the two of you down as you keep your head on his shoulder, breathing in his comforting scent
  • You and Yoosung fall asleep like this with Yoosung making a silent promise to never come home that late again because seeing you crying would always break his heart


  • Zen had the lead role in an upcoming musical which was great for his career but it meant less time with you
  • But you were supportive, helping Zen read over the script to get him into character
  • One night when Zen had to stay extra late at rehearsals, he walked into your shared apartment to hear a strange noise
  • Slightly panicked, he grabbed a kitchen knife and slowly followed where the sound was coming from only to open the bedroom door to find you with tears on your cheeks as you were half asleep
  • At first, Zen thought that you were reading over the script since it was a melancholy musical until he realized that you were crying for real
  • He immediately laid down on his back as he pulled you on top of his chest as he coaxed you into calming down
  • “I’m here MC, I’ll always be here for you. Please don’t cry my princess, you’re too beautiful to cry. Whatever the issue is we’ll get through it together since you’re the strongest person I’ve ever known. I love you so much MC.”
  • Zen continued to whisper kind words to you until you fell asleep while listening to his heartbeat, with Zen vowing to do everything within his power to never make you cry yourself to sleep again


  • Jaehee typically stays late at work, but this night was an extreme case
  • It was late whenever she unlocked the door to your shared home, excited to be home and to see your warm smile
  • But instead Jaehee was welcomed home by a weird muffling sound coming from the bedroom, making her feel uneasy
  • She flung open the door to find you curled up in bed, seemingly asleep but with tears painting your face
  • This was an all to familiar sight for Jaehee, there’s been countless times in the past which she’d cry her own self to sleep due to stress so she knew what to do
  • You felt a pair of warm hands gently pry your arms away from your face as Jaehee then put her arms around you, telling you softly how she felt
  • “I know it can be tough sometimes MC, but whatever you’re going through I’ll always be right by your side. We’ll get through this but for now, I want you to relax and get some rest. Never forget that I love you MC.”
  • The sound of Jaehee’s comforting words eventually made you fall sleep, making her happy but determined to be by with you more so she’d never have to see you so upset again


  • You were use to Jumin coming home late from work since you knew he was working hard
  • But one night Jumin came home particularly late, huffing as he kicked his shoes off and loosening his tie as he eagerly went to find you
  • As he searched for you, Elizabeth the Third sadly meowed as she pointed her head towards the bedroom door where Jumin heard a loud sob
  • Jumin felt his chest tighten with guilt as he immediately went to your side seeing you half asleep but crying your eyes out
  • He carefully cradled you in his arms as he rocked you back and forth while wiping your tears away, kissing your temple as he softly told you how sorry he was for not getting home sooner
  • “It’s okay MC, it’s all going to be okay. I promise we’ll solve this issue together but now I need you to relax. I’ll be here for you whenever you wake up so rest MC. My love for you will never stop so let’s rest together.”
  • You eventually fell asleep to Jumin softly humming as he continued to rock you back and forth is a soothing motion
  • Jumin engraved the mental image of you crying into his mind so that he’d always have a reminder to make you happy and feel loved because to him, you deserved it


  • Even though Seven typically works within the comfort of his home, he had to go away for a long weekend to finish up some business with his old agency
  • So on the night of his return, a very tired Seven walked through the door wanting nothing more then to flop in bed with you and sleep the week away
  • But when he heard a strange noise coming from the bedroom, Seven grabbed one of his guns and raced to find you
  • Seven burst the door open only to be startled to find you laying in bed, half asleep but sobbing your eyes out
  • He dropped his weapon and went to your side, carefully sitting you on his lap as he ran his fingers through your hair, feeling like he wanted to cry himself
  • But Seven knew that you needed comfort right now so he rubbed your arms to try and calm you down as he kissed your ear whispering loving words to you
  • “I’m so sorry for leaving you like this MC. I’ll stay by your side for forever okay? You’re going to be stuck with me so hopefully you won’t get annoyed of me! But seriously MC, let’s get some rest now. I love you and I’m here for you always.“
  • Seven’s sweet words helped you finally drift off to sleep with him sighing as he bit his lip to keep himself from crying
  • Seeing you so upset made Seven promise to never push you away again and to remind you how much he adored you
Coffee Break!

a/n: break from prompts to do an impromptu fic-for-art exchange with one of the sweetest artists, lordy idk why he even wants to do this exchange, its completely unfair because I’m definitely getting the better end of this bargain. Especially since I requested something completely ridiculous from him but GOD is it BEAUTIFUL
summary: In a world, where Johan swaps out Usnavi’s regular coffee with decaf, Usnavi has, what he thinks is, the worst day of his life. (aka: Decaf!Au)
w/c: 2184
Sincerely tagging:

 ‘Caffeine can  really stress the heart out…’ Bow said to Johan once while they offhandedly passed by a local coffee shop with a line zipping all the way around the block. Ever since then Johan couldn’t help but think about it. Coffee, like anything in excess, couldn’t be good forever. Even more so some time before, Bow had mentioned that Hispanics have a higher chance of heart disease…since then Johan’s health craze has been…well unbearable to anyone who didn’t love him as much as Usnavi did.  Luckily for Johan, Usnavi loved him immensely and while his diet was…intense Usnavi knew it was because he cared. There was only one thing he wouldn’t change.

Coffee. Usnavi didn’t just serve it, he was raised on it. It seemed weird to Johan (which was saying a lot) but a lot of Usnavi’s culture felt rooted in this drink. The skill to brew it, the stories told over a cup of coffee, how coffee spoke to people. This was a third language to Usnavi and it was one he wasn’t going to let Johan mess with. So on the day, on Usnavi’s worse day, Johan for once had gotten up earlier than Usnavi. He eyed the yellow, demon can of caffeine that may or may not send his small, beloved man to an early grave and decided to do a small experiment. He grabbed a plastic bag and dumped the contents of the dirt looking powder inside, and opened an organic, vegan baggie of decaf coffee powder. He replaced it, gave it a small sniff, and to Johan there was no difference. “Mornin’ cariño, you’re awake? So early?” Usnavi sleepily rubbed his eyes, emerging from the bathroom. Johan, still in his sleeping clothes (consisting of just sweatpants, nothing else), smiled at him.

“What can I say; I’m getting use to your early morning ways.” He tried to sound like a less guilty man but his smile twitched, he felt nervous. It dawned on him how important coffee was to this man. This…could possibly make or break them. Suddenly Johan wanted to take it all back but Usnavi had already moved towards the yellow tin and broke it open.

He paused and sniffed it a little, he didn’t take his usual exhale of relief. He eyed the coffee and pondered. “Johan”

“Y-Yeaaa” Johan suddenly started darting over to the living room. He stood by the window and bent over.

“The coffee, does it smell…” Usnavi’s eyes wandered up, and just as Johan had innocently planned, Usnavi was stopped dead in his tracks by Johan in his downward dog pose. The Dominican tilted his head completely forgetting what he had to say. For the moment he enjoyed the few of his boyfriend stretching by an open window, shirtless and going commando under his sweatpants.

Johan smirked thank god for Yoga. He stood upright letting his boyfriend eye his muscular back as he stretched into a sun salutation pose. “Hm, did you say something my sweet, jouet.” He wiggled an eyebrow intensifying the Usnavi’s already flustered expression.

The combination of Usnavi’s undying lust over his man and the fact his brain was working on low without coffee, he blanked. “Nada…es nada…” He mumbled in Spanish, finding it hard to even form English at this point. Spanish was Usnavi’s safe way of being flustered and Johan not knowing what he was saying. “No es justo que un hombre debriera ser tan hermoso en *la mañanita de la manana” (It’s not fair a man can be that beautiful in the wee hours of the morning- informal slang). Usnavi grumbled as he made his coffee. Johan continued to do yoga, not really concentrating since he was watching Usnavi’s every move as he downed the coffee. Like with the smell he paused, smacked his lips together tasting the coffee. He turned to Johan as if to ask something but Johan immediately dropped into a bridge pose.

Was he exploiting his flexibility to keep Usnavi from asking anything that he may or may not be able to lie about? Of course. Was it working? Absolutely. Usnavi eyed his boyfriend as he held himself up, his arms and abs flexed making the Dominican lose track of every thought including his name at this point. “Are you going to work today, hun?” Johan spoke, watching from the upside down view, his boyfriend fidgeting a little.

“Y-Yea I’m going now…can I get a kiss?” He needed something fast before Johan made him explode. Johan pushed himself off from the ground and back to his feet in one elegant movement. He turned and grabbed Usnavi, making sure that the last thing on his mind was his jacked coffee. He planted a kiss that almost insisted Usnavi stay home inside. The kind of kiss that Usnavi was left gasping and his stomach gnawed at the walls of his insides. Johan pulled away, smirking at his handiwork. Usnavi was still half lidded, mouth still opened. Absently, Johan somewhat missed the strong, bitter coffee breath…perhaps it was the guilt but once Usnavi saw he could function without coffee it would all be worth it. “Uh..you…are very..um..” Usnavi went to accuse of Johan of trying to make him stay…but damn it was working to well.

“What can I say?” Johan smiled kissing Usnavi’s unexpecting mouth again. “I miss you already. Go have a good day.”

Usnavi staggered back and nodded, “…aye dios…” he breathed, feeling a jolt just by being around Johan. Perhaps he didn’t need coffee, he mused to himself.The day began and Usnavi usually felt the first kicks of coffee hit him in the morning right before Sonny stumbled in late. Instead he…felt nothing, his limbs did get progressively limper and his body felt heavier all of the sudden. Had he put on any weight? No he was still a moderately average size, his pants felt fine as did his shirt. He shook his head and started slowly sweeping, back and forth, and back…and forth. His mind started to slip in and out as he swayed to the slow, sloppy sweeping of his broom. He did this mindlessly for an hour when Sonny eventually walked in.  Sonny readying himself for his cousin’s wrath, his neck dotted in evidence where and with who he was with. “Before you say anything, I can explain I was…attacked by a very small cat on the neck and—“ He looked over at Usnavi and waited. And waited…usually Usnavi would be down his throat with scolding but instead. He was just standing there, swaying… “Usnavi?” He walked over and gently poked his cousin on the side. 

“Mmnh.” Usnavi blinked a few times but couldn’t manage to open his eyes any wider than half. He turned and looked at Sonny, a slow smile forming on his lips. “Sonny, when did you get in?” He yawned and slowly pulled his wrist to his face. He looked like someone reading the time, shame there was no watch on his bare arm. “Right on time, good..S-Sooahhh” He yawned again.

Sonny arched an eyebrow and decided it was best to just…let it go since Usnavi wasn’t yelling at him. “Suuuure. Whatever you say…” Sonny took notice the rest of the day Usnavi was out of it. When rush hour came in, Usnavi couldn’t even do the simple math. He stared at the cash register for so long the line actually started to dwindle because people were leaving! Finally Sonny stepped in, pushing his zombie cousin out of the way. “Navi’ just make coffee or something.”

“S-Si” He waved Sonny off, his voice drawling and dragging with sleep. Usnavi never felt so…out of it. He couldn’t seem to focus on a single thing. He started to put a pot to brew and stood there. He leaned up against the counter and felt gravity betray him and his body gave out. He slumped over the counter and groaned, unable to so much lift his head up. It was though a cinderblock was dropped on him. His eyes fluttered close for a second.


Sonny’s yell brought him to his feet. “H-Huh?” He wiped his head around back and forth, trying to find Sonny. He turned his head and noticed Sonny had been behind him and was holding  up a kettle of hot water. “Why are you boilin’ water, Sonny?”

“Me?!” Sonny glared, stressed from manning both the counter and now Usnavi. “I told you we needed coffee and you made it, just minus the coffee!” All Usnavi made was hot water.


Sonny shot a worried look to his cousin. “You ok, man?” This was so far from Usnavi’s regular that now Sonny was starting to worry for real. “Bro…maybe you should take five?”

“Yeah…yeah…” Usnavi took off his hat and rubbed his hair. “I’ll go sit…” He stumbled to the backroom. He took a seat and started going down the check list of things he had stocked up. He started checking off product by product. His head bobbing with each check, until slowly…his world went dark.

“Seriously he’s been buggin’ all day. I’m worried”
“Nina, what do you think?”
“I don’t know I’ve never seen him like this…”
“Oh god should we call 911??”

“No one is calling 911” Benny hissed then gently a large hand came down on Usnavi’s shoulder and shook him gently. “Hey…hey Usnavi…” Benny spoke gently.

Usnavi opened his eyes and looked around, his vision blurrier than usual he made out the faces of Sonny, Nina, and Benny all around him. “Que? Que fue?” (What? What’s up/going on?). He looked down at the clipboard and found his checks were all over the place, not even in the designated boxes for the items. He squinted a bit and groaned, his head felt heavy, everything felt bogged down by some invisible force. Even his thinking was hazy.

“You’re really out of it…” Benny shook his head.

“I think you’re sick, Navi” Nina spoke softly, “you should go home and rest…Sonny will handle the store and Benny and I can help.” She offered, though Benny grunted a bit. They had a date planned and the date was not to be cooped up at the bodega with Sonny. Still, Usnavi looked so weakened, even his posture seemed to be smaller, curling into himself like a helpless animal.

“Sick…yeah…” He muttered, this was the worst. He lost customers; he failed at brewing coffee, now he was being kicked out of his own store. This was the worse sick he ever felt. It wasn’t a stuffy nose with aches and a fever. This was just a hollow sluggish feeling, a mild ache in his mind, a loss of total interest in everything. Was he… “…I’ll go home now…” He muttered slowly getting to his feet. He swayed at bit even stumbled after only taking two steps forward. He felt like he was walking on stilts. One wrong step and everything would tip over.

One foot after the other, slow and steady Usnavi made it to his apartment. He tried the key but missed the hole repeatedly, then started to knock using his face as the door knocker. “Opeeeeen” he yawned. Slowly the door opened and Johan was right there to catch Usnavi after he placed all his weight on the door. “Jo…Jo…” he muttered finding some solace in strong, support beam like arms holding him up.

“Shh…I-I’m here…” Johan whispered, spent the whole day ignoring the guilt telling himself this was a good healthy thing he was doing. But Usnavi looked so…miserable. He dragged his boyfriend to the couch and sat him down, only to have Usnavi flop over his lap and shiver. “What happened? Why are you home so soon?”

“My head hurts, my eyes can’t stay open…my arms and legs feel like jello…” He mumbled, his voice yawning and cracking between every few words. “A-And I can’t even man the store…” He pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes as if trying to press his eyeballs back into his sockets. “My stomach feels funny…ugh…”

“…I see…” Johan gulped stroking Usnavi’s head.

“Johan…” He mumbled, “I think I’m really sick…I…” His lower lip trembled; he never felt anything like this. He felt like his body was literally going to give out any second. “I’m sick…” Usnavi admitted in a soft and tender voice. The pitiful sound of his pathetic admission sent Johan over the edge. Usnavi would never admit to illness unless it was closer to life and death.

“…M-My darling…love…of my …life you’re not siiiiick…” Johan smiled, worry gripping at him but he couldn’t take Usnavi looking like this. “I…I…might have…swapped-out-your-coffee-and-given-you-decaf-instead” He spoke in one long chain. There was a pause, a long one, before Usnavi slowly peeled his hands off his eyes. His lips pulled into a sleepy frown.

“Oh.” Usnavi muttered nodding, suddenly his bag framed eyes glared up at Johan with so much emptiness Johan thought he was up to be murdered. “…you are…in so much trouble, amor.” He closed his eyes and sighed. “so much trouble…” He sighed, “hombre de la mierda…” (piece of shit*slang informal)

The Perfect Wife

 “Thomas your uncle isn’t a psychopath,” Tom’s mother replied, pushing him aside to grab her suitcase.

   “Why can’t I just stay home alone?” Thomas whined, his mother giving him an evil glare.

   “We’ve already discussed this too many times Tom.”

   “Please mom, I promise I’ll behave myself!”

   “No way! We’re not getting into this again, especially after what happened last time!”

   “The party was a one time thing! Come on mom!”

   “No Thomas, that’s enough. Now come on it time to get going.”


   Thomas was being forced to stay with his Uncle Sherman for the weekend while his parents went away to celebrate their anniversary on a cruise line somewhere along the east coast. Sherman was the closest relative, living only an hour away from Thomas’s house. Due to Tom’s many episodes in the past, his mother was forcing him to stay with his uncle to ensure nothing would happen to their house while away.

   They rode off at around noon-time. Thomas doze off staring out the car window; he really didn’t want to stay with his uncle. None the less, they arrived at Sherman’s house within an hour’s time. Sherman lived alone in a rather large house that could’ve been mistaken as a mansion if it were any bigger. Tom’s parents bid him goodbye, and left him alone in front of the massive house. Thomas slowly made his way up onto the front porch and approached the door which was pieced together using beautiful stained glass. Thomas hesitated to knock, not wanting to possibly damage the glass he instead struck the doorbell. After a minute of waiting no one appeared to be coming to open it. Thomas tried to see into the house, but he could barely make out anything with the windows blurring his perception.

   Tom was about to head off down the road, when the door burst open abruptly, and out stepped a thin, toned, and slick-haired younger man probably in his early 30s.

   “Hey Tommy!” Sherman shouted, making his way down the porch to give Tom an awkward hug. “How have you been doing?”

   “Umm… good?” Tom hesitated to reply.

   “Good to hear! Sorry about taking so long to get down, I was in the bathroom finishing up cleaning. This huge house gets pretty dusty from time to time.”


   “Well anyways I guess I’ll go ahead and show you around!”

   Sherman lead Tom upstairs to the guest room where he would be sleeping, and lead him around the house to show him where things were. Sherman seemed to take pride in showing off his house to Tom who despised the fact he was there at all. After finishing their tour, Sherman lead Tom downstairs to the kitchen.

   “Feel free to help yourself to anything you want kiddo!” Sherman exclaimed, opening the cabinets to reveal a cornucopia of boxes, bags, and jars of snacks, pastries, and whatever else you could’ve imagined. “Sorry that I can’t have anyone prepare you anything. Sadly, my maid Reese has had to go take care of some family affairs, and won’t be back for a while.”

   “Are you the only one taking care of the house then?” Tom replied, trying to stay invested in the conversation.”

   “Yes, but it’s a pain considering I have to attend to work for most of the day. I’ve been trying to find a replacement, but no one has turned up for the ad, and I was considering paying a decent amount as well.”

   “How much?”

   “Probably around $25 an hour.”

   Thomas’s eyes widened, $25 per hour?! That was a steal, especially considering all you had to do was dust up the house since no one else was around to make any sort of mess.

   “Hey,” Thomas perked up, “Perhaps I can help you out.”

   “Really Tommy my boy!” Sherman eyes glistened.

   “Yeah, what the heck. Might as well make some money while I’m here.”

   “Haha! This is great! Thanks a ton Tommy!”

   Sherman grasped Thomas by his hand, and frantically shook it.

   “You’re a life saver my boy!” Sherman said, leading Tom out into the parlor. “Ok, so all you have to do is go around and do the usual chores such as doing the laundry, cleaning dishes, sweeping, and you get the idea. Feel free to take your time. All I ask is that you get it done by the end of the day. You can go ahead and use Reese’s cleaning supplies which can be found upstairs in her room, in her closet.”

   “Sounds good,” Tom said.

   “Great! Ok, I need to run off to a meeting, so I’ll be back a little bit later. Feel free to make yourself at home! And help yourself to anything you like! Thanks again!”

   Sherman slammed the door shut behind him. The slamming echoed throughout the house, which enhanced the feeling of its largeness and emptiness. Tom gazed around, and figured he’d get started cleaning considering he didn’t have much else to do. He went upstairs into Reese’s room and found what appeared to be her closet. He tried to open it, but the door wouldn’t budge. Thomas yanked on it hard a few good times, and it eventually popped open with a ton of cleaning supplies falling over on top of him.

   After bringing himself back up off the floor, Thomas began to dig through the pile of supplies. He pulled out some yellow rubber gloves, a pink wash cloth, some hair bands, some high heel boots, a lacy black bra, some panties, incredibly short shorts, and a checkered crop top. It looked like Reese had mixed up her clothes with the supplies. Tom went back into the pile one more time, and pulled out some more cleaning supplies as well as something else. He held up a glass flask in his hand that appeared to still be halfway full of liquor. Thomas was tempted by this, he had never gotten a chance to taste any sort of alcohol before. Then he remembered his Uncle’s words that echoed inside his head: “And help yourself to anything you like!” Thomas got a devious grin on his face. Well his Uncle did say he could help himself to whatever he liked.

   Thomas popped the cork off the top of the flask, and gurgled down a few sips of the liquor. It was incredibly strong tasting, and stung Tom’s throat a little before he got used to it. It was sweet yet tangy, and held a heavy aftertaste of that sweetness. Tom fell in love with the liquor and continued to guzzle down more and more non-stop. Tom bumped the flask on the bottom a couple of times to get those few last drops before he rested the bottle of the floor. He could feel himself growing dizzy as his vision began to blur in and out. Tom could hear himself giggling, as he stood up and stumbled across the floor picking up the yellow gloves and pink cloth. He stumbled out into the hallway, and made his downstairs into the kitchen. Upon reaching the kitchen Tom stopped in his tracks and bent over as vomit burst out of his mouth all over the floor.

   “Whoopsy daisy,” Tom mumbled to himself, as he walked over to the sink to soak the wash cloth.

   He struggled to hold himself up while dampening the cloth, and ended up falling into the sink getting his shirt completely soaked. Tom turned off the water, and yanked off his shirt. Now what was he going to do? Tom figured he’d just suck it up and clean the puke off the floor as he was. He could take a shower afterwards anyways.

   Thomas flopped over onto the floor awkwardly positioning himself on his arms and legs. He took the cloth and slowly began to wipe back and forth trying to clean as much of the puke as he could.

   As Thomas did this he couldn’t help but feel his weight beginning to shift, or at least he thought it was. He shook it off a moment later though, it was probably just from the liquor. However, this was not the case as Tom hadn’t noticed he’d shrunk down a foot in size. His arms and legs were beginning to shorten as well, and was followed by the shrinkage of his hands and feet. Being too drunk to notice though, Thomas just continued to wipe away at the floor.

   You would think that he would’ve picked up on the changes as his hair grew out flowing down to his shoulders, but even this didn’t catch Tom’s attention. He appeared to be in somewhat of a trance as he cleaned the floor. Changes continued to manifest all over Tom’s body as he continued to wipe down the floor. Soft snaps and cracks popped off up and down Tom’s body starting with his face. Tom squinted trying to ignore the pain, once again he convinced himself it was just the alcohol tricking him. However, this was evidently not the case, as many of his facial features had shrunk down. With a cute nose, plump tender lips, a smooth jawline, rosy cheeks, and two beautiful round eyes, Tom had the face of a beautiful trophy wife that gave off a gaze shouting “bimbo”!

   Not only did his face completely alter, but his long hair had appeared to magically lift itself up, tying itself into a big gold bow. This was the least of Tom’s worries, while he was still trapped in his cleaning trance. His body’s entire framework had begun to drastically shift as well. Tom’s body wiggled back and forth as major snaps went off like a firecracker. His shoulders rounded off with his back-snapping inwards forcing him to awkwardly push his butt out into the air. Tom’s stomach snapped inwards as well, as his entire body fluctuated. All his muscle seemed to magically vanish from his body while new fat pushed Tom’s upper chest and hips out giving him a slender figure eight figure. His pants and boxers were barely hanging on as he swung his hips back and forth as he continued to clean.

   Once again Tom’s body shrunk even more, but instead it was only his torso that shrunk down. His legs on the other hand had stretched out a few more inches making them incredibly long and thin. Tom’s pants and boxes fell around his knees, now leaving himself exposed on the kitchen floor.

   What was next? Well that irritating body hair had to go, and so it did. All of it appeared to evaporate from Tom’s body without any rhyme or reason. Even tom’s stubble had vanished as well leaving him with beautifully smooth skin. Not only this, but it began to glow as it turned from a pale tone to a vibrant peachy tone.

   “What the fuck?” Tom yelled, finally snapping out of his trance.

               He immediately stopped wiping the floor, and stood up straight with his dick flopping back and forth. He looked down at his horrendously misshapen body, and began to panic. He had no idea what had happened, and what to do. It was too late at this point for him to do anything though. As he continued to scream in hysteria his voice only began to grow higher and higher in pitch until he was left a sweet and tender southern accent.

               “What in tarnation? Tom spoke, grasping his neck. “What in the hay is going on here?”

               Tom wrapped his delicate hands around his smooth waist, as he felt something begin to stir up in his thighs and hips.

               “Oh, sweet mama…” Tom cooed, as he felt his thighs begin to push out.

               Tom’s thighs swelled up like water balloons, as they jiggled outward. This only continued up to Tom’s hips pushed out even further, Tom quickly grasped his bottom as he felt it bubble out. It was soft as a pillow. Tom’s attention was quickly brought back up to his chest as he realized his nipples were enlarging. He poked one with his little slender fingers and shuddered at how sensitive they were.

               Tom immediately grabbed his chest a moment later when he felt it begin to push out. He tried to hold it back, but the pressure built up too much for him to hold back. Two breasts shot out of his chest, causing Tom to fall backwards onto his bottom. Tom’s eyes widened feeling the final change begin to occur.

               He watched himself in disbelief as his manhood began to slowly shrivel up and curl into his body. For a moment his groin was bare, but she shrieked a moment later when she felt her inwards begin to move around forcing her to stretch her body around as well. Suddenly her groin ripped open forming into a moist pussy that oozed with sexual juices.

               Tom breathed heavily in and out for a few minutes before she could come to terms with her new body. She stood up and studied her new figure. She walked over into the bathroom looking up and down her sexy body in awe.

               “Damn, I got some sweet little bunnies, don’t I?” Tom said, squeezing her two little breasts.

               She began to moan as she encircled her nipples with her fingers. Tom snapped out of it though, she needed to find a way to get back to her normal self. She tried to think about what to she could do, and then she remembered the liquor. Tom booked it upstairs into Reese’s room, and grabbed the flask, but there was nothing left in it. She panicked, and began to dig through the large pile of cleaning supplies to find anything she could use, but all was loss.

               Tom fell onto her knees and sniffled. She didn’t want this, why did this happen? How did this happen? She pondered how she would go on. What would her parents think? What would– SLAM! The front door came flying open. Tom nearly shrieked, but kept her cool. She quickly got up, and scrambled around the room for a place to hide. There weren’t any good hiding spots though.

               “Tommy?” Sherman yelled, from downstairs.

               Tom panicked, there was no way she could let Sherman see her like this. And to top it all off if he found out about the liquor she’d be in deeper trouble. Her parents were incredibly strict about drinking, and even one sip could’ve led to them disowning Tom. She ran around the room, but then spotted something interesting. It was a picture of Reese on the side of the bed with her friends, but looking closer Tom realized she looked exactly like her. That liquor had turned Tom into Reese!

               Tom didn’t know how to coop with this, but she had to think fast as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Tom then had a brainstorm. She ran over and picked up Reese’s clothes. She slipped on the panties, bra, shorts, crop top, and boots. If she could pretend to be Reese for long enough she could get out of the house, and find some other way to change back on her own to avoid any trouble with her family.

               The door came flying open and Sherman stepped inside staring down Tom.

               “Reese?” Sherman said. “I thought you had to head out to your father’s funeral?”

               “Umm,” Tom stuttered, trying to think, “Well you see… I umm… forgot my… err…”

               “Is there something you aren’t telling me Reese?”

               “Umm… ugh… fine. I just wanted to… come back home… it was too much for me?”

               “Reese, are you feeling ok?”

               “Well umm…. wait, yeah I’m not feeling well… that’s why I came home!”

               “I see, well I assume you’ll be heading home soon?”

               “Yes, I need to be on my way. So, I’ll just be going.”

               Tom sped across the room about to make her way out into the hallway when Sherman replied.

               “Wait, how about you just stay here!” Sherman exclaimed. “I mean I really wouldn’t want you to be alone while your father just passed away. You should really stay Reese. Besides I believe it’s been a while since we last enjoyed each other’s company.”

               “Umm… well I really need to go,” Tom stuttered, but Sherman grabbed her and dragged her back into the room.

               “No, I won’t let you Reese! I insist you stay here with me tonight. I can’t help but feel awful leaving you alone at a time like this. It’s too awful to think about you being alone.”

               “Please no.”

               Sherman had clearly already made up his mind as he decided he would make soup for the both as he left the room and made his way down to the kitchen. Tom needed to get out of there and fast. She ran for the door, but was stopped by it slamming her in the face as Sherman came back in knocking Tom onto the floor.

               “Oh dear!” Sherman said, dropping a blanket rushing to help Tom onto Reese’s bed. “You really must sit down Reese.”

               “No…” Tom muttered, but she was too weak to move.

               “There, there Reese,” Sherman said, patting Tom on the head with her body propped up against his while sitting on the bed. “It’s been a while since we last got to sit down together alone and just talk.”

               “Ugh… I just…”

               “No, please Reese rest your head.”


               Tom let her hand down trying to hold herself up, but it fell right on Sherman’s crotch where she could feel Sherman’s dick. Not realizing what it was she squeezed it softly. Tom could feel blood rush to her head as she grew drowsy due to the door hitting her. It was almost like she was getting drunk again. She could hear muttering, but couldn’t make out what Sherman was saying. She muttered herself without thinking about what she was saying. Suddenly she felt herself fall over onto the bed.

               Tom looked up to see Sherman stripping himself of his clothing revealing his rather tight and muscly body. She tried to move, but to no avail. Besides Sherman looked kind of sexy. Tom’s mind grew ever woozier until she was unable to think at all. All she saw was a sexy man in front of her. She rubbed her head sitting up where Sherman grasped her crop top and unbuttoned it to reveal her lacy bra which nicely cupped her little breasts.

               “Love me Reese!” Sherman exclaimed.

               “Mmm… Yes!” Tom replied, completely out of it.

               Tom undid her bra to reveal her breasts, as Sherman lunged at her. Both brought their lips together beginning to make-out passionately on the bed. Tom could feel herself grow wet down below as they smacked their mouths together. Sherman gently stroked Tom’s breasts which only added onto the immense pleasure she was experiencing. She couldn’t hold it in any longer as she felt a burst of juices flood into her panties. Sherman picked up on this yanking down Tom’s shorts and panties to reveal her juicy sticky pussy which was wide open ready to be taken advantage of.

               “Fill me,” Tom mumbled, in erotic raunchy tone.

               She instinctively grabbed Sherman’s cock which she brought down to her pussy, and gave Sherman a wink. Sherman took pride in ramming his cock up into Tom, as Tom began to shriek of pleasure. Each time Sherman pumped his cock inside Tom, Tom felt an explosion of pleasure shock her entire body as she let out a long moan.

               Sweat and cum flew around the couple as they continued to make passionate love throughout the night, until they both eventually passed out. Tom woke up fearing Sherman move around her in the morning.

               “Rise and shine, sleeping beauty,” Sherman teased, caressing Tom’s slit.

               Tom couldn’t recall where she was and who she was, all she could remember is that she loved Sherman, and… oh yeah! She was his beloved trophy wife Reese!

               “Hey baby,” Reese said, pulling Sherman down for a long-wet kiss. “Mmm… you’re too good to me baby.”

               “Well you’re all worth it doll.”

               “How about you take a shower, and I’ll go get you some breakfast once I’m finished cleaning up in here big boy.”

               “Sounds good my little bunny-boo.”

               Sherman left the room leaving Reese alone to herself. She smiled looking down at herself which was covered in loads of cum. She bent over using her flexibility to her advantage as she began to lick cum off from her stomach, and then her thighs.

               Reese had quite a bit of cleaning up to do.

Lightning Bolt Soulmate! Barry Allen x Reader Part Three

Fandom: The Flash

Characters: Barry Allen, Reader, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, OC

Word Count: 771

Warnings: Barry Allen being a little creep in a sort of good way? idk just read it and find out

A/N: So this is essentially Part Two from Barry’s POV with a little more information added to it and what Barry does afterwards. This is probably so shitty but I wanted to get it out because it was taking way too long. Enjoy!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Originally posted by horcrx-hunter


I was out running through the city, when I heard the shouts. I couldn’t make out the words, but the owner of the voice was obviously a woman. Automatically assuming the worst, I sped off in the direction of the sound. Instead of finding a mugger attacking an unsuspecting woman in an alleyway, I found a couple, arguing on the steps of a crappy apartment building. The guy was attempting to stand higher than the girl, puffing out his chest with every word.

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An Angel’s Calling

Warnings: smut for smut’s sake, not beta’d, terribly written, SMUT.
Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean, Sam
Word Count: 966
A/N: @grace-for-sale read my phone sex with Dean and mentioned that it got her thinking about phone sex with Cas and John … so here’s Castiel. Thank you chicka, sorry it took a while.

Originally posted by shirtlesssammy

“Cas, I need you.” She panted into the phone.
“YN? What’s wrong? Are you okay? Where are you? Are you hurt?” Castiel blurted upon hearing his girlfriend plead for his help.

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She’s Good For Him

12.17 Coda - Warning of slight spoilers for the episode if you haven’t seen it yet.

Dean x Reader, Sam x Eileen

You, Dean, Sam, and Eileen reached the bottom of the stairs, all of you overwhelmed by the situation that happened with Dagon and the British Man of Letters. It had all been jarring and overwhelming, and you could see the emotion playing on Eileen’s face. 

She wasn’t okay. She was beating herself up for what happened. 

As Dean tried to briefly comfort her, you laced your hands with his, leaning into him for support. At that moment, Sam interrupted the conversation. 

“Hey,” he said gently, placing a comforting hand on Eileen’s shoulder. “It was a mistake,” he said, his eyes full of sadness as he signed to her. 

You watched, with tears in your eyes, as Eileen threw herself into Sam’s arm, tears springing free. Sam hugged her to him, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, resting his cheek on her head as she cried into his chest. 

“You okay, beautiful?” Dean asked when he realized that you were crying as you clung to his arm. 

You shook your head against his arm, and he wrapped an arm around your shoulder, pulling you to him. He lead you down the hall and to the bedroom you shared. Moments later your heard Sam and Eileen shuffle past the room, his door shutting softly. 

“What’s going on?” Dean asked when the two of you were alone. 

“She’s good for him, Dean,” you whispered against his chest as he ran his hands through your hair. “And I hate that she is beating herself up. I’m so glad that Sam is allowing himself to be there for her.”

“Yeah she is good for him. He knows it too. I can see it in the way he looks at her. He looks at her like I look at you. He wants nothing more than to take away her pain,” he agreed, pulling out of your embrace and tipping your chin up to look at him. 

“She’s to him like you are to me, I think,” he added, his eyes darting back and forth between yours, his thumb wiping away your tears as he brought your lips to his in a gentle kiss. 

Dean’s right hand landed on the small of your back, pushing you into him gentle as his mouth moved effortlessly with yours. You sighed into him which caused Dean to pull you closer to him, practically lifting you off the floor as he deepened the kiss. 

“Dean, you save me every day,” you said once you pulled away from Dean. “If she is to Sam half of what you are to me, I hope she sticks around. They need each other. I just want Sammy to be happy,” you smiled sadly. 

“Me too, sweetheart. Me too. I like her. She’s sassy. She keeps him on his toes,” Dean smiled, taking your hand and leading you to the bed. He slipped out of his clothes, standing in his boxer and a t-shirt as he slid into the bed. 

You quickly joined him, snuggling up to him, your face resting on his chest as you looked up at him. 

“He deserves to have what we have,” you said, your hand tracing Dean’s chest absentmindedly. 

Dean kissed you again as he hugged you closer. 

“I’m glad we have what we have. I’m the luckiest idiot in the world,” Dean breathed against your lips. “I could only hope Sam could find this kind of happiness,” he said as he looked into your eyes. “I think Eileen is his chance.”

You hummed your agreement as you settled into Dean’s side, sighing heavily. The last few days had been emotionally trying. You knew Dean would be there for you when the sun rose, you just prayed that Sam could be there for Eileen in the same way and her for him. 

They deserved the kind of happiness you and Dean had been given. You hoped they could find it, too. 

Gabriel noticing your depression

Word count: 515 (sorry it’s short, couldn’t really make it any longer without ruining it)

Request by - anon: Hey! I was wondering if i can get an imagine, i completely understands if it makes you uncomfortable of if you dont wanna do it but anyway could you write an imagine where gabriel and the reader have been dating for a while and gabe finds out shes actually really depressed. I love your writing btw :)

A/N: The original request suggested that the reader self-harmed but I decided that I wouldn’t be comfortable writing about that so I simply made it about her depression.

Warnings: Depression (please don’t read if you are easily set off by things like this <3), also panic attacks.

Slight tears fell down your face before falling onto the pillow below your head. You had spent the whole day simply lying in bed, not wanting to move as you merely felt numb inside and couldn’t even force yourself to trudge into the kitchen to eat food. What’s even the point anymore? I doubt anybody even ca-

Your thoughts were cut off by the familiar, comforting sound of wings filling your ears. Although you loved it whenever Gabriel visited, you hadn’t yet told him about your depression and you hadn’t planned on ever telling him. Quickly you sat up in your bed and began to rub away harshly at your tear stained face.

“How’s my baby girl doi- Y/N?” Gabriel cut himself off as he took in your fragile, shaking state, “What’s wrong?”

Quickly Gabriel rushed over to the bed, his concerned eyes running over your face as he wrapped his arms tightly around your body as you began to breathe heavily and snuggled your face into his neck as tears freely fell from your eyes.

“Shhh, Y/N breathe along with me okay?” Gabriel’s voice instantly soothed you and you began to sync your breathing along with Gabe’s, his wings wrapped around your body protectively as your panic attack began to slowly fade away. The only sounds which filled the quiet room were your and Gabriel’s breathing.

“Baby, are you okay?” He asked looking down at you in his arms with a worried face, one of his hands moved from around your waist to come up to your cheeks and brush away any stray hairs which had fallen onto your face. Slowly Gabriel’s thumb stroked its way back and forth along your cheeks, wiping away at the tears which leaked from your eyes.

Although you didn’t want Gabriel to find out about your depression, you were extremely glad he was here as just being in his arms helped to calm you down massively.

“I- erm. I had a- erm.” You tried to stutter out to explain to him what had just happened but he simply shushed you and laid you back into bed before getting in too. One of his arms wrapped around your waist as the other reached up to gently stroke the back of your head. Gabe placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before you pushed your face into his chest and threw your arms around him.

“I know hon,” he said and you had figured he had read your mind so he could understand what was going on without you having to strain to tell him, “now go to sleep hon. I’m here and I’m never leaving. I love you so much Y/N. You’re perfect.”

“I love you… too” you managed to murmur out in your tired state.

Gabriel continued to whisper things he loves about you in your tired ears until you eventually fell asleep in his arms and Gabriel continued to stroke your hair whilst looking down at your sleeping body wondering how he got so lucky to have a beautiful and amazing girl like you in his arms.